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Philippine Fashion Week review: Breezy silhouettes and active wear are in the mix for spring/summer ‘14

In Philippine Star Column on November 8, 2013 at 7:37 am

A milieu of designers interpreting the looks for spring/summer 2014 resulted in a rather mismatched free-for-all. Color palettes, fabrics and lengths — even the accessories used were so dissimilar that it would be difficult to say if there is any one staple look for the coming year. In terms of wearability and artistry, there were several designers that displayed consistency. Perhaps for 2014, it’s basically about choosing your style mood: would you want to be sporty, comfy or make a statement? Choose the designer based on their strengths if you don’t want an unwearable surprise.

Veejay Floresca

Active wear may have been on the now US-based designer’s mind as models traipsed out in form-fitting jackets and hoodies coupled with up-to-there shorts or loose flowing trousers. Floresca married materials normally used for sportswear — cotton and jersey — with evening wear fabrics such as chiffon, allowing for movement and texture.





 Ronaldo Arnaldo

Favoring a womanly silhouette, Arnaldo’s collection named “Azure” was inspired by summer itself, the sea, the blue skies and the beach evident in the palette ranging from very light and cool blue to white. Said Arnaldo: “I envisioned it to be worn in a resort or a cruise. It’s all about serenity, relaxation and peace of mind, effortless and easy going. I used fancy crepes, linens, silk satin and jusi.”




Vania Romoff


Yvonne Quisumbing

Staying true to her artistry, Quisumbing’s collection drew attention with dramatic headpieces and shoeless models tiptoeing up and down the ramp. Her collection entitled “Heroine” was inspired by a combination of a topiary, rectangular Rothko canvases and the grand personality of a heroine. Quisumbing incorporated colors such as blacks, whites, peaches and reds, using thick materials such as textured tweed and leather, softened by delicate chiffon, georgette and organza. “I aim to find the perfect balance between the complex and the minimal,” explained Quisumbing, “like the combination of a sculptural blouse on top of pedestal-like pants.” She also credits local heroine Gabriela Silang for being the “personality” behind her line. “She is both delicate and fearless, humble and brave. The collection is my inspiration of such polarity,” concluded the designer.





SOUL TRAIN By Katrina H. Holigores (The Philippine Star) | Updated November 8, 2013 – 12:00am

Ronaldo Arnaldo enters the RTW Realm

In Philippine Star Column on June 17, 2011 at 2:21 am

Midnight blue crepe jacket with chartreuse silk cut out sleeves

Every girl needs a good designer, a no-fail fashion-y friend she can run to during any style emergency. If you are trying your best to work on your inner self, then it’s always good to know you have someone to go to when you need to pamper your outer self. I have had the good fortune of coming into contact with several designers who have generously dressed me for the bajillion events that I have to attend (both for work and for pleasure) and it does relieve a lot of the dress-stress. I had the pleasure of meeting Ronaldo Arnaldo when I was in the midst of preparing the production of a big fashion show (100 designers/one venue) about two years ago. I liked his calm, quiet manner and his creation was one of my favorites among the 100 presented; his lines were strong yet feminine (in other words, curve-friendly) and he had an eye for color. Fast forward to a fitting with him and I was amazed: he took my measurements once. The second time I went in for another fitting, the dress was practically perfect, and I took it home the next day after some final touches.

Over the years, I have seen Arnaldo’s star continue to rise with favorable review after favorable review of his collections both on the runway and in editorial spreads. Although he is still a favorite for bespoke creations, he has now decided to expand into the land of retail, with his first collection, “The New Filipiniana,” available at L Manila in Greenbelt 3.

After more than 13 years in the industry, what made him decide to expand? “Ready to wear is the future of fashion,” shares Arnaldo. “I’m not saying couture is dying but nowadays, it is limited to weddings and formal dresses. And I wanted to reach out to a wider audience in retail.”

Taupe cotton knit jacket with moss green silk damask swirls on the bodice


Taupe cotton knit jacket with moss green silk damask swirls on the bodice

Arnaldo’s work is known for its wearability and comfort and this remains true for his initial pieces that consist of dresses and tops in neutral shades. “I wanted to do something that was modern and Filipino, using indigenous and organic fabrics such as piña, Philippine dupione, linens and Philippine silks,” remarks the designer. “For this first collection, I’m starting with natural colors of the fabrics such as ecru and beige but in the near future, I will be infusing colors. I’m going to be experimenting with dyes.” Variations from his runway collection will also be available soon, and will have a lot more hues and tones to choose from. The dresses are perfect for a day in the office and, when paired with bright accessories, can make the intelligent shift from work to play. The silhouettes are female-friendly, giving the figure a flattering look, and also allowing the body to move without constriction. Versatility is further exemplified with a Philippine dupione ecru overblouse trimmed with French Alencon lace, perfect for evenings when a touch of elegance is required without going too over-the-top formal. Perfect for people like me who sometimes get the lazy bug when getting ready for a big night out. Think about it: you have something you can throw over a LBD or even a tank and dark jeans, and off you go.

Arnaldo’s background is an interesting one. He actually graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technolgy but ended up taking a crash course in fashion design at the now-defunct Premiere Fashion Arts Center. For five years, he assisted senior designer Mike de La Rosa and pursued his craft by taking up basic, advanced and couture pattern-making at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. His interest in fashion, though, came much earlier. “My grandmother was a seamstress and at a very young age. I found myself playing with threads and needles on scrap fabrics with dolls and handicrafts,” he chuckles. Nowadays, Arnaldo looks to international designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix, Doori Chung, Alexander Wang, Narciso Rodriguez and Proenza Schouler for inspiration. He also plans further studies in 3D pattern making at the Central St. Martins in London to upgrade his knowledge in cutting and construction.

Philippine dupione ecru overblouse trimmed with French Alencon lace

Having a go-to designer is a godsend, especially when you find one who has figured out your figure, your style and, best of all, is within your budget. It’s also an extra perk if said designer has a line that you can just grab off the rack when you’re in a fashion pinch. To those who like to dress up, dress down or would rather have someone dress them, I wish you all find a fall-back fashion designer. In the meantime, check out what’s on the RTW menu of Ronaldo Arnaldo.

* * *

For more info on Ronaldo Arnaldo, contact tel. 403-0507 / 252-4369

Dress Dynamism-Ronaldo Arnaldo

In Living a Life Off-Center on January 22, 2011 at 2:36 am

Every once in a while, well, truth be told, even if we are ‘souls in training’ we need to also nurture our outer beings on a regular basis. Nothing makes me feel better than a pretty outfit, even just looking at someone, male or female dressed in a lovely ensemble gives me joy. It’s true, beauty is in the eye of a beholder so if you spot someone with style, it does spark something in you, even temporarily. Think about it, your parents probably told you to always leave the house looking your best, not necessarily dressed to the nines (that certainly wouldn’t work for many of us to be decked with jewelry and a flowing gown when doing groceries) but always wearing something that makes you look AND feel good. Even jeans and a t-shirt can turn a head or two when coupled with a nice accessory, a dynamic color, shoes with an interesting details…the list is endless. For men, especially those who are conservative about their clothes, it’s more the how to dress that matters to me than what they’re actually wearing. Clean lines, well fitted suits, shirts, trousers or their favorite beat up denims are all they need, as long as they’re put together carefully.

In my case, I’ve been favoring dresses lately. They’re just much simpler to throw on and you have one less “piece” to think about. When you do a top and a bottom combination it does take up way more time and thought, and there are days when I just want to get up, shower and go (not naked of course!) So, because of this, and still remembering the golden rule of “dress like you’re about to run into the love of your life” I have been focusing on adding dresses (from work, to casual, to weekend to cocktail to formal) in my wardrobe.

Ronaldo Arnaldo, who I met back in 2008 is one of those designers who makes up a perfect combination of professionalism (no drama queen work ethics) talent (you can google him to see why his recent collections have garnered rave reviews) and personality (he is sweet, quiet, unassuming and has an easy smile). Also, and probably most important is he makes you look thinner and taller than you really are! Everyone has their days of the blahs…but for some reason when I put on an Arnaldo even the unwanted bulges seem to go away and I find myself feeling good because, in my head, I look good.

Ronaldo Arnaldo's atelier in Makati

His atelier’s interiors are already an indication of this man’s taste. There is a classic elegance about it that connotes warmth and strength from the dark woods and simple, solid furniture.

Arnaldo's work desk

Elegant touches from his travels

A sketch of his work

Various newspaper and magazine clippings of his collections

And of course, the dresses: Here are a few of my favorites which I can’t wait to add to my wardrobe (these are taken from Arnaldo’s multiply website:

Structured style

Far from a drab gray

Solid lines will make you look lean

A good detail changes everything

I have had several pieces made by him from long to short, and in a variety of colors (bright greens and mauves even!) one of his first creations with me in mind was hi own play of a work dress-suit that til now shines brightly in the office whenever I put it on.

Whether Arnaldo suits your style preference or not, it is imperative that you find a kindred soul to satisfy your external aesthetic. You don’t have to spend a lot and I’m not saying bespoke is the way to go, but if you find a cut, color who can champion your attractiveness to the outside world, that’s already one battle won.

Dressing up can be fun, find any and all things to bring you joy!