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A spray to chase those doggy (smell) blues away!

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First off, let me introduce the newest (and probably favorite) member of the family. Kaiser, a one year old Weimaraner, has been our heartsaver since we got him in Feb of 2010. Dogs are very, very, healing animals. They generate as most of you know, unconditional love and stare up at you like you were the best thing since…er, bone marrow flavored treats.

Kaiser's Christmas portrait

To have a dog at home is a true joy, especially one as affectionate as our beloved “grey ghost” and even if we try to keep him indoors after his outdoor runs and walks he still gets the usual doggy smell despite weekly baths with herbal soaps or shampoos.

Smile wide for the camera....

Thankfully, on a recent trip to Mercato Centrale in The Fort, my mom came across a booth that was selling natural soaps and air fresheners and was pointed towards this “Mood” Spray that had eucalyptus. The booth owner said that it was mild and non-toxic, the first thing my mom asked was if it would be able to perfume Kaiser up a bit and we were assured that even if he licked himself after being sprayed that no harm would come to him.

For man, and their best friend

For the last two days we are glad to report that our four legged friend has not been as “aromatic” as he was before, and he hasn’t exhibited any signs of personality change from ingesting something that could be poisonous. We don’t spray a lot on and we still make sure he has his weekly baths. Maybe the eucalyptus sense clears away some of his doggy decongestion as well!

Shiny, scented coat!

Alternative events in August

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Just thought I’d share the free workshops going on in Gratitude Cafe for the month of August.

Feel free to share and don’t forget the good deeds!

Thank you for the workshops!

LIFE COACHING Coaching is for those who are ready to take a step forward in life, but need support and assistance.  Sessions take 45 minutes to 1 hour, and is done one on one; face to face. This is strictly by appointment.  If you need more information on Life Coaching or to set an appointment, get in touch with Kahlil Bagatsing at 09175318179 or Analei Atienza at 0917-8055525.
Fee: Free

PAGBUBUKAS (by Amy Cavosora) – A deep inner process of connecting with your Higher Self. This is strictly by appointment (and limited to up to 5 participants only). For those interested, please get in touch with Amy Cavosora.  Her mobile number is +639291819758.
Fee: Free-will donation
THE PAGLALALIM/DEEPENING –for those who have already taken the Pagbubukas/Higher Self meditation. By appointment only, one-on-one or small group.  Call Amy Cavosora for more details/appointment.

Fee: Free-will donation


MEDITATION- Fridays, 7pm
We start on time so please come at least 15 minutes earlier.
Fee: Free

MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS-  Tuesday, August 3, 6 to 8pm

Know how dreams can be achieved by understanding how the mind works.
Fee:Good deeds to five (5) strangers.  Once done, please e-mail us.

THE SOUL’S JOURNEY – Saturday, August 14, 1 to 5 pm
An inner journey of understanding one’s soul and its purpose here this lifetime.

Fee:Good deeds to five (5) strangers.  Once done, please e-mail us.

AUTOMATIC WRITING- Tuesday, August 17,6 to 8pm
Experience this  process of writing  that comes from or aided by one’s Guides.
Fee:Good deeds to five (5) strangers.  Once done, please e-mail us.
BE A LIFE COACH- Saturday, August 21, 10am to 5pm
This workshop is for those who are willing to move forward, be trained to be a life coach and help others find their way.
Fee:Good deeds to five (5) strangers.  Once done, please e-mail us.

INTRODUCTION TO A COURSE IN MIRACLES- Monday, August 30, 7 to 9 pm
This workshop gives the background and short summary of A Course in Miracles, or ACIM, a nonsectarian and psychospiritual teaching. It includes a meditation exercise on forgiveness, which is the core of ACIM. To be held by Amy Cavosora, a teacher/student of ACIM.

Fee: Free-will donation

For those who want to receive regular updates on our activities, please e-mail us at or register thru the Guestbook.

Thank you!!

Tower Power

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I collect crystals, and have been doing so with gusto over the last year and a half, and have noticed that lately, my tastes have been switching from the small and hand held, to wands (for healing) and then now, to towers. Crystals in a “tower” form are generators. In other words they will generate whatever energy they already have in them to give whatever you program into them (a wish or  intention) a boost.

Generate the power of Love!

These ones pictured here are some of the prettiest and most powerful I’ve seen, although I’m pretty sure I will encounter a lot more now that I have projected my desire to see more of them out there. The first is rose quartz, which as most of you know is one of the most common love crystals. Rose quartz is a fairly common one to be seen in many shapes and forms but this particular one is a deep pink and its gorgeous and smooth and can stand on it’s own (meaning you can remove it from its stand). The bonus with this kind of tower with a steady base is that you can write down your wish like “Please bring in my ideal partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend etc) into my life” and place it directly underneath the crystal-like a makeshift paperweight.

Protect and manifest with this tibetan black quartz!

The Tibetan Black Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals used for protection. This particular tower is used to “guard” the entrance of the house protecting the bedrooms of the residents as it is placed on the 2nd floor. Holding within it energies generated from the tibetan monks by way of prayers and programming it acts as a silent and gentle forcefield from negative energies. Whether they be negative intentions, negative prayers, malignant spirits and the like. This is also a stone for manifestation, meaning it helps bring thought into action, or desires into form. I think this particular one, considering it’s height gives off a rather quiet energy, not invasive, but rather subtle. It can also be used as a meditation stone because it places a protective bubble over whoever is near it. It’s excellent as well for any entrance where lots of people pass since it can act as a filter.

Transformer-more than meets the eye!

This labradorite is truly a treasure. Found by a powerful healer this is in fact one of the most powerful tranformative stones. It calls in magic and can enhance one’s psychic abilites as well as protects one from harmful energies. Much like the Tibetan Black Quartz in that aspect of protection, the labradorite prevents people from tapping into your personal energy (emotional vampires) and draining you. It also acts as a tool to help one discover lifestyle patterns, habits or beliefs that are detrimental to ones emotional and spiritual states. It gives a boost to prayers and healing thoughts so it’s a great stone to use when you’re wishing good on someone else. It is a crystal that should be placed in a new office, or a new home because it allows the occupant to transform with the place, to adapt, to adjust and to enhance anything and everything that is positive from the “move”.

There is nothing like the power of a crystal tower, so if you’ve got the budget for it, think about what it is you need in your life that could do with a little boost. A tower will certain elevate you, bear in mind that there are many fakes out there, so only go to reputable dealers or go with someone who can tell the difference.

Sunday Mass-age

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I know, I shouldn’t be using stock photos, but how do you take a photo of a massage while you’re having one done? Will change these photos eventually, but at least you get the “picture”.

Hands-on relief

Anyway, I will change these images as soon as possible. I just wanted to post this blog before Sunday ends, or else, the title would be sacrificed, priorities, priorities.

There is nothing like indulging every now and then, but if you can make it a regular indulgence, then go for it. I have weekly massages, full body ones if I can, if not, then a heavy duty foot massage is a must, and if you’re lucky you can find a spa that will do both your feet, your hands and your head all-inclusive.

Massages when done well are extremely healing. First of all, if you’re athletic, or sporty, the massage actually help decrease the lactic acid produced during your body-too much lactic acid results in aches and pains, which locals call “lamig”. Next, a massage really helps soften stiff joints, if you have a fantastic masseuse then she can just target certain areas to remove the main source of blocks, and you sleep like a baby that night.

Of course, I don’t have a “normal” masseuse, but an intuitive one who not only has a third eye that’s wide, wide open, but she can actually absorb some of your illnesses or the discomfort in your body and dispel it by…burping. Yes, you read it right. It is far from a silent massage, and no, it is not a zen-like atmosphere with sweet smelling oil lamps and piped in music. This is the real deal hard core deep muscle and deep tissue massage plus, plus.

Burping Masseuse (BM) has been coming to our house for several years and has gone over and beyond the usual kneading duties. She has rid members in this household of the effects of “kulam” (black magic), seen beings from another dimension, who are not always positive or welcome additions to the home, all as she presses every single achy part of you. Honestly, parts that normally don’t hurt, do, because she goes in deep, using energy more than strength as leverage. In fact, once you’ve had BP every other masseuse out there is going to feel kind of wimpy. This is why, if I don’t have her for one reason or the other that week, I opt for a foot massage instead since the pressure used by reflexologists on the foot with that wooden peg is about the same.

