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Healthy habits for a (less) stressful holiday season

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In a blink of an eye, we find ourselves approaching what is possibly the most anticipated (and dreaded) month of the entire year. “Winter is coming” may have served as an appropriate reminder of the chaos that would ensue on Game of Thrones, while back here in the non-fiction world, the same amount of shivers may be elicited when the words “Christmas is coming” are uttered. So how to keep the stress to a manageable level, before, during and even after the holidaze? Getting into a routine of healthy body, mind and spirit habits, which can carry you past the resolution-energized start of 2014. Here are a few tips to live by:

Drink your vitamins

Pill popping may not be your thing, and if you’re rushing from here to there, you may find yourself forgetting to take your supplements with a meal. So take out the proverbial middleman by getting your daily dose of antioxidants in a potent potion made out of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can even choose to supplement one, two or all three of your meals and go on a full-on juice detox just to give your digestive system a rest. The benefits of a juice cleanse are not only a cleaner overall system and a sharper mind, but also a lot more energy. Juju Cleanse has great-tasting juices that can ease you into it (Level 1) or take you all the way with their mostly green Level 3 concoctions. Their website is also highly informative, which may tempt you into doing a full-day or even five-day juice detox. Should you decide to go liquid before the onslaught of parties and party food, make sure you take time to ease yourself into it and out of it. Want a taste before you commit? You can pop by their restaurant Juju Eats in Makati ( where you can grab a juice drink and combine it with a freshly made salad or wrap and take them with you. You can also call 0917-5763012 for more information.


Eat lighter or Eat for a cause

Since we are on the subject of nourishment, if liquefying your life may be too extreme (or seemingly impossible for you) as Christmas draws near, then you may want to look at supplementing your meals with vegan food. In other words, fare that is animal-product free. Edgy Veggy ( has a full menu that can be delivered to your doorstep, or you can grab a bite at their commissary in Pasig. Their newest offering, vegan longganiza (P180) is made with mushrooms, non-GMO tofu and spices, plus every order of this particular meal gives 10-percent of its proceeds to the I Can Serve Foundation. None of their dishes are made with preservatives or animal fat and they serve generous proportions so even the hefty eater can feel satisfied without feeling the usual heaviness and sluggishness associated with eating commercially produced fast food. Meals that contain fewer preservatives and fewer chemicals also lessen the risk of adrenal fatigue syndrome, which is both an energy and mood killer. Spread the joy of the season by starting from the inside with healthier food choices when possible. For more information or to order, call 0917-8474831.


Passive action


Free your mind

A monkey mind is what a majority of us possess. This means simply that we process what seems like 10,000 thoughts in a day. The total is actually much higher than that: it has been documented that we have about 60,000 thoughts a day! Imagine the stress you carry cerebrally daily; no wonder the term “brain fog” has become more the norm, and it’s hitting us at any age, when it used to be reserved for those who were well into their 60s. So how to free yourself from a mind that can’t seem to shut up? Meditation and breathing exercises are the tools to find your center and be the master of your mind, rather than be the slave to it. The Third Eye Wellness Center ( located in Bonifacio Global City is a new all-in-one wellness center that offers therapeutic practices that are beneficial for one’s outer and inner being. Its Transcend Spa offers massages, facials and care for your nails,  a vegetarian café (Chakra Café) where you can order light fare as well as freshly made smoothies and energy healing modalities such as Theta DNA Healing, Access Bars, Crystal Layout, Tarot Card Readings, Past Life Regression and the like. The energy healing modalities allow one to clear or remove limiting beliefs or blocks that may have been taken on from childhood. If you’re feeling like it’s you against the world, then check out what’s happening in your internal world first. You can also call 808-2984 or 0917-6362800 for more information.


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Edgy Veggy’s Menu

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For all of you who wanted Edgy Veggy’s online menu and were asking how to order, they’ve just updated their website:

Edgy Veggy Online Menu


TOFU DISHES : serves 2

Japanese Tofu Steak – 2 large miso-marinated, pan-seared tofu pieces with nori seaweed in-between and topped with tofu crumble, sesame seeds and peanuts. Served with miso teriyaki sauce. Php 230

Italian Tofu Steak – 2 large marinated and pan-seared tofu pieces with a generous filling of olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Topped with pesto tofu crumble and served with a vegan marinara sauce. Php 230

Garden Tofu Burgers (5 pieces) – Faux burgers made with crushed tofu, chopped carrots, green beans, mushrooms, shredded potato, oatmeal and whole black beans.  Php 230

Vegan Lasagna Primavera – fresh pan roast vegetables layered with nutritional yeast infused tofu cream, tofu crumble and marinara sauce. Topped with crunchy panko breadcrumbs laced with Herbs de Provence. Php 230

BEAN DISHES : serves 2

Falafel (10 pieces) – Middle eastern bean patty heavily flavored with fresh cilantro, ginger and cumin. Served with vegan soy cilantro sauce. Php 230

Red Bean Chili – Stewed with crushed tomato, herbs, chili and served with tofu bits on the side. Php 230

Fauxbada – Thick and tasty Asturian beans simmered with generous chunks of mushroom and carrots. Php 230

SALADS : single serve

Whole wheat (Bulgur) salad – High fiber cracked whole wheat with chopped parsely and basil pesto. Served with tomato, capers and a Dijon mustard salsa. Php 150

Bhel Puri – Our take on a West Indian favorite. Chopped potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cucumber and assorted herbs generously topped with crunchy puffed rice and Sev (Spicy Indian nuts and crackers). Served with tomato, cilantro and calamansi vinaigrette. Php 150

Soba Salad – Healthy buckwheat noodles with chopped lettuce, carrots and cucumber sprinkled with sesame seeds. Served with a sesame, honey and soy dressing. Php 150


Munggo y Gata con Malunggay – Creamy and comforting mung beans cooked in cocounut milk topped with malunggay. Served with crisp tofu cubes. Php 150

Bulgur Arroz Caldo – Healthy whole wheat soup cooked in atsuete, ginger  and garlic stock and topped with caramelized onions, chives, tofu chicharon, shiitakemushrooms. Served with a side of chili oil. Php 150

Vegan Pinakbet with Gata  – Ampalaya,  eggplant, squash, okra, and long bean stewed in its own juices and topped with coconut milk and vegan bagoong. Served with crisp tofu cubes on the side. Php 150

Vegan Kare Kare – Banana heart, long bean, native bokchoi and eggplant slowly simmered in a home ground peanut sauce. Served with vegan bagoong and crisp tofu cubes on the side. Php 150

RICE MEALS: single serve

Munggo y Gata con Malunggay – Creamy and comforting mung beans cooked in cocounut milk topped with malunggay. Served with crisp tofu cubes. Php 150

Tofu Steak Rice Meal – half a tofu steak (japanese or italian) with side salad and turmeric herbed rice. Php175

Filipino Rice meal – Choice of Kare-Kare, Pinakbet or Monggo y Gata, filipino salad and brown rice. Php 175

All-day breakfast – Pan-roasted gluten tocino or Vegan hotdog al Ajillo, fried brown rice, atsara and tofu scramble.       Php 175

Tofu Bistek Filipino – Marinated tofu cooked bistek-style with lots of caramelized onions. Served with Flipino salad and brown rice. Php 175


Our tonics are fermented PURE vegetable juice with no added water. This is living food that is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. ALL VEGETABLES ARE ORGANIC AND FERMENTED for 15 DAYS IN ORGANIC MUSCOVADO. Fermentation increases the potency, effectivity and shelf-life of natural compounds and enzymes in the vegetables. Enzymes stay alive for up to 6 months in the Ref and 4 months out of the Ref.

3 C – CARROT, CUCUMBER and CELERY – Carrots are known to have anti-carcinogenic properties, are good for the eyes and increases immunity. Celery is high in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and C and is a gentle natural diuretic and laxative. It is also anti-inflammatory, balances body pH and is good for the kidneys. Cucumber is high in potassium, contains erepsin (to digest protein), promotes the growth of hair, and is beneficial for rheumatic conditions (high uric acid). It is also a natural diuretic. 500 ml. bottle Php 350, 350 ml. bottle Php 250

OREGANO TONIC – Oregano contains thymol and carvacrol and is good for sinus and lung congestion (expectorating phlegm) and for respiratory ailments. It also has anti-bacterial properties and can strengthen the immune system. It also improves digestion and increases joint and muscle flexibility.  500 ml. bottle Php 350, 350 ml. bottle  Php 250

Edgy Veggy

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Vegetarian delights delivered to your doorstep


I’m an old-fashioned foodie. I like my meats, my desserts, my alcohol, my sidings, my degustacion and my weekend market indulgences. But I also believe in balance, and I have had my fair share of detoxing days, when I give my digestive system a much-needed rest from working so hard to break down what I’ve put into it. Once upon a time, for about a year, I was a pescatarian, although there were some days when I would even avoid seafood. Things were going well for about 365 days until the memory of a Quarter Pounder with cheese brought me down to my carnivore knees. Suffice to say, as much as I’d like to be completely and utterly disciplined with my diet, I have many, many moments of weakness. So I’ve decided to just stick to eating what I want when I want but with awareness, and as much as possible, choose a healthier but still tasty alternative.

Enter Edgy Veggy, a delivery service of vegetarian fare that promised to be delicious, low calorie and freshly made. Founder Denise Celdran recounts the day she was bringing about 20 kilos of tofu steaks to feed some local prisoners (during a yoga workshop) and was dismayed when the warden would not allow them to bring in the already cooked food. Not wanting to throw away all that food, she promptly texted and called every vegetarian friend she had, and within an hour, her food was sold out. Celdran then put up a booth in the Legazpi Market which lasted two and a half years. “I decided to leave the market and deliver to homes instead since it became apparent to me that more of my customers wanted regular access to healthy food and not having to wait a whole week to stock up,” she says.

Taking a look at her menu, I thought I might like to try a vegetarian-filled weekend (this after an Easter break spent wolfing down burgers and bacon during a trip abroad) so I asked her to send over her best-selling dishes. Saturday morning, I received two containers, one with “fauxbada” (their vegetarian take on the white bean and sausage-rich Spanish fabada asturiana) and a vegetarian kare-kare, plus two of her juice tonics which Celdran recommended I take one to two tablespoons of every morning. The first tonic, called 3C, was made out of carrots, celery and cucumbers — which, in a nutshell, was primarily for digestion, or to be more graphic, to help one’s toilet visits become more regular. The Edgy Veggy menu has a description of the other benefits of taking 3C: “Carrots are known to have anti-carcinogenic properties, are good for the eyes and increase immunity. Carrots are also high in vitamins A, C, beta-carotene, antioxidants and digestive enzymes. Celery is high in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and C with rich supplies of potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and plenty of essential amino acids. It contains eight families of anti-cancer compounds. It is a gentle natural diuretic and laxative. It is also anti-inflammatory, balances the body pH and is good for the kidneys. Cucumber is high in potassium, contains erepsin (to digest protein), promotes the growth of hair, and is beneficial for rheumatic conditions (high uric acid). It is also a natural diuretic.”

For those who suffer from respiratory ailments, I would recommend the second tonic made out of oregano. Oregano has components that are good for sinus and lung congestion (it helps in removing phlegm) as well as anti-bacterial properties that may boost one’s immune system. If you work out regularly, it is also known to aid in increasing muscle and joint flexibility. Both tonics were pleasant tasting and I now have them both before sitting down for breakfast. I’m now on the waitlist to try Edgy Veggy’s concoction of taheebo which is targeted for detox and weight loss.

And what about the dishes? The fauxbada was, for me, the knockout champion. It was rich without being heavy, very tasty and filling and didn’t make me miss the meats that are normally included in the original dish. The kare-kare was also good, rich with greens and taste, but I was a fauxbada fan right off. Since each portion is good for two (and these portions are fairly generous), I did survive my weekend just having veggy fare and even shared some with my family who were pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness of each dish.

“Edgy Veggy was started because most vegetarians don’t get enough protein and eat too much sweets and carbs,” shares Celdran. “Our dishes provide quality vegetable protein sources from tofu, beans and nuts that can be eaten fresh or frozen for future consumption.” I thought this would be great to recommend to those who want a healthier/meat and dairy-free version of South Beach, or for my pregnant vegetarian or pescatarian friends who are advised by their doctors to add more protein to their diet. With Edgy Veggy delivery, you now have a way healthier and less fattening but delicious alternative to fast-cooked, high in fat and sodium, ready-to-eat meals in the metro.

