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Come Fly With Me-A Workshop with Alexandria Crow

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2013 at 11:55 am

It looks like I have fully embraced my inner yogini. Finally having gotten my Teacher’s Training diploma, I find myself happily immersed in one yoga workshop after the other. First in June, a rather intense four days of back-to-back seminars (both physically intensive or philosophy rich) of yoga at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong. Coming back to Manila I discovered I had gotten way stronger, and way braver in doing my asanas (poses). I could get into an inversion with less nerves, it was just a matter of learning how to keep upside down for longer than a couple of seconds. That is now my current challenge, finding my center even when my perspective has been flipped around. Enter August with the coming of the almost ethereal beauty and grace of Alexandria (Alex) Crow.


Although coming from a gymnast background, Crow battled with injuries that kept her inactive for some time. Her workshop in August will focus on “floating”. Working the upper body, opening the hips and strengthening one’s core (and probably reserve) to get up, and up into arm balances and inversions.


There will be whole day classes, community classes and short, intense workshops for anyone who is wanting to deepen their yoga practice. I look forward to finding out the best way to get my legs up over my head, fully focused on my breath and feeling light as a feather. August will be my month to float and fly, and I hope to see more of my friends lifting off beside me on their mats! Check out Alex Crow’s schedule (August 9-14) on: or call one of Urban Ashram Manila’s two branches:

Brixton Branch (02) 661 YOGA / 0917 881 YOGA

High Street Branch (02) 869YOGA / 0917 718 YOGA