Foot massages also hit the right spots

You may think I’m nuts to have BP come to the house, and to be honest, when she first started coming (a friend of a friend of a friend recommended her in the energy healing realm) I thought wow, this is a waste or time and money. Not only did the massages hurt, but the burping was a bit disturbing. Until, she removed a fever from me. Seriously. I hardly ever get sick, and having a fever is the worse kind of illness to come down with. You feel weak, your body is in pain which you can’t understand and even if you feel so, so tired, you can’t sleep because you feel so uncomfortable. BP came to the house, gave me a massage, but she lightened the pressure because I was on the verge of tears when she had just started and burped herself into a frenzy.

Within that same day, the fever was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I had taken no medication, not done anything different with my diet, but the fever had lifted. I had no more temperature, and I actually slept like a log that night. The next morning, I was right as rain.

BP also is quite well-versed in medicinal plants like an “albolaryo” would be as she frequents the magic mountain Banawe every month. I had suffered from irregular menstrual cycles for as long as I could remember. Missing them or having them too often in the month gave me mood swings, (all the girls out there know how PMS can be) and discomfort in my abdomen. One day she placed some leaves on me that had been boiled a certain way while she massaged. I have been pretty much on the calendar since that day, and it’s been three years and running. The only way I could regulate my period before her was through medication, and now I’m through with medication.

I wanna hold your hand...

Even if you don’t have quite a colorful masseuse or massage experience as I do, I’d encourage you to find some body work done to you once a week. In these times, where our environments are filled with all sorts of pollutants, from electromagnetic radiation, chemicals in our food and drink, toxic people (oh you know who they are) and even general aches and pains from poor posture, the body needs more love than ever before. Go get aligned, visit a chiropractor, a physical or neuromuscular therapist, get a massage, take a REAL vacation and allow your body to recharge and rejuvenate for the rest of your life. You can exercise yourself into being fit and toned, but if there is no time for your body to recuperate from all that activity, then breakdowns will come faster as you age. Giving your body a break will keep it from breaking.

Lie down…now. 😀

Got crystals? Clean and energize them regularly

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Good crystals for abundance and prosperity

I’ve been working a lot with crystals lately for energy healing. I don’t even know how many crystals I have although I use a couple regularly for healing sessions. It’s the full moon in Aquarius this Monday, July 26, with strongest energies at 930am here in Manila so if any of you reading this has crystals it might be a good time to clean them, energize them under the full moon and make a wish. All crystals are wish stones, in other words you can “program” them to emit an energy that may enable certain situations you want to manifest in your life. For example, if you are looking for a change in career or financial stability a citrine or a quartz with chlorite or any green crystal will be best for this. Citrine for example is readily found (though there are a lot of fakes) and it, along with amethyst are the most readily seen around a person’s house or office-sometimes with the owner not even being aware of their powers.

So if you have a small crystal, and when I mean small I mean it can actually be carried in one hand then you may want to get it cleaned up and ready to moonbathe. First of all, fill up a white bowl with water and rock salt or sea salt. Sorry, iodized salt will not do and one other important thing, make sure that the white bowl will PERMANENTLY be used for cleaning, do not use it for any other purpose because the “dirt” it absorbs from the crystals will remain there. After filling the bowl with water and a healthy dose of sea salt, make sure it’s fully dissolved you can dunk in your favorite crystal, or two, for as long as they don’t touch and leave overnight. In fact, if you have a large enough windowsill or a balcony you can leave the crystal outside-just make sure it doesn’t fall.

Crystals soaked overnight in salt water

Use sea salt or rock salt ONLY

The next morning you may see little black spots on your bowl, that’s why the whiter the bowl the better to see how much dirt your crystal has accumulated. You can now choose to leave the crystal in the bowl under the moon for another night, or remove the crystal from the bowl and leave it out til Monday morning, removing before 937am.

