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When feeding the soul also means feeding the body

In Philippine Star Column on February 11, 2011 at 5:37 am

Ice Cream Pizza-a sweet, colorful delight

I heart ice cream. I really do. It’s my dessert indulgence of choice. The cravings can get so bad that on a hormonally challenged day, I can actually eat a pint of my favorite flavor for breakfast. No joke. It’s also gotten me through heartbreak, a career flop, and basically a really bad TV show. I used to keep my favorite flavor (which thankfully I cannot find on our shores) in the freezer when I lived abroad, and sometimes nothing else. We all need our comfort food, our coping mechanisms, just a lovely pick-me-up before we stride on with the rest of our lives. The Ice Cream Bar (TICB) in the Joya Towers in Rockwell is reminiscent of the old ice cream parlors I used to haunt when I was a kid. Imagine this: a whole space just dedicated to serving you ice cream, all kinds of flavors and toppings, and you could just sit down and eat to your heart’s content.  Summer is the best time to go for an icy treat, but I still look for it when it is cold. Call me weird, but just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean ice cream wouldn’t soothe me on the inside.

For those who are trying to watch their weight, TICB also has a full offering of 98 percent fat-free yogurt. You can put fruity toppings (my favorite is the antioxidant mix that has blueberries, strawberries and kiwi) or, if you’re going for texture, cereal and graham crackers for some crunch. The combinations are quite varied, but on a really spoil-me kind of day, I go for the real deal: ice cream and a whole load of sin on top. What I recently discovered (to my diet’s demise) was the comfort food also served at TICB. One day, after a rather disastrous day at the mall, I decided to meet up with some of my girlfriends for a little girl power, and I thought, what better wayto get together than over dessert?

Hot meals are also on offer

As I sat down waiting, I was handed a menu and was told that there had been new additions in the hot food area. I decided to treat myself to some pesto cheese sticks while waiting. When my friends arrived, we realized we were all hungry so we ordered some fish and chips (which were crunchy and moist at the same time, perfection) and I ordered some macho nachos as our “kwentos” to each other extended and extended. Dessert was next, and since we had already eaten up a storm, we decided to share the Loco Lava, a flourless chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Loco for Choco!

Looking for a special place to celebrate the upcoming V-day? There are good things to be shared over here. There’s even a Lover’s Delight dessert, which is a heart-shaped ice cream cake with fruit toppings, very delicious. If it’s a family V-day affair (hey, all families could do with some romance), then take them there so the parents can indulge their inner kid, and, well, their kids.

It is not often that you can find (nowadays) a stand-alone restaurant that also serves good dessert.  If you shy away from crowded malls, finding a place that gives you peace and brings you some very happy childhood memories makes you feel young and, well, at least for a couple of hours, totally free to be able to sit down far from the madding (mall) crowd, choose from a variety of hot pica-pica type fare (or a full meal) and still have space for whatever your sweet tooth craves after. We should all have places we can go to to unwind while the daily grind continues to, well, grind outside. In my case, it’s a place where I can read and work on my computer while savoring a good, hot meal and then later on, if I choose, a colorful sweet treat. My sacred space may be a foodie space but it serves its purpose, gives me comfort and nourishes me on many levels. Soul food comes in many forms, and is sometimes best when consumed using utensils.

Heart(y) food and desserts!

* * *

The Ice Cream Bar is located at Ground Level, Joya Tower Joya Drive (beside Power Plant Mall), Rockwell Center), Rockwell Makati,  Tel no (63 2) 403-0891

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Dessert Storm

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 11, 2010 at 2:00 am

I love dessert, and I don’t know many people who can resist something sweet at the end of a good meal, or even at the end of a bad meal to make up for their dissatisfaction! A good friend has been given the seemingly angel-given skill of baking up a literal dessert storm. Roshan Samtani has found a secret recipe in baking with love and joy. No recipes needed, which is almost impossible considering baking is such an exact and precise process.

As I am not a food writer, I will leave the photos to explain themselves. Oh, and a website so anyone can order and enjoy an incredibly sweet weekend!

Nothing old fashioned about a chocolate cake!

Chocolate lovers will not be disappointed by this “old-fashioned” chocolate cake. It is as moist as it looks and not overpoweringly sweet.

Samtani’s discovery of her dessert skills stemmed from a process of healing. It was therapeutic, it was needed and it was borne out of a love of self that extended into a product that could be enjoyed by all. She first started supplying her wares to a group of volunteers, who were deeply grateful for the sweet treats, further encouraged her to keep on baking and experimenting.

She was humble enough to listen to suggestions on what to try and she would go back into (at the time) personal kitchen and experiment. Whatever she churned out, was lapped up, delicious, every single time. It was almost a commitment to her that her weekly dessert deliveries would get the seal of approval of her volunteer friends. And slowly, a homemade dessert empire came to life.

Ghirardelli chocolate chip and Nutella chocolate chip cookies.

Cookie monsters are not going to be disappointed by these choc chip cookies. I’ve been fortunate enough to try them in white, dark and milk chocolate. For her birthday she even gave them out as thank you gifts, my family gobbled them up within the hour.

Cheesecake, in a brownie!

These cheescake brownies are Samtani’s newest creation. I again was happily blessed with an initial sample. I love cheese, in any shape or form and cheesecake when done properly can be the ultimate sweet reward, now, combined with chocolate in a “handheld” form and you’ve got another reason to sin, and sin again. But certainly worth it, and at least with a box of these you can share the sin!

Lemon Torte love

Now isn’t that an amazing looking cake? If you’re not a chocolate lover then this would be something marvelous to sink your teeth into, and it’s light enough to have more than one slice . But if cake is not your thing and you want to bring some happiness into your life (or add on to it) you can have this cake in:

Ice cream form!

Ice creamy lemon tarte!

What more can a dessert-er ask for? Cakes, cookies, ice cream-so there are no excuses! Seriously, when it comes to dessert, why make any?

The lesson (yes there is one) here for me is that when we put in loving, positive energy into our actions, the results are always tantamount to wonderful, not just for ourselves but for those who share in the product of these loving efforts. I read in a book about soul mates and twin flames that there was a couple in a remote town of France who just made bread. They were bakers too, and they had such a harmonious relationship that their goods were sold out every day. The town though, aside from having delicious baked bread everyday, was one of harmony and peace. There were rarely any disputes, and natural calamities, or even accidents such as fires, car crashes etc. It seemed that the entire town was covered in a bubble of peace. Call me crazy but what you put in, is also what you put out. Good vibes go into Samtani’s wares, so spread the love, through chocolate, cheesecake, lemon torte, bananapie, biscotti…you get my drift. If you want to drool on and on, check out her website:

Homemade by Roshan

Homemade is apt as this baking wonderwoman gets to spend time with her family and continues to heal herself through her dessert creations. For your next get-together, grab a cake or a pint of ice cream (or both) and see what oohs and ahhs you will elicit. Gratitude will resound all around. How sweet life is indeed with a little help from the oven! 😀