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Mercury in retrograde

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The Planet Mercury

Around 3-4x a year I get emails or texts asking me WTF is going on with the world? These periods normally fall around the time when the planet Mercury is in retrograde. You might then ask me WTF does that mean? Well, in a nutshell, Mercury, the planet that “rules” communication, travel and a whole bunch of other things like the industries of broadcasting for one, draws its energy back. So, this affects abovementioned  whole bunch of things. It’s also not a good time to buy anything expensive especially if they are electronic, like a cellphone, a laptop, Ipad, you name it, and I would also refrain from purchasing an automobile during this time period. I have also personally experienced that anything that is started at this point in time doesn’t reach fruition. Contracts that are signed are not honored, or, must be renegotiated after this time period, or, you could also wait til the retrograde is over before you sign anything. Miscommunication is also prone to happening so if you need to give instructions, give them as clearly as possible, as in K.I.S.S. and repeat as often as you can without being annoying. People will misinterpret one another, during this period so don’t be surprised if your friends, family (or even you) get into an argument or plans fall through when everything seemed to be perfectly planned. Traveling? Confirm, confirm, confirm, double check, double check, do everything doubly or even, triply.

But, let me leave a better explanation to the experts. Here are a few links that I’ve found that may help explain this phenomenon that affects EVERYONE in the planet. Some more than others, depending on where the planet Mercury falls in your natal chart.

Again, (since it is Mercury in Retrograde as I post this) I want to remind all of you that this period occurs 3-4x a year and last for about 3 weeks so, I would highly recommend you check out when it happens for the remaining months of 2010 and be prepared by noting down when it occurs in 2011. I particularly like Susan Miller’s page as it is quite friendly and has Mercury in Retrograde dates.

Be patient everybody! Mercury’s greatest lesson is to teach you how to become more reflective to enter a time of introspection since it seems, no one else in you outside world is cooperating, and this includes your cellphone, the internet, the TV etc! 😛

Mercury in Retrpgrade reference 1

Susan Miller\’s Astrology Zone site

Ready, set fast!

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You’ve all done it before: gone overboard, that is. Over-ate, over-drank, over-smoked, over-indulged — whatever it is you’ve overdone, your body becomes the receptacle of everything you plugged into your system over the weekend or over the course of your adult life. We’re all in the habit of giving ourselves a break, like a vacation from work, a spa day for our skin, etc., so why not give our digestive system a little time off as well? Common sense says you need to eat and drink for nourishment but the simple truth is a majority of the “stuff” we stuff ourselves with is far from healthy and we’ve been clogging up our system for years. It’s also now common knowledge that a bad diet can lead to all sorts of illnesses and ailments so, sadly, what tastes really, really good is probably really, really bad for you in the long run.

Get some good juju!

So, what to do when you feel like your body is slowing down? (The symptoms: sluggishness, lethargy, bad skin, insomnia , indigestion, chronic pains.) Go on a fast. A liquid fast, one that consists of nourishing your body with something that isn’t hard for it to process. I have tried several fasts in the past, like just a whole day of water and lemon or the Beyoncé-famous “Master Cleanser” or “Lemonade Diet” that takes a minimum of 10 days of drinking a special concoction of water , lemon, cayenne pepper to be effective, but which whittled down the singer/actress’s size for her role in Dream Girls.

There are, of course, friendlier versions for the first-time faster, and even for the “refresher” faster such as myself. I signed up for a one-day liquid fast via Juju Cleanse, which promised to deliver a whole day’s worth of freshly squeezed and blended organically grown fruits and vegetables, powered up with other ingredients rich in anti-oxidants such as Himalayan Crystal Salt and Honey. If you check out their website,, you will be welcomed by a very professional and information packed website. I decided to do the Level 1 cleanse for one whole day, choosing a quiet Sunday and basically closing my social calendar out to everyone and anything to avoid foodie temptation. The Level 1 cleanse as explained to me, was the mildest in terms of taste and intensity, incorporating more fruits (ergo sweeter) than vegetable juices which would make the drinks go down with a lot more ease.