* * *

Delivery miminum is P500 for Makati Area and Ortigas Commercial Business District, Blue Ridge, Greenhills, Corinthian Gardens and White Plains area. For other areas within Metro Manila, add P100 delivery fee. Orders should be placed before 4 p.m. to allow for next day delivery. To place an order, make comments, suggestions or make dietary or special dish requests, text or e-mail 0918-9089958 or

Reposted from SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated May 13, 2011

Give your metabolism a leg up with living food

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It’s easy to eat. It’s even especially easier to eat food that tastes like heaven but gives your body hell in terms of digestion. Due to my work I often find myself eating out on a regular basis — too regular, in fact — and over the course of the last couple of months I have found myself to be borderline overweight, and lazy as heck. Finally getting up to exercise on a regular basis was excruciating, and the reflection that stared back at me from the floor-to-ceiling mirrors at classes I attended was rather disheartening. Still, I thought to myself, what’s life without good food? True, I will always enjoy eating out, eating with friends, and even eating alone, but balance is a being’s natural inclination; it was time for a food time out.

Potato Curry

To be honest, when I embarked on a four-day retreat to The Farm at San Benito, it had crossed my mind that my daily dishes were going to consist of vegan food that was predominantly raw. I had signed on for a much-needed yoga and meditation break and was only reminded a day before by a friend that the food was going to be very different from the rich indulgences I had peppered my Facebook wall with. There is one restaurant in The Farm called Alive! that champions food that is all homegrown, “live” (think loads of vegetables, fruits and nuts) and created onsite, so it’s as fresh as fresh can be.

During my stay there, I even attended an Alive! food preparation class, where the chef shared with us some recipes we could do at home (I’m no cook, but it was nice to have the recipes) in the event we wanted, let’s say, a healthier salad dressing or non-dairy cheese (yes, very possible with nuts, miso and sea salt). The menu had gotten a lot more extensive: one could choose from the à la carte portions (their pesto spaghetti is a winner) or their set menu, which changes on a daily basis, for lunch and dinner. You can choose a two, three, four or go all the way and get all five courses. Don’t scrimp on a healthy shake or smoothie while you’re at it. A caveat, though: you are definitely eating food that is extremely beneficial for you in all aspects, you are providing your body with much-needed enzymes and nutrients, but the dishes do contain calories — so don’t think a five-course meal is going to make you lose weight, but it certainly is nowhere near to the weight (and whatever else) you’re going to gain from a “finger lickin’ good” dish.

Vegetarian ArrozcaldoUnless specified, you will not eat anything that has been cooked over 40 degrees Celsius on the menu. Why? It is believed that uncooked food retains more of its nutritional properties, and is easier to digest, giving your metabolism a much-needed rest. You will not find piping hot soup but lower temperatures will be compensated by taste as spices and herbs give you a very flavorful broth (as I experienced with the very delicious hot and sour soup) and even the potato curry was spicy enough without burning your tongue. Your plate is filled with so many colors and so many textures that you forget it isn’t cooked and you do get full, especially if you indulge in a drink like The Real Teal, which is made out of acai berries and high in antioxidants.

If you decide to stay a night or more (highly recommended) breakfast is another delight. I enjoyed their homemade cereals so much — the crunch and the sweetness of the granola, for example, made me not want to add coconut milk as I did not wish to dilute the flavor. Fresh fruits are abundant at all times even in liquid form so you can sit and sip them to your heart’s content if you’re not hungry yet. In the event that you want your food more cooked, then the vegetarian arroz caldo is a must try; it is so tasty you will not look for the chicken bits at all, and the smell alone will make you feel like the dog in Pavlov’s experiment.

Homemade granola

So, what happens with all this (sometimes) raw food? Like I mentioned before, your metabolism takes a breather, as does your digestive system, so be ready for frequent trips to the toilet. Not to get into TMI mode, but your body needs to expel toxins so with this kind of diet that has so much fiber (optimal hydration is essential) you’re helping it out in a big way. In a nutshell, you’re getting the junk out of your trunk. A bonus? You will probably sleep like a baby, something that you may not have experienced since you were, in fact, a baby. Enjoy your trip to the raw side.

* * *

For more information on The Farm at San Benito go to

Reposted from SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated April 01, 2011