When you have the crystal in your hand, make a wish. An example can be, for prosperity or abundance is: “I program you to emit an energy to bring forth financial abundance into my life. As you do this you will immediately recharge from your surroundings not from other people or other crystals. All of this for my higher good, I live in gratitude and love. ” or something similar but always in a state of gratitude and love so all intentions are on a positive note.

If you want to make a good crystal investment that can enhance the all around energies of your house or office then I would definitely recommend a geode. This one pictured is made of amethyst which is a great all-around cleanser, healer, and even protector. It transmutes negative to positive and helps calm emotional and mental stress (doesn’t everyone need that especially in the work place?) Here’s a bonus, the one’s I found at a collector’s house actually contain cacoxenite (if you look at them closely they glitter like gold flecks in between the amethyst points) which is known to be anti-aging, among other things. So, not only is your stress level reduced, you can actually affect your cellular memory and combat other ailments.

Geodes for all around health and well-being

These geodes don’t need cleaning since they are pretty much self cleaning and you can even store your crystals in them instead of going through the whole salt and soak ritual.

Don’t be intimidated by a geode though, I know it looks like someone broke off a part of a crystal cave, well, they did sort of, but the benefits of having one of these in your home or office are innumerable. If you’re not ready for a big crystal such as this, then enjoy a little me time with your handheld crystals and feel the energy surge through them when you make your wish 🙂

Selenite crystals are self-cleaning plus clean other crystals too!

If you don’t catch the full moon, no worries. You can soak your crystals overnight at anytime (make sure you use the same bowl over and over) and just lay them out at night or even in the early morning for a little rejuvenation. Since I use mine regularly I try to do this once a month, but the others that I leave in my room I do this when I remember or when I “feel” they’re getting dirty and heavy. New crystals (be they given or bought) should ALWAYS be cleaned first, because they will carry the energy of the person you bought them from or who gave them. Unless of course the one who gave them already knows how to clean and program, it never hurts to ask! There are also crystals that clean other crystals such as selenite, which are, conveniently self cleaning and delicate so do not soak them in salt water, or any kind of water for that matter.

You are what you order

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Happy meals at Gratitude!

I love to eat. I really do, I even dream of food, or the meal I’m going to have the next day. I have been known to plan my day around a menu and the most ironic aspect of my gastronomy-skewed lifestyle is that I can’t cook to save my life. Tried it, and nearly burned down a house. Twice. Trying out new restaurants is an adventure I look forward to and new concept restaurants are always interesting. I take in everything, from the ambiance, the service and of course, the food. While most establishments focus on fancy lighting schemes, eclectic decoration or a “star” branded chef, Gratitude Café which opened its doors last June takes the eating experience to a whole new level. How so? Its proprietors, Analei Atienza and Kahlil Bagatsing, decided to create an environment that aims to feed the body, the mind and the spirit. First off, everything on the menu is an affirmation, so instead of saying “I’d like the grilled shrimps” you say “I am worth it” or, instead of “The pan-seared chicken in a light cream sauce” you simply look your server in the eye (takes a little getting used to) and say, “I am marvelous!” Hey, I’m a firm believer in affirmations, and there is no judgment here so go ahead, order away, and have fun doing it. If, after a long workday (or just a long day), you wish to unwind, then order a glass of wine — the only alcohol served on the premises — and say (with aplomb) “I am deserving!”

Worth every calorie!

Atienza, who runs The Singapore School in Manila, and Bagatsing, who is a life coach and teacher, take the concept of eating and growing in gratitude by holding free workshops on the second floor of their café so those who are interested to get to know their inner angel, learn about meditation or just want to amp up their inner health are more than welcome to sign up. The partners also apply scientist and author Masauro Emoto’s philosophy when it comes to serving their food and beverages. Emoto’s breakthrough book The Hidden Messages in Water explains how placing positive words on containers of water actually transforms its energy, and he documents this by photographs of frozen water crystals — the more positive the word, the more beautiful formation of the crystal, the most beautiful of which belonged to the one that had the words “gratitude” and “love” attached to it. Each and every plate and glass has those words, not to mention the attitude of gratitude etched in.