Great blend of fruits and veggies

Delivered to my home the night before, I was impressed with the environmentally friendly bag my eight juices came in that also had a reusable ice pack (which could also be used as a heating pad in the future), a list of instructions and ingredients of each of the juices and a bag of fresh mint so I could start my “fast” morning with a nice cup of mint tea. The schedule was basically to take a juice every two or three hours throughout the day, and not much else. I needed to stay hydrated during the day so it was recommended I supplement this with a lot of water and herbal teas; and if — and only if — I could not fight off the hungry pangs, some healthy snacking was allowed in the form of a few carrot or celery sticks.The concoctions were a delight to look at, all in glass bottles and in rich, bright colors of green, red and yellow; it made fasting look like a lot of fun.

What is the main benefit to this kind of detox ? First off, when you give your body a holiday from eating, you’re actually allowing your body’s energy and enzymes to focus on the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. In other words, on a normal day, your body would have to work extra hard to “find” the nutrients you need from your usual, probably not-all-that-healthy breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and work even harder to eliminate what is slowly poisoning your body. Yes, I said “poisoning.” So, when you give your body a chance to just zero in on absorption and elimination, it actually gives your insides a much-needed (and much-appreciated) tune-up. After a fast, one normally feels they can sleep better and have an improved metabolism; the only precaution while in the middle of a fast is to go easy on the exercise. Your body will really need to rest up, inside and out.

Go green!

A planned lazy Sunday had me first on the weight scale and then sipping my fresh mint tea. The rest of the day had me going from drink to drink, ones with names like Green Bomb (green veggie juice that pumps you up with enzymes) to a Red Giant (a delicious combo of beets, pineapple, carrots and ginger) that helps you, er, “eliminate” all the yuckiness inside you. There were times that the Cheetos (my weekend guilty pleasure) seemed to be yelling at me from within the pantry door, but I stayed with it, all the time focusing on how much better I would feel the next day knowing that I had given my internal organs a little spa day.

I fell asleep relatively early that night, and it was a deep sleep, a welcome change to my normal “wake-up-at-a-drop-of-a-pin” sleeping pattern. I didn’t feel hungrier than normal and wasn’t craving any particular food (especially not the ones I thought I’d indulge in ones the fast was over). And, oh yes: I lost about two pounds.

* * *

Call 0905-262-2529 or e-mail for more information.

Ghost Month 101

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We’re about to hit the Feast day of Ghost month. Many of you have been asking me what Ghost Month is all about and what to do, so I thought I’d rely on an expert to explain. I’ve been to Princess Lim Fernandez of the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony at the Mandarin Hotel and this is what she had to say:

**The start of the second half of the lunar year which is also the 7th lunar month is known as the “The Ghost Month” or officially the “Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival”.  This is an annual festival during which ghosts, spirits and demons roam freely around the earth.  This year 2010, it starts on August 10 until September 7.  In a way it is quite similar to our celebration of All Soul’s Day (although this one lasts a whole month) wherein we can go to memorial parks to offer to our dearly departed and other souls in purgatory although we should not be so noisy nor stay too late.

According to Chinese legend, Emperor Yim Lo, the ruler of the underworld, opens the gates to allow all the “hungry ghosts” (souls with no descendants who pray for them) to come out from the underworld into the earth to receive offerings from people every 7th lunar month of the year.  They have to be invoked, propitiated with food and other offerings, entertained with performances of opera, movies, puppet shows etc and then cathartically released back into the spirit world.

Offerings are done on the eve of the Feast day which falls on August 23 this year.  With this offering, we feed the spirits with special gifts and in return ask for their help to bring us more luck.  Offerings made are usually candles, joss sticks, some fruits and some food.  All temples have a special ceremony and special prayer which one can participate in during this month for offerings to the spirits.

