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A Tale of Two Treatments

In Philippine Star Column on December 9, 2011 at 2:47 am

Soothe away the season with a Baