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A New Nirvana (crystal)

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 14, 2010 at 10:53 am

Found myself back in what my friends and I call “Aladdin’s Cave” which aptly describes this crystal collector’s abode. As you can see he got a new shipment:

Selenite and Golden Selenite Towers

Selenite is one of the most low-maintenance crystals but highly vibrational. Putting a grid of these towers around your home can form a protective shield, not to mention a powerful place to meditate should you find yourself right in the center of them. The golden selenites have an added bonus of attracting prosperity into your life. I actually recommended a family get the ones above to place one in every room of their house. So far, they’ve been very happy with their purchase.

There were other raw beauties on display such as this fantastic heart shaped Amethyst cluster:

I heart amethyst!

This rhodocrosite in geode form is another rare beauty. Very, very helpful in aiding those who are undergoing heartache, grief or sorrow as it heals the heart and soothes the heart chakra.

Rhodocrosite hearts you

Even if I was quite (happily) overwhelmed by all the crystal beauty, there was something that “winked” at me from one of the many shelves. This was quite unusual as it wasn’t even a well-lit part of the showroom, in fact it was an area I passed many times before. This crystal though, seemed to shine all on its own and even if partly in shadow it caught my attention.

Here is it is:

A little slice of Nirvana

Look at how it just seems to glow! This is called a nirvana crystal and I have never seen one before. In fact, I only  heard its name when I asked what it was. I read up on it in Stones of The New Consciousness by Robert Simmons and I felt so absolutely elated immediately after. Its attributes resonated with my current issue which is all about trust-in the Divine. It is a crystal that aids in your having faith in your Higher Calling, your Higher Self, and to believe in the plan that God or your Creator has laid out for you. I have always wanted a crystal that would ground me, to give me peace and contentment in the now and to help me let go of my worries and doubts for the future. I do not believe in coincidences and that “wink” that I caught at the corner from my eye was meant. This is my new meditation crystal which will have a very, very happy place on my bedside table. I look forward to what the future brings!

Healing wands

In Living a Life Off-Center on August 10, 2010 at 1:32 am

Selenite is one of my favorite healing crystals. Not only are they  excellent for all kinds of negative energy extraction they are self-cleaning, although delicate, when stored and transported with care, they are very low maintenance. These wands are real beauties, and not easy to come by

Selenite wands

Among the dozen there were two that caught my eye, this one, had so much character, as it was pretty much a two-tone white. It’s energy, prayerful, and if I could “solidify” that energy it would have felt like silk on the skin, almost soothing. This is perfect for a healer who is calm and needs discernment when they have to tell someone what they “see”.

Priestess wand

I ended up going home with the wand below. When placed against the rest, it actually stood out, blinking radiantly at me. I’m not too keen on “milky” like crystals-only making rare exceptions like Selenite, due to it’s properties so this one seemed almost clear but had an inner glow. It was like it was housing an angel inside that shimmered and sparkled. Its energy gave off a more direct vibe, which is perfect for focused extractions, when the healer can pinpoint the source of a problem and it’s sharp edge is almost syringe like, drawing out the negative with more precision. It’s so beautiful, but I need to find a proper casing for it in order to maintain its form.

Warrior wand

If healing is not your thing, but you’re in need of a crystal that can enable you to have better sleep, lovely, insightful dreams, or, something that will enhance your mediation and even protection. ( A selenite grid around one’s house is better than a kennel of Dobermans-without the danger of getting bitten) Then a selenite is high on the list of a must have stone. You can also find them in bracelet or bangle form or in tower form like the one below. Accessory Lab in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell has the bangle and tower ones, while I got the wands from a private collector.

Self-cleaning crystal cleaner

*Oh, and one really important detail I nearly missed out on, the reason why I think ALL crystal lovers should invest in a Selenite tower is because, not only is it self cleaning it can be used to clean ALL other crystals. Talk about a worthy investment. Do remember that Selenite is delicate in its density therefore NEVER soak it in water or salty water, that’s why it’s self cleaning 😉

May you all your days be Selenite bright!