Believers are wary of this “unlucky period”; thus business in real estate, home renovation, and wedding banquets are known to slow down during this period because it is believed to be inauspicious to move house, start construction, start renovation, get married, or just generally start a new project.  But it is okay to travel this month, although one should try to avoid traveling on August 23 & 24.  Make it a point to go to Church or Temple to pray.

During this period, everyone should try to go home early and not stay out so late especially on August 23.  This especially applies to those born in the year of the Fire Tiger, Wood Pig, Earth Pig, Fire Snake & Wood Monkey, all other Monkeys and Tigers because it is during this day that their luck is at its lowest and their Ch’I is low and in tune with yin energy.  Although technically all signs are affected but some signs are more affected than others therefore they should try to avoid attending wakes during this period.  For protection, they should wear or carry with them a Jade Protection Pendant and a Safety Medallion. **

I am not quite sure what Princess is referring to with the above mentioned protection stones, but these are a couple of my recommendations. (Of course, if you really want to be safe you can go to her shop) but I personally use these whenever I need to feel more shielded.

Jade Dreamstone neckpiece

This is a jade Dreamstone neckpiece. I love the carvings on it, plus it makes a good “accent” to my work ensemble. This also works in the evening when you know you’re going to have to go to an event or a special occassion that will end late. Jade has special protective (and prosperous) qualities. Oh, and Princess did say wear a jade pendant so this fits the bill. I got this at Accessory Lab in Rockwell and there are different designs, all unique.

Tibetan black quartz

This is a Tibetan Black Quartz pendant. The belief is that a tibetan black quartz actually houses entities or energies from Tibet. It’s said that Tibetan Monks used this crystal for meditation and therefore left their energy and good will in it so that whoever uses it next will be protected and shielded from negativity. This particular one is of a twin flame formation and not easily found. I got this from a collector.

Turquiose pendant

Turquoise is not only pretty in terms of color but has very high protective energies especially for journeys and long trips. This was given to me by a good friend who said I should wear it whenever I was traveling. This is indeed a travelers stone and is my birthstone to boot so I decided to attach it to my favorite charm bracelet so I don’t forget it. This stone also helps dispel negativity and tension.

Star of David black tourmaline pendant

Ok, most of the accessories I’ve shown here are quite feminine in nature. So, what would I recommend if you’re not into girlie type designs, are male or want to gift a protective pendant to a man? This one on the right is for me my go-to pendant when I’m going to a new place, or meeting with new people and I have no idea what their intentions are. I also use it when I know I’m going to be in a crowded area for a long period of time or if I have to stay somewhere overnight and it’s my first time there. This is a star of david pendant in black tourmaline and it is very, very powerful yet very gentle for the wearer. Black tourmaline absorbs a lot of negativity (of all kinds from physical to non-physical) therefore shielding the wearer from those energies hitting him or her directly. Wearing this when you go to wakes and hospitals is akin to putting a forcefield around you, although some vibrate better to labradorite, especially when grief is concerned. Like the turquoise charm and the jade neckpiece, this is available in Accessory Lab in Rockwell, but you can also get a black tourmaline bracelet (they have then in different shapes and sizes) and also as a charm so you can attach it to a chain or to a bracelet.

To conclude, Ghost Month can be quite rough, and because of all the chaotic energies out there, (not to mention we’ve also just entered a mercury in retrograde period) it’s highly recommended that you be extra vigilant not only of your surrounding but also on your internal well-being and state of mind. Tempers may flare up, you may feel more irritable than normal and trust me, there’s going to be a lot of miscommunication and misinterpretation going around so just make an extra effort to be more patient and be very clear and concise in your instructions or in your decisions (especially when delegating them). Prayer is a must in our daily lives, and I don’t necessarily mean in the religious sense but in the spiritual sense. Send good and positive thoughts to yourself, to your friends and family, to your community and to the world. If you envelope your surroundings with love, white light and happy energy, no harm can come to you, pendants or not.

Happy Ghost Month everybody, be safe!

Love is a many splendored and (often, very complicated) thing

In Philippine Star Column on August 20, 2010 at 10:56 am

My weekends are normally spent playing catch-up, with books gathering dust on my desk, unwatched TV shows, general exercise and sleeping until a sinful hour. This last weekend though I found myself bombarded with phone calls from friends and even colleagues moaning about the states of their love lives. Among the dust-gathering books on my desk was one in a series written by good friend and fellow Philippine STAR columnist, Jeannie Javelosa, entitled Revisiting Relationships. Taking the constant ring and ping of my phone as a sign, I decided to get some relationship advice of my own, before dishing it out to someone else.

What I got was a reminder on why some relationships last and go on, even if they shouldn’t in society’s eyes. One of the chapters tackled “affairs” which seems to be more and more rampant in the country due to our lack of a divorce law. How many friends do you know are really in love with each other but because a proper annulment takes such a ridiculously long time, their relationship is viewed as inappropriate, with the female half stereotyped as “the other woman” or “homewrecker” even if that home had already been “wrecked” by other forces years before? There is also the issue of women (and some men) who choose to endure couple-hood despite recurring instances of emotional and or physical abuse. Why is it that some seem to easily walk away while some cling on, seemingly for dear life?

The quickest answer is karma. Yes, that word which people use loosely but really does explain a whole lot of cause and effect. Whatever action you do (and this is not limited to physical action as thoughts and prayers also send out energy) creates energy that returns with twice the impact on the sender. Yes, not the “same” as we may have previously believed but, if we are to believe Javelosa’s research, we get a double return on our investment! To quote from the book: “Karma is a scientific occurrence in which quantum scientists have proven that space is concave and that any energy released from one point moves through the concave form of space and bounces back to its place of origin, often with twice the intensity.” There you have it, two for the price of one. So, think twice before you send that hate/love or sex-text out; know what you could possibly be getting in response.

So the answer to why do some people stay in a relationship even when common sense is screaming at them to go? The leveling out of karma from either a past life or the present.

Jealousy (not worth it), unconditional love (yes, worth it), and going back to an ex (you decide if he or she is worth it) are all tackled in Revisiting Relationships. Javelosa has counseled hundreds — maybe even thousands — of men and women who have gone to her for her destiny chart readings. One story that struck me was of a teenager who had the good fortune of finding his soul mate and then losing her first to a coma, and then eventually death. Throughout her comatose state he was advised to just send her loving thoughts “When love is there,” advised Javelosa, “not just romantic love but compassionate love that seeks the betterment of the other person with no selfish wants or needs, only healing and greater love can happen.” Although the two never connected again on the physical plane, the young boy wrote Javelosa to say that he had enjoyed one last moment with her, through a vivid, beautiful dream. He lives on with no bitterness or regret and is ready for love again.

If you have been contemplating your relationships of late, be they romantic ones or just alliances with friends or colleagues, it would be a good idea to pick up this book to get a better understanding of why you feel the way you do towards certain people. Relationships act as mirrors to the self; get to know what makes you tick and stop trying to emotionally dismember someone else when things aren’t working out the way you planned. On a lighter note, the book also offers some meditations, including a little exercise you can do (with or without a partner) to attain tantric bliss. Yes, you read that right: tantric bliss. All in all, the book keeps driving home the message that we are all each other’s teachers in this life, and that whether we are with someone for (and this cliché makes me roll my eyes) a reason, a season or a lifetime, that we have come together out of our own free will and a pre-life promise to do so.

Believe it or not, we actually choose whom to be with, and we also choose to keep them or leave them. Even after a death, or a breakup it’s what we do with the memory of that relationship that will allow us to move on or keep us locked in the past. Maybe it’s time for you to go forward but as I’ve also read, everything, short of death, can be revisited as well.

* * *

Revisiting Relationships by Jeannie Javelosa is available at PowerBooks and National Bookstore

An Avellana Afternoon Part 2

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It was time for lunch, so we were graciously invited into the beautiful home of desinger Eric Paras. And the first thing I noticed was this stop-in-your-tracks painting by Lexygius Caliph. It left me lightheaded!

framed by our hosts Albert Avellana and Eric Paras

Lunch was complete with curator Boots Herrera, photographer Cocoy Sarmenta and Ateneo Art Gallery Managing Curator Yael Buencamino.  Part of Avellana’s staff, Yoy Baldemero prepared heartwarming (and stopping):

Monggo with....

crunchy chicharon! And...

bitter but better ampalaya!

So after that absolutely delicious meal we decided to burn some calories by continuing our art tour around the compound. The wonderful thing is that almost every object you see can belong to you, and Avellana patiently explains each piece, the artist, and even seems open enough to negotiate if you really fall in love with anything!

a reFRESHing fruity juice!

Garlicky fish!

This is an installation art by Ral Arrogante. If you’re familiar with Philippine folklore you will know that this is not really our version of batman…or batwoman.  A lot more macabre in fact!
There’s a naked manananggal out there folks!

Next  up, the works of Ryan Rubio:

This can actually dance!

this one doesn't...I think

Next is what I call the tabagochi series (various artists)

Well-fed warrior women!

and Cocoy ogles this beauty:

Luscious lady!

Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round....

So, I left the compound that day feeling a lot more cultured and inspired. If you’re ever in the Pasay area, this place is a no-miss. Even the surrounding grounds are art-fested!

Garden sentinels say goodbye

See this place for yourself! Contact Albert Avellana at (632) 833-8357 or (63) 920-9505759 or email: The gallery and a 11 (Eric Paras’ designs) are all located in 2680 FB Harrison St., Pasay City. Look for the red gate!

An afternoon at Avellana

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There is something to be said of the impact of art on the spirit. Like most souls in training, I always find myself amazed and impressed by how others express themselves. Whenever I can, I allow myself to be taken in by the unexpected and that is the magic of modern art. The use of materials that are deemed as common and everyday to create something of surprising beauty or at least intrigue are by all means a great way to give the soul a little shake. Resonance can happen at every level and for me, a visual one is still the one of most impact. I would love it if I could make my artsy trips a weekly treat, but sometimes life does get in the way.

A true relief (for me) by Allain Hablo

Another sojourn into the heart of Pasay City had me revisit the Avellana Art Gallery which is part of an uber creative little compound on Harrison St. If you’re into high ceilings, well cut rooms and a breeze that seems to remain within the compound, then you owe this place a visit. Oh, and be prepared to be wowed by the artwork, furniture and home accessories you can purchase here.

First, the exhibit of Mac Valdezco:

Space plastic

And look at this serious of drawings, my favorite is the one on the right:

Nice series

I couldn’t resist taking a solo shot of it, hey, dreams are free right?

Love the color and the drawing

Other works that can work alone include:

This reminds me of dragons

So much movement

there is something about her drawings that pulls you in. And all the sketches are subject to interpretation. The colors are muted so they could fit into any space, and you would think that the combination of tones would be discordant but it all works. I love her stuff, it makes me wish I had a loft like apartment and of course deeper pockets 🙂

She also works well with plastic, like this “throw” rug that according to gallery owner Albert Avellana can also be hung so you don’t step on it.

Made out of cupcake wrappers, how clever!

More work in plastic, talk about carry-everywhere art

This installation, is a work in progress but look at how original it is. Plastic stick-ons working their way up a wall, and around its corner, and can go even progress beyond that. Again, there is movement, and colorful movement at that!

Wall climbing art


Cute isn’t it? Sorry am running out of artsy-terms. This tapestry, located in a 2nd gallery in the compound is an old work of her. Again, the colors and the perfect mix of the mismatch are intriguing. The eye doesn’t stop moving.

Lines, colors, fabrics. Fabulous.

After this, we were invited to a delicious, comfort food lunch at the beautiful home of designer Eric Paras.  Yes, also in this compound of uber creativity. Stay tuned for part two!

