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Gender-neutral gifts for every budget this Christmas

In Philippine Star Column on December 13, 2013 at 1:28 am

People making lists, buying special gifts…you know the rest, and are probably in the midst of weeding out who’s naughty or nice from your “presents” recipients as Christmas draws near. But what to give? There are myriad choices out there- with a boom of online and offline retailers that can make even the most savvy of shoppers’ head spin. Practical as far as this columnist is concerned is the new buzzword, so here’s a shortlist of gifts that are gender neutral and for any budget from frugal-yet thoughtful to splurge-and useful.


1)   A watch with attitude. Oversize, or a slightly bigger than what you’re used to timepiece with either a standout bezel or strap can make a stylish statement without going over the top. Dutch brand MAX makes a whole range of sporty to dressy designs that would look good worn solo (big enough to look like a bracelet) like the Aviator (P 12,900) for a woman, or prepping up a day outfit with its brown leather strap and its 52mm steel bezel. For a more classic look with a slight twist (think, chunky time telling hands and numbers on a 42mm steel bezel) the Phantom in black or white (P 10,500) will be happily received by that special someone you’d gladly invest your time (and budget) on.  MAX Watches available at Bratpack, Aloha Boardsports and Check out



2)   Look cool while keeping warm. Designer Rhett Eala has designed a number of chic cover-ups with delightful details that can easily be worn by a man or woman. Reasonably priced, from less than a thousand pesos to about three thousand, these are travel-friendly hoodies and jumpers that you can be tossed on or into your carry-on. Unisex-friendly, they come in a variety of sizes from XS to XL so you may even think of dressing your entire clan up for the ubiquitous family photo/Christmas card. Available at Nest, 40 Jupiter Street Bel Air 3, Makati. Tel nos. (02) 818-8811 and (02) 403-3062


3)   No borders. For that avid traveler in your life, a lightweight and leather passport holder that can bear his or her initials (or even full-name) is an ideal gift to keep important documents within easy reach. S.C. Vizcarra creates several models in different kinds of natural leather, colors and sizes starting at a very reasonable P 500 each.  For more information visit or e-mail: Tel. no (02) 854-67


4)   The nose knows. Cadentia Nature Eau de Colognes are made in France and are perfect for an everyday refreshing scent-sational feeling. Not overpowering, with four variants (although the Naturelle and Intense are the most gender-neutral) they come in two sizes 250 ml (p 245) and 500 ml (P 345) If you’ve still got a kris kringle party to go to and have not found out who your “baby” is, then this could be your best gift bet. Cadentia colognes available at Rustan’s Supermarket, and online at

5)   Donate Nation. Really tight on budget this holiday season? Or perhaps the thought of shopping for something material not a palatable thought? There are many, many charitable organizations out there still accepting volunteers, goods (whether freshly bought or pre-owned) as well as making Christmas cards or token gifts that can be purchased with proceeds going to a certain cause. There is always a good reason to get down and get generous, and it’s not always based on the money you can dole out. Sometimes quality time with the people you love, or people who need some love is the best gift of all this year.

So, how are you going to play Santa this 2013?

Good causes

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 21, 2010 at 3:09 pm

I wanted to share with everyone some of the wonderful items that were donated by The Angel Brigade in order to raise funds for their volunteer projects, programs-including education and the building of a livelihood center. Would like to invite everyone to come bid on any or all of these items. They can be seen at the South Court (in front of Zara) part of the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell from Sept 20-16. Be an angel to someone else!

Painless thermage

This is a facial treatment that is one of the most coveted because it does an almost instant refirming of the skin. Celebrites have also used it on their body to great effect. The old version used to require one taking a sedative or a pain killer, this one does not. Plus one session is all you need and the effects have been known to last for about 3 years, talk about a good, no, a great investment. The cost is about 135-140k but starting bid is at 40k. You can do your research, I think it’s known universally as Thermage NXT-remember it’s the painless version of the well-known non-invasive Thermage treatment!

