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Let’s get visual…visual, I wanna get visual…

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 29, 2010 at 5:14 pm

Been really tired lately, getting home late from healing seminars and even going to houses for space clearing. I thought, maybe I should do a project over the weekend that will involve a LOT of me time. Came across this article in Oprah Magazine’s June 2010 issue and thankfully there’s an online link to it.

They say, thoughts are real and whatever the mind sees, it believes it to be real or already happening in the present. I’d like to share this link with you, so perhaps you’ll join me in some “picturesque” goal setting over the weekend!

What The Heck’s A Vision Board—and How Can It Change Your Life?

By Martha Beck
O, The Oprah Magazine |  May 17, 2010

Illustration by David Pohl
Step One: Cut out pictures of things you love. Step Two: Paste them onto paper. Step Three: Realize your life’s ambition? Well…sort of. Martha Beck on the right way to use a vision board.

Running Reflections: The art of active meditation

In Philippine Star Column on July 23, 2010 at 2:30 am

Move in order to meditate

Meditation is often used as a tool to free oneself from the chains of doubt, fear and limitations. Undoubtedly it sounds like a soulful Shangri-la but in my case, it is not an easy destination to get to. For those who have tried to sit still and allow their thoughts to just melt away and let bliss take over and failed, you are definitely not alone. True meditation takes practice and a lot of it; ironically, the harder you try to meditate, the more the state of “peace and quiet” will elude you. So what can you do if you can’t sit still, or get cramps while trying to be motionless in order to achieve a meditative mood? Move.

Active meditation is a good practice to get into the habit of having control over your mind rather than it having control over you. Though there are many descriptions of meditation, its true essence is focus, a focus that is so pure and rich that it cancels out everything unnecessary — pouring energy into whatever it is you’re doing and provides, at a pivotal point, enlightenment. You may have already achieved a Zen-like state when you were once engrossed in an activity that you found so joyful that all your attention was consumed by it. I rediscovered this state during a recent 10k “fun” run. I never thought I’d be a runner, much less join a race before sunrise, and as I crawled miserably out of bed wondering for the nth time why I even signed up, it (literally) dawned on me that if I wanted to win the war with the mind, I had to get moving. I’m not saying that running is the best way to actively meditate but it certainly takes focus and a lot of determination to go the distance. Early on, the mind already begins putting up barriers to prevent you from running: it’s too early, it’s too far, it’s insane — so the first thing you should do to distract these “complaints” is to warm up. Stretching makes you mindful of your breathing, and the slow movements do relax you and since you don’t want to topple over as you try to touch your toes, you have to remain focused on what you’re doing and not what you’re thinking.

Calm a frazzled mind through motion

Then the race begins and you are now brought into awareness of your surroundings, you can now choose to look to the ones who pass you or on the ones who drop behind you. Decisions have to be made: Will you sprint ahead while you feel fresh and strong or are you going to settle into a comfortable pace and gather strength? The best way to gauge is to focus on your breathing: if you feel out of breath, slow down; if you feel comfortable then you can pick up the pace.

There are going to be points of frustration; your mind tells you to stop and not even finish because (it rationalizes) it’s too far, takes too long, you’re too tired. Like meditation, running is an easy activity to quit. All you have to do is stop and walk away. If you get to this state, stop and take a quick break; be aware, though, that your mind at this very moment has prevented you from achieving a goal. This happened to me at the 5K mark, and I was sorely tempted to tuck my tail in between my legs and just go home. The thing is, my body didn’t hurt and I was not out of breath; it was just my mind telling me I couldn’t do it. So, this may have been an “Aha” moment for me because after about a minute of walking, I decided to start running again, this time with the focus on crossing the finish line no matter how long it took; I wasn’t going to stop. I redirected my attention to just putting one foot in front of the other, listening to my breath regularly. So the rest of my run kind of went like this: foot, foot, breath, foot, foot, breath, foot, foot, breath.

Meditation takes practice

This simple technique, almost like counting 1-2-3, is what eventually got me across the finish line without stopping again and all the mental agony I had undergone halfway through the race melted into oblivion. The body was tired, but I was elated. I got my mind to shut up and if I could do it once, I could certainly do it again.