Smart ass-art

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Kissing and telling

I dedicated my Friday morning to art gallery hopping. It’s always beneficial when one is trying to explore oneself to see how others express themselves through their work. My cousin and I drove off to Galleria Duemila in Pasay City to view the works for Cesare Syjuco. I have never met the man but I am familiar with the works of his wife, Jean Marie and his very talented and beautiful daughters. I often wonder what their dinner conversations at home must be like, all of them so heavily dedicated to their own artful forms of expression. As we got to the gallery I had to stop and take a photo of the gate designed by Tony Twig

Duemila's gate

This is the first time I’ve seen an entire exhibit of Syjuco, and I must say that he’s got a sense of humor, which is refreshing amidst a lot of the dark and angst-ridden art I’ve been seeing lately. Of course, there is a twisted side to Syjuco’s vision, but it certainly makes you think and smirk.

Here’s the artist:

Cesare Syjuco

I was already taken by his first installation:

We need water!

The rest, I will leave for you to view at your leisure, although I did have one or two more favorites such as the next two:

Watch your head!

and this:


Enjoy the rest of the show, I believe it runs til the end of August 2010.

War, war is stupid

Breathe VERY deeply

Reflected reflections

A video installation series:

Give this guy a hand


Splish splash

Get wet!

Love rock 😀

Like Greek to me

Ah…the start of one big, fat…lie?

Fact or fiction?

Check out the work for yourself! There’s still time.

Galleria Duemila is located at 210 Loring St., Pasay City, Metro Manila.

Tel no. (632) 831-9990 or go to their website and their email is:

The Ki Method

In Philippine Star Column on August 13, 2010 at 12:21 am

A TKM session in progress

The power of touch has long been espoused by many who believe in alternative or complementary healing therapies. I recently tooka daylong workshop on The Ki Method (Ki is short for the King Institute Method). The King Institute, founded by Glen King, a doctor of philosophy, licensed dietician-nutritionist in Carrollton, Texas. King studied other “health recovery” theologies such as acupuncture, reflexology and aromatherapy until he came upon this particular method that dealt with the study of the subtle bio-electromagnetic system of the body. What I was told to expect was that we were going to learn how to use our hands, by strategically placing them on various parts of either our own body or someone else’s to heal. Sounded too good to be true, but The Ki Method or TKM had already been featured in various news and TV shows in the US and was even adopted by several police and paramedic forces for Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques. Our instructor, Andrew Alarcon, explained that, even with just a half day of training, we could learn how to stop bleeding, seizures, a heart attack, even help in the regenerative process of a burn victim’s wounds, all with just your bare hands; he had my full attention.

Healing hand placement

The simplest idea of how TKM works is that each side of your body gives off a negative and a positive charge. So, when placed against a certain point in your own body, or someone else’s you actually set off a “current” that kicks the healing process into gear. “Your body,” Alarcon repeatedly stated throughout the day, “was created to heal itself.” I took this to mean that if the rest of your body was a car, your hands were there to help jumpstart its engines. What was more amazing was that you could use any method for any ailment on yourself, putting a new spin on the song I Touch Myself. (Okay, not in that way, although what The Divinyls really meant may be a form of healing for some.) TKM can be applied on anyone and, even better, applied by anyone. You don’t need extensive training if you’re going to help someone who’s going into anaphylactic shock or suffering from hysteria. In fact, you can teach anyone in your household some of the techniques, but make sure you also get to practice on yourself and others.

TKM can be learned by anyone

Here’s what I found: the effect is close to instantaneous. During the workshop, as we were taught where to place our hands, I could actually feel the current moving; it was almost like a humming underneath my palms. One particular exercise, meant to help burn victims heal, is actually a regenerative one for the skin (meaning: it can also help remove scars, dark spots and, yes, wrinkles). I decided to experiment that night, and did the exercise for the recommended amount of time, twice a day. I had a dark scab on my foot from a previous injury, and I had been too lazy to apply any kind of medicine or whitening product to it, so it had remained as a rather ugly reminder to never compromise on footwear. The exercise required me to place my hands on my calves (right palm, left calf, left palm, right calf: a challenge for non-contortionists) and leave them there, applying no pressure and no grasping for about 30 minutes (if you are doing this to relieve someone who has burns or a major skin injury or allergy, it’s much easier, obviously). I did this exercise twice in one day and again once the next morning.

