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Angels and Holidays

In Living a Life Off-Center on December 15, 2010 at 12:33 am

Happy Holida(ze)?

Wanted to share something passed on to me by a friend who is a full-time energy healer. Thought it would be an appropriate mid-week read. Not to mention just in time for the Holiday chaos that is about to commence. We all need an extra dose of love and light (ness) of being. Our angels are always around to help!




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The months of  November and December are generally viewed as great months of parties, dinners with friends, and reunions with families.  But it can be a highly stressful time when you’re in charge of the dinner, or you have to travel, or you and your family are worlds apart in lifestyles and/or beliefs.

I’m going to give you some tips and suggestions to make this time period much less stressful and a lot more pleasurable.  About twelve years ago, in reading spiritual articles and books, I kept noticing the word “benevolent” used in stories about angels and their relationship to us.  As this is not a commonly used word in the English language, it was quite noticeable to me.  One day I read a suggestion to request benevolent outcomes for events in your life. I decided to try it out, and was amazed how PERFECTLY it worked for everything, from small requests such as a parking spot next to a busy restaurant or a seat on the subway to the really important situations in my business and personal life.  After having made these requests between 10,000 and 15,000 times over the years, I am firmly convinced that our Guardian Angels are there to assist us in living more gentle lives.  We just have to ask.

So how do you request Benevolent Outcomes from your Guardian Angel?  If you are cooking for your friends or family, consider saying, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the food I prepare will be perfect for my group, and that our time spent together will be enjoyable, thank you!”  Always thank your Guardian Angel, and the more emotion you can put into these requests the better.

These requests need to be said out loud or in writing and must be for something that is specifically for you.  Certainly you can change the wording to fit the circumstances, but remember that the requests have to be benevolent for not only you, but also all those involved in the request, as even if you request something that is not benevolent for others in error or on purpose they will not work.  This is your best friend you are talking to, so be assured that you can speak directly to them and in these simple terms.  You can never “use up” your requests.  Webster’s dictionary defines Benevolent as “A kindly disposition to promote happiness and prosperity through good works, or by generosity in and pleasure of doing good works.”  Doesn’t that sound like what we would imagine our Guardian Angel would do if given a chance?

If you must travel during the holidays, there are a variety of requests you can make.  You can request Benevolent Outcomes:

  • That you remember to pack everything for the trip;
  • That the drive to the airport or to the place you are going to be safe and free of traffic;
  • That the check in at the airport be fast;
  • That your luggage will arrive safely and on time;
  • That you speed through the Security Line with no delays;
  • That your plane and any connections you make be on time;
  • That (if you are traveling alone) you sit next to someone interesting, or, if you need to sleep, next to someone who will not want to talk;
  • That your friends or family are there on time and easy to find;
  • That if you are taking part in any sport during your holiday, from touch football, to skiing, to scuba diving, you remain safe from injury.

As examples I request Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s as I call them) for everything.  While packing for a trip, I’ll say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for remembering everything I need to take on my trip. Thank you.”  When it comes time to go to the airport, I request a Benevolent Outcome for the drive to the airport in safety and with no delays.  How many people have you heard about that have missed a flight because of a traffic jam or wreck on the freeway?

At the airport, I’ll say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that my bags arrive safely and on time.  Thank you.”  Don’t forget to say “thank you” to your Guardian Angel.  David in St. Louis emailed to tell me he requested a Benevolent Outcome for making it through the Security check line with no problems (nothing can slow you down more than being “randomly” chosen for a full search).  There were two lines, one that traversed back and forth and the other for flight personnel.  Just as the person ahead of him was directed into the maze, the gatekeeper closed off that path and let David be the first person to pass through the fast-path route through security.  As he said, “that was cool!”

David also mentioned that he likes to request MBO’s for meeting interesting people on the plane.  I tried that out on a business trip back from Washington DC, and after a gentleman offered to trade seats with a young lady sitting next to me so she could sit with her friend, he turned out to be a buyer that I had not seen at the book market.  I was able to give him some information, which will result in a sale.  That’s how Benevolent Outcomes work.  It is so much fun to see how your Guardian Angel makes these things happen!