Inside Gratitude

Dining is a full-on interactive experience, so feel free to write on the “gratitude” wall all the things you are grateful for. “Why Gratitude?” explains Bagatsing. “Because we want to remind people that there is so much to be grateful for and there is always something to be grateful for; those who lead a life of gratitude live happier lives.” As you order, you are also asked to choose a rolled up paper from a big glass bowl, sort of like a reverse fortune cookie, which instead of telling the future actually brings you back to the present with an affirmation. Mine that day read “I attract only loving and uplifting people into my life.” Suffice to say it resonated so perfectly with what I was being challenged with that day that my spirits were instantly lifted and I have kept that piece of paper in my wallet ever since.

Free classes for everyone

“It’s interesting to watch people as they enter and how they react to their affirmation for the day,” chuckles Bagatsing. “Some enter with somber or serious expressions and then they read their affirmation and their faces and energy just change. I’ve even heard some laugh out loud.” Probably because what they read was exactly what they needed for a little jolt of joy.

Gratitude in every glass

There is a generous selection for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, from the adobo with gluten bits to my dish delight of the day — the “I Am Worth It” — which was grilled shrimps that were lightly buttered and served with rice and vegetables. You can also have the “I Am Delightful” lentil soup that is served with a smiley face. Food that is actually happy to be eaten makes the dining experience even more… well, delightful. If you are trying to watch your weight, then you will appreciate the calorie count, protein and fat percentages indicated at the bottom of each dish, so every choice you make is done with full eating awareness. In other words, it’s a very grown-up kind of restaurant that attempts to remind you that everything you do is a choice, especially what you put inside of you. Perhaps one day you may want to pop by to cool your heels and read a good book (there is a small but growing library) or be in the company of loving and uplifting people as you sip your honey-sweetened “I am charming” iced tea. You certainly deserve it.

Signs of gratitude

* * * Gratitude Café is located at the ground floor of Sapphire Residences, 2nd Avenue corner 31st Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Mondays to Saturdays. Tel no. 519-1725.

Blogging and beyond

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Get onboard the Soul Train!

Had no idea that starting a blog was such a commitment! Trying to be interesting, witty and focusing on “alternative” spirituality is not the easiest. I have to admit though that once I start it becomes therapeutic. Blogging is like having a diary-in public, so it’s best to be mindful of what you actually write down. I have to admit that I never thought I’d get into blogging, I merely thought of it as a storeroom for all my articles a good way to archive since you can access the files from anywhere.

This time around, as a new blogger I have found that the discipline it takes to sit down and start is almost meditative. I have my writing crystals around me so when I do this in public people give me weird stares, and wonder why I have these weird shape objects beside me, probably thinking I’m some high tech manghuhula (fortune teller).

The main reason I started blogging was to have this become a resource for all the other nuninunis out there, (read: Twilight Zoners) so, if you’re into crystals, energy healing, astrology, white magic, feng shui, mediums, past lives, then you’ve come to the right place. If you just stumbled in here looking for sermons and someone to tell you all is forgiven you’ve come to the wrong place. You have to find forgiveness on yourself and I’m not here to be God’s critic, although I believe in His presence and his love without a doubt.

So here I go, on the 3rd week of starting a Soul Train as I board a plane to Singapore awaiting my next adventure. I love this Soul Train logo that my friend helped me design, I was wondering if I could possibly use it on the blog 😉 If anyone out there can hear me and can help me give me a shout out!

Sea Air

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Maribago Cebu's Beach View

I love the city where I live in spite of the traffic, the pollution and general chaos that comes from living right smack in the center. Having said this, I have to admit that I do take regular opportunities to distance myself from it in order to rejuvenate myself. We all need a respite from real life and even if we find that sanctuary an plane ride or a car ride away, the journey in itself is already healing.

Being near the sea is highly therapeutic for me and soaking in it acts as a major purifier, extracting all kinds of toxins from the mind and body. This is the reason why people ingest sea salt, by marinating their food with it (although I sometimes take a small pinch and eat it directly) or use it in their bath or shower water.

Cebu, a city down south, around an hour flight from Manila holds wonderful memories for me. Friends, food and fun are what I associate with it and going down for a couple of days is something I look forward to. I can just sit on the sand and soak up the rays for an hour or so and then splash around in the sea or float blissfully for another hour more.