Walk if you can't run

Walk if you don’t want to run, and lose the iPod if you can. Pay attention to your feet, the sound your shoes make when they hit the road and always be aware of your breathing. Every time your mind strays to a useless thought (read: distracting and detrimental), focus on where you’re going (recommended so you don’t crash into something — like, let’s say, a moving car) and then back to the action of putting one foot in front of the other. Active meditation will never take the place of real quiet time and being able to sit in silence but in the meantime, if you move while you meditate, you could shed some unwanted emotional (and physical) baggage.

Angels in our midst

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 12, 2010 at 5:19 am

An Angel for your Thoughts?

Sometimes I need a little visual inspiration to get through the day. The most comforting for me are angel images that look like they’re helping out, protecting, shielding or even “granting” a wish or a prayer. This is one of my favorite images which was taken from the cover of an art book: Art Nouveau which was compiled by Otto Lorenz and published by Galley Press in 1987. The book was printed in West Germany. The illustration appears on p.144. in the Table of Illustrations, the drawing is attributed to: J. Zorl.

I like this one in particular, in fact it’s my wallpaper on my laptop because for me it symbolizes peace, protection, serenity and abundance. It looks like the angel has blessed the angel with a child 🙂 I meditated on this image and “asked” my spirit guides and guardian angel who this particular angel was and all I got was Sandalphon…but I interpret it as an angel under Sandalphon’s “kingdom” so to speak. From what I know Sandalphon is believed to be the twin of Metatron and is the angel who inspired and protects artists.

Maybe this is why my creative juices start flowing when I stare at this image before I work.

What is your favorite angel image if you have one? Feel free to share!

Sea Air

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 7, 2010 at 10:10 am

Maribago Cebu's Beach View

I love the city where I live in spite of the traffic, the pollution and general chaos that comes from living right smack in the center. Having said this, I have to admit that I do take regular opportunities to distance myself from it in order to rejuvenate myself. We all need a respite from real life and even if we find that sanctuary an plane ride or a car ride away, the journey in itself is already healing.

Being near the sea is highly therapeutic for me and soaking in it acts as a major purifier, extracting all kinds of toxins from the mind and body. This is the reason why people ingest sea salt, by marinating their food with it (although I sometimes take a small pinch and eat it directly) or use it in their bath or shower water.

Cebu, a city down south, around an hour flight from Manila holds wonderful memories for me. Friends, food and fun are what I associate with it and going down for a couple of days is something I look forward to. I can just sit on the sand and soak up the rays for an hour or so and then splash around in the sea or float blissfully for another hour more.

There is a more laid-back vibe in Cebu that I do not get in my country’s capital and I am glad that I always have an opportunity (many times without even planning).  I often ask my friends where they go for a little escape. and find the answers amazingly varied. One has actually created a small space in her room where she has tacked on a photo of the sea and she just sits in front of it, sprays the room with her favorite scent and just meditates, imagining the sea breeze and the sound of waves around. Much cheaper than flying for sure.

The Joy of Comfort Food

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 3, 2010 at 9:55 am

Brunching out

So what’s a girl to do on a Sabado? Brunch! Even if it may not be the healthiest meal of the day, the energy that goes into something enjoyable always has fantastic effect. I always look forward to brunch in Mamou and this morning was extra special as I was meeting up with some of my old colleagues. They were part of my team during my editor in chief days and I’m so happy to know that they have moved on and are still wanting very much to keep in touch and stay updated. This is way better than Facebook. There is nothing like a personal relationship, a shared meal (or drink, in our case it was a bellini) and good laughs at each others expense. Call in carino brutal but nothing can match a real life “poke” at oneself or at someone you care about. Good food and good times should never be replaced, no matter how far we’ve come in the digital age.

What’s in a meal? Well, the first thing is in the anticipation of what it’s going to taste like and second of all the possibility of sharing it with someone else. Relationships, romantic or not are to enhance our experiences during our earth life, and if you can’t share something, then you will be living a rather sad existence, in my opinion. Brunch is probably one of the more excusable pig outs in one’s existence. It’s at an odd hour and you can have anything really and even alcohol if you wish. It’s not that I don’t espouse healthy eating, I do, but I prefer good company and uncontrollable laughter any day over unhealthy yet yummy food. In other words, if you’re going to “sin” gastronomy wise, then make it worth it.

We must find joy in everything we do, and with everyone we’re with. Take heed in who you surround yourself with, because energies are contagious. You hang out with happy person you will imbibe that and you will spread some happiness yourself. Life is too short for the heavies 😉 So if you want to watch the world go by with glee, have a good meal with fabulous friends, as often as possible.

Savory to Sweet is super!

Bellinis are the best!

Brunching out