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Smooch-ify your lips with this buttery balm!

In Living a Life Off-Center on January 18, 2012 at 7:14 am

Lip-locked and loaded

Dry lips, chapped lips, flakey lips is nobody’s idea of sexy. With bi-polar weather, extreme indoor and outdoor conditions due to arctic temperature controlled a/c’s to sweltering humidity, all contribute to the state of your pucker so lip balm I find to be a mainstay in anyone’s grooming or vanity kit. Yes, men, you are not exempt from this rule, a six pack will not make up for a shedding lip (shiver).

Two good friends of mine were bazaar regulars during the Holidays and came upon this natural lip balm. Their testimonials to me were very convincing “It feels so good, not oily or ‘heavy!” said one, who was a former beauty editor of one of the country’s most read lifestyle magazines. The other, a former editor-in-chief of a wedding magazine remarked on how pink her lips became after regular use. I was sold. I’m always on the lookout for lipbalm since I travel so much and I’m always in and out establishments that I sometimes feel are doubling up as meat lockers.

I searched high and low for this charmingly named Smooch Lip Detox by V&M Naturals, but since I had given most of the Christmas and weekend bazaars a miss, it was proving an impossible find. I asked my two girlfriends to help in the search and they surprised me with an early 2012 gift of the lip balm! I was so excited to try it I actually unscrewed the cap and applied it right away. The immediate effect was a minty, cool feel on my lips. It was also not sticky and runny and I appreciated the fact that it came with a SPF of 15 and was marked “proven hypoallergenic”. It’s been almost a month now of regular use and I can safely say I can’t wait to use it when I have the chance. It’s almost like a beauty crutch and I try to apply it 5-10 mins before putting on my usual lipstick. I also apply it right before going to bed and have noticed less lip “lines” and a smoother texture.

Now, if only to be able to find a new tube when this one runs out! There is a website listed but last time I clicked on it, it was still under construction. If any of you have any leads, I would surely appreciate it!

May you have smooch-ready lips at all times, especially as Valentine’s is just around the corner. 😀

Just found a lean to V&M Naturals a FB page: in case any of you are interested!