There is a more laid-back vibe in Cebu that I do not get in my country’s capital and I am glad that I always have an opportunity (many times without even planning).  I often ask my friends where they go for a little escape. and find the answers amazingly varied. One has actually created a small space in her room where she has tacked on a photo of the sea and she just sits in front of it, sprays the room with her favorite scent and just meditates, imagining the sea breeze and the sound of waves around. Much cheaper than flying for sure.

Help for High Heel Hurts

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The culprit...

Even as a trying hard spiritualist, I do have my days (and nights) of wanting to get dressed up and glammed out. I was recently invited to a big fashion ball paying homage to the late, great Alexander Mcqueen and decided to don my 4 inch heels with a LBD and just enjoy the chaos of being in the midst of the beautifully made up and the fabulously dressed. Suffice to say although the added height did wonders for my silhouette it did ZERO for my lower back, legs and feet when I got home that night (the dancing didn’t help for sure). I’m not one for painkillers, and this household is pretty pill-free so I limped over to my bathroom drawer to see what else I could find to ease my aches.

The cure!

And there it was, winking at me like a cocky partygoer was a bottle of Spa Essentials Massage Oil for…you got it Aches and Pains. It was a literal over figurative miracle in a bottle. Infused with ginger, peppermint and rosemary essential oils, nothing beats aromatherapy for a little skin rub. A quick click on the net gave me a brief rundown of each oils’ benefits.

  • Ginger-with its warm and spicy scent is great for generating some heat and aids in softening up the muscles and improving circulation.
  • Peppermint-is of course, minty in aroma and helps alleviate exhaustion
  • Rosemary-smells fresh and herby and is also excellent for poor circulation and soreness.

It was for me, a moving meditation to slowly and languorously rub and inhale at the same time-which doesn’t sound right but it felt good. Scent can directly affect brain waves, and nothing is more healing than getting into a more relaxed state.

I put my legs up on my headboard to help with circulation and let the oil and the fragrance settle in for about 10 minutes before finally succumbing to sleep. (Advisable to get your legs back down lest you want to wake up an hour later not feeling a thing-scary).

I’m happy to report that not only did I sleep well I woke up the next day raring to go for a run, but decided, hey, it’s a Sunday, when everyone and everything deserves a break, including all of my shoes.

Aromatherapy products by Spa Essentials can be seen on

The Joy of Comfort Food

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Brunching out

So what’s a girl to do on a Sabado? Brunch! Even if it may not be the healthiest meal of the day, the energy that goes into something enjoyable always has fantastic effect. I always look forward to brunch in Mamou and this morning was extra special as I was meeting up with some of my old colleagues. They were part of my team during my editor in chief days and I’m so happy to know that they have moved on and are still wanting very much to keep in touch and stay updated. This is way better than Facebook. There is nothing like a personal relationship, a shared meal (or drink, in our case it was a bellini) and good laughs at each others expense. Call in carino brutal but nothing can match a real life “poke” at oneself or at someone you care about. Good food and good times should never be replaced, no matter how far we’ve come in the digital age.

What’s in a meal? Well, the first thing is in the anticipation of what it’s going to taste like and second of all the possibility of sharing it with someone else. Relationships, romantic or not are to enhance our experiences during our earth life, and if you can’t share something, then you will be living a rather sad existence, in my opinion. Brunch is probably one of the more excusable pig outs in one’s existence. It’s at an odd hour and you can have anything really and even alcohol if you wish. It’s not that I don’t espouse healthy eating, I do, but I prefer good company and uncontrollable laughter any day over unhealthy yet yummy food. In other words, if you’re going to “sin” gastronomy wise, then make it worth it.

We must find joy in everything we do, and with everyone we’re with. Take heed in who you surround yourself with, because energies are contagious. You hang out with happy person you will imbibe that and you will spread some happiness yourself. Life is too short for the heavies 😉 So if you want to watch the world go by with glee, have a good meal with fabulous friends, as often as possible.

Savory to Sweet is super!

Bellinis are the best!

Brunching out