My wife and I went to a conference in Mt. Shasta, California—a really beautiful place.  On our way back to the Sacramento Airport, I requested a MBO for a safe and problem free drive.  On the car radio, there was a news bulletin that the California Highway Patrol was getting tough on Interstate 5 and would be ticketing anyone barely over the speed limit.  As we were driving along, I had passed several slower moving cars when an oversized pickup came up behind me.  I decided to let him pass, although there was still another car to pass ahead of me. As he passed, I started to move out again to pass the car when suddenly out of the bushes in the median roared a CHIP’s patrol car with lights blinking. I jumped back in line and watched as the pulled over the pickup.  That could have been me.  I have found over time that after requesting a MBO for a drive, the highway patrol cars are either turning off, going the other direction, or have just pulled someone over as I pass by.

One time I rented a car in Nice, France for the 20-minute drive to Cannes on a freeway.  Naturally I requested a MBO for the drive.  A few minutes into the drive a small car passed by me at a speed of approximately 90 miles an hour.  About 100 yards up the road, he tried to weave in and out of traffic, lost control, spun out and bounced off the guardrail ending up straddled across two of the three lanes of traffic.  Had I been five seconds earlier, I would have been in danger of being involved.  I was able to slow down and creep by the car on the far right lane.

Jean from Ontario, Canada emailed to tell me she was in Seattle on vacation.  She was exploring the city via their “excellent” bus service.  She asked for a Benevolent Outcome for her ride downtown.  As the driver approached his stop in front of the Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle, a parcel delivery truck suddenly stopped in front of him.  The bus driver had been looking at the bus stop to see if any passengers were waiting.  “Something” told him to look ahead, and he did, bringing the bus safely to a stop within inches of the truck.  No one was injured, and Jean was able to joke with the driver about all the paper work he had just avoided!

Perhaps you wish to share a taxi with someone to cut down on costs.  The Milan, Italy airport is a long drive outside the city, so I checked with the hotel concierge to see if there was anyone else that had ordered a taxi for the very early drive to the airport.  He had no one scheduled at 5:00 am in the morning, so I requested a MBO for someone to share my taxi.  The next morning when I checked out of the hotel there were no people in sight, so I was resigned to paying for an expensive taxi, when in walked five or six doctors from the Mayo Clinic who had been in Milan for a cancer conference.  They had hired a mini-bus to take them to the airport and invited me to join them, at no charge!

You can request a Benevolent Outcome that your visit with your family or acquaintances be cordial and pleasant.  Just say, “I ask that during the time I am at (name the location) that my experience be delightful.  Thank you.  This may seem like you’re asking a lot in some instances, but REQUEST THE IMPOSSIBLE!

Under this category comes family members or people you know will be at the party or reunion with which you have had a difficult time.  The reasons could include alcoholism, drug use, or you have had a difficult relationship with them in the past.  I suggest saying something like, “I ask that any and all beings come to the assistance of (name) so that they remain sober and pleasant during the time I’m there, and that they receive assistance in overcoming their problem.”  This is a “Living Prayer” that you can say for other people.  Change the wording to fit your circumstances.   Or you can say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for having a pleasant relationship with (name) during the time I am with them.”  Again, change the wording to fit your particular circumstances.

If you are worried about you and/or your children’s safety while in the presence of someone whom you know to be physically, mentally, or sexually abusive, then say,  “I ask that my safety and that the safety of my children be guaranteed now and in the future in a way that is Benevolent to us all.”  This can also be said if you are currently in a relationship where you are fearful for the same reasons.

If your job involves working during the Holiday period, then you can request Benevolent Outcomes that you will be safe at work each day, that your commissions will be higher than you hope for or expect, and that your time at work be pleasant with your fellow employees and customers. As an example say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that my commissions be higher than I can expect or hope for.  Thank you.”  Don’t limit yourself to asking for a specific amount.  You might be asking for too low an amount!  That also goes for requesting a Benevolent Outcome for your annual Bonus.  If you must work to late at night, request a Benevolent Outcome for your walk to your car or bus or train stop.

There is what I call the  “Radiant Effect” when you make these requests.  Many of these requests will be benevolent for all of those around you, such as when you travel. Other people are affected by your request for safety in driving or flying.  If there are people in your car or on the bus, train, or airplane, they will travel in safety too.  When you request a Benevolent Outcome or say a Living Prayer for a pleasant time with someone who has caused everyone problems it has a Radiant Effect.   When you request Benevolent Outcomes for yourself, it also affects others who are present at the dinner, party, or reunion with you.  It makes for a much more pleasant time for everyone!  These simple requests can lower your stress and make your family’s holiday much more congenial and joyful!

Have a Most Benevolent Holiday period this year!