Energy spheres all over the body

The next thing that happened freaked me out, and I don’t freak out easily. As I was getting dressed, I looked down at my foot (there is never anyone else around when these things happen, I swear). I actually saw the scab fade: it was quicker than a blink of an eye, and I had to blink and blink again because I couldn’t believe it myself. It was as if someone had swabbed me with an industrial-strength bleach. That was it, from dark to light, and since that day, it continues to lighten all on its own, and dramatically so. If this could happen so quickly to a scab, can you imagine how this could affect someone who may have to deal with a lifetime of ugly (either caused by an accident or sheer stupidity)? On a more serious note, I am a convert, I am now reading the manual with a fervor and I am doing the recommended Median Series exercises which are specifically for self-help alertness, stamina and to boost your immunity.

I know my example may not be the most “life-changing” one, so maybe you can experience it for yourself. We can all heal.

* * *

all images courtesy of The King Institute

For more information on The Ki Method (TKM) and schedule of workshops, contact certified instructor Andrew Alarcon at 0927-4409311 or email

Rainy day snacking

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Was hungry, and it was rainy, and I didn’t want to be stuck in the mall so I grabbed a snack. Among the dizzying choices there were on offer I went back to a childhood favorite, Dulcinea. I didn’t want to sit down and enjoy my usual comfort churros con chocolate so I settled for something more savory.

And here it is: Palitos de queso. Basically, soft twisted breadsticks with cheese!

A cheesy twist

A  100 grams worth for Php 97.00 not bad at all. Healthier (I think) to cheetos or doritos. I love cheese, and hey, cheese with bread is an even better combo.

What do you munch on to while away a rainy day?

Healing wands

In Living a Life Off-Center on August 10, 2010 at 1:32 am

Selenite is one of my favorite healing crystals. Not only are they  excellent for all kinds of negative energy extraction they are self-cleaning, although delicate, when stored and transported with care, they are very low maintenance. These wands are real beauties, and not easy to come by

Selenite wands

Among the dozen there were two that caught my eye, this one, had so much character, as it was pretty much a two-tone white. It’s energy, prayerful, and if I could “solidify” that energy it would have felt like silk on the skin, almost soothing. This is perfect for a healer who is calm and needs discernment when they have to tell someone what they “see”.

Priestess wand

I ended up going home with the wand below. When placed against the rest, it actually stood out, blinking radiantly at me. I’m not too keen on “milky” like crystals-only making rare exceptions like Selenite, due to it’s properties so this one seemed almost clear but had an inner glow. It was like it was housing an angel inside that shimmered and sparkled. Its energy gave off a more direct vibe, which is perfect for focused extractions, when the healer can pinpoint the source of a problem and it’s sharp edge is almost syringe like, drawing out the negative with more precision. It’s so beautiful, but I need to find a proper casing for it in order to maintain its form.

Warrior wand

If healing is not your thing, but you’re in need of a crystal that can enable you to have better sleep, lovely, insightful dreams, or, something that will enhance your mediation and even protection. ( A selenite grid around one’s house is better than a kennel of Dobermans-without the danger of getting bitten) Then a selenite is high on the list of a must have stone. You can also find them in bracelet or bangle form or in tower form like the one below. Accessory Lab in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell has the bangle and tower ones, while I got the wands from a private collector.

Self-cleaning crystal cleaner

*Oh, and one really important detail I nearly missed out on, the reason why I think ALL crystal lovers should invest in a Selenite tower is because, not only is it self cleaning it can be used to clean ALL other crystals. Talk about a worthy investment. Do remember that Selenite is delicate in its density therefore NEVER soak it in water or salty water, that’s why it’s self cleaning 😉

May you all your days be Selenite bright!