Custom made long gown

Fashion Design Council of the Philippines board member and award winning designer Tippi Ocampo bring her stylish genius to the forefront by offering to make a custom made gown for the timeless fashionista. The gown pictured is just an example of her work, of course she will tailor make it to your body and taste. Ocampo is a columnist for Metro Magazine and is a fixed figure in Manila’s stylish set. Check our her website as well to see what she can do for you and bid, bid, bid!

Beautiful items for your home

Old Asia is known for it’s fine home accessories and Cereo candles make delicious smelling and long lasting candles that will lit up any room in your house. This Old Asia Kwan Yin statue is symbolic of peace and divine love and a celebration of the female energy and is akin to a protective talisman in your residence or office.

Cereo candles are a delight to look at and do cast a mouthwater chocolate fragrance when lit. A great 2 for 1 deal that will add a tasteful touch to your surroundings!

Watch yourself

If you want a one of a kind gift for the lady in your life, even if it is you, then this elegant watch would be a great wrist buddy for sure. Charriol is known for its timeless timepieces that can be worn day or night. This can spark up a casual outfit or be a glittering accent to a more formal one.

Rare selenite cluster

I love crystals and selenite is definitely among my must-haves. This is an incredibly rare cluster of golden selenite-which brings about cleaning, healing and because of the golden color, abundance. Perfect for a bedroom, a large living space where a lot of people congregate (like your living room, den, or even entrance to your home) of your office. It acts like a filter for those who enter, cleans another crystals and can help one relax and let go of stress. Again, the golden color adds on to the already beneficial qualities of selenite by attracting prosperity and abundance. The Angel Brigade volunteer who donated this is a true collector so this is a very high quality item.

Professional photo portrait

Pat Dy is one of my favorite fashion and beauty photographers. You may have seen his work in magazines like Metro, Preview and Mega. He lends this same magazine aesthetic to his private portraits and wedding pictures. He is auctioning off 3 hours with him and his creative team to create a once in a lifetime solo pic or, a couple pic. Great for a prenuptial portrait or to commemorate a birthday or an anniversary. You can see more of his work on his website:

Accessory Labs you!

Watermelon tourmaline earrings are set in 14k gold to provide some gem-loving to your face. These crystals are wonderful for love and for an overall feeling of prettiness and even offer protection from negativity. Having this combination of crystals and their components is another rare occurrence and is a great pair to wear on a daily basis or when you travel. I am a fan of Accessory Lab because one of its owners is also a crystal aficionado so when she puts together something it’s with healing in mind and with the end goal of giving a long-term effect of positivity on the wearer of her pieces.

Custom made sofa from Nest

I would highly recommend this custom made sofa from NEST. They can make it in black, but I believe if you really want it in another color they would be open to doing that as well. I have been to their store and they really do have some fine pieces and are very quality and quantity conscious so don’t be afraid that you are going to find this piece of work in a mass produced sense. I had several newly married friends eyeing this, I hope one of them gets it so I will have the chance to sit on it when I come to visit!

Beautiful skin with Cosmelan

Dermatologist to today’s beauties, Dra. Aivee Teo put up two services for auction. The first, the painless thermage and now this, the Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment. This is another treatment that can be done once, and you don’t have to do it over and over again like other whitening, illuminating, skin-evening treatments. I’ve tried this one myself and I can guarantee it’s painless and it’s very effective since I did have some uneveness in my skin since I’m always outdoors and forget to put sunblock. Best to try this, at least once in your life to remove past sun damage as well, and blemishes you may have gotten from acne, chicken pox or any other skin ailment before. You can also check out for more details on Thermage NXT and Cosmelan.

There are about 20 items in total up for grabs. These are just a few of them, I will post more tomorrow. I do encourage everyone to take a look at The Angel Brigade’s Gratitude Drive in Rockwell. You may not need any of these services or items right now but I’m sure you can think of someone to gift them with. Also, there are many people in need and ALL the proceeds of the auction go to The Malabon Project of Angel Brigade which is in partnership with Escuela Taller Intramuros and World Vision.