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Skin Savers to have on hand

In Philippine Star Column on November 22, 2013 at 12:40 am

Having a first-aid beauty kit is an absolute must in this day and age of bi-polar weather, here- to-there traffic, and the work and social events that are starting to fill up your iCal. These add up to skin stress, and the last thing you want is to look as if the season had partied all over you. Many products are now available in travel sizes, so you don’t have to be weighed down when stashing a couple of them in your purse or leaving some in your office drawer or school locker for whenever you need a beauty boost.

Here’s a shortlist of how to keep the beauty blues away:

Bright wash

Clean, fresh skin is the base for all things beautiful. The SebaMed Liquid Face and Body Wash is 100-percent soap- and alkali-free, making it non-drying and perfect for frequent use. It is also a deep-pore cleanser, a highly economical one as one drop can already wash your entire face. With the humidity and pollution in the country, give yourself a clean slate with this gentle cleanser. Call 242-3636 or 244-6992 for info.

LiquidFaceBodyWash hi res

The great cover-up

Coming in different shades that are great for Filipina skin tones, the Aivee Teo Foundation with SPF 40 can cover up as well as protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays. In a pinch, it also acts as a clever concealer, evening out your skin tone and covering up dark undereye circles. P700. Call The Skin and Laser Clinic at 403-3245 to order.


Rosehips don’t lie

This is a miracle in a bottle. An itchy rash? A pimple? Use Venus and Mars Naturals’ Rosehip Oil for immediate relief. You may witness skin irritants disappear within a couple of days, if not hours. P800 for a 20ml bottle. Order through or call 0922-3092798.


A soft touch

Your hair, nails and other parts of your body also need some TLC so gently spread Souq International Moroccan Argan Oil on areas that need conditioning or a little softening up. It’s so rich, a little goes a long way. Works wonders on cracked heels and tired toes after a whole day in stilettos, too! P1,500. Available at

Moroccan Argan Oil

Buzz off

Not only are those pesky little buggers potentially dangerous (think dengue), but also nobody looks good scratching away at a mosquito bite. The lovely-smelling Cadenia Nature Anti-Mosquito Cologne is a great double agent to up your mood and keep you from getting bitten, especially when you have to party outdoors. P275 for 125ml and P375 for 250ml. Available online at

Anti-mosquito cologne

Have any (or all) of these products on-hand and you can save face no matter where you find yourself as the holidays come rushing in. Bonus: they’re all small enough that they’re travel- friendly too!

Cures for your crowning glory-hair reborn

In Philippine Star Column on May 19, 2012 at 1:05 am

Weather or not, hair I come” is my beauty battle cry nowadays. Since the infernal heat, sudden rains and stifling humidity all give my brush and blow-dryer quite a workout. Limp locks, or uncooperative curls, can take away from even the most dazzling outfit, and from one’s self-esteem. Think about it, most people look up first at you, not at your designer bag or shoes, which, believe me, will still not save you from a bad hair day. Love the salon and the stylist you go to, and don’t be afraid to look into products that keep your follicles strong and happy. How to give your beloved mane a boost? Start with your scalp. Probably the most dramatic treatment you can do is undergo a series of vitamin, and mineral-infused shots of Mesohair (applied with a syringe “gun”) directly into your scalp (P2,000) and followed by laser-enhanced heat with a Revage Machine (P5,000) at The Skin and Laser Clinic. This non-invasive method helps re-stimulate your scalp’s ability to grow hair. If balding or alarming hair loss is not a concern, then this can be done once a month as a preventive measure. It’s almost like a medical spa for the hair, and it would be advisable not to shampoo for 24 hours after each session in order to let all the nutrients be fully absorbed into your scalp.

Head shot. Vitamin and mineral boosts to your scalp through mesohair therapy.

If your hair has gone to hell and back due to over-processing (think rebonding, color, perms, blow-out abuse) then give it a good soak with one of the newly launched line of Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoos from The Souq Organics (P1,250/200ml bottle). Rich in antioxidants such as reconstructive keratin, fatty acids and of course, pure argan oil, one use can help improve the elasticity of your hair, making it more manageable especially if you decide to take a hairdo detox and are in-between treatments.

Mane squeeze. Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo has restorative powers

For more specific issues, the girls behind V & M Naturals have taken their already famous emu oil ingredient and put it into their hair care line. This particular oil that has been documented as a skin saver can now be found in their Hair Story Shampoo (P755), Never A Bad Hair Day Conditioner (P805) and Hair Masque (P595). These address dandruff, which crops up rather viciously due to changes in the climate and temperatures, or detangling hair that just refuses to be combed through. It is important to note that even with all above-mentioned products and treatments, one of the best defenses against any scary hair day is a balanced diet combined with regular activity and restful sleep. All these work in tandem to keep away stress — the biggest culprit in the battle against the uglies, so always remember that happiness is the real head-turner.

Happy new hair. V&M Naturals to leave those bad hair days behind

* * *

Mesohair and Revage Hair Treatments available at The Skin And Laser Clinic; Tel .no. 403-3245. The Souq Organics can be reached at 4215745 or 0917-5576955. V&M Naturals are available at Mod Lei Skin Studio; Tel. nos. 9663719 and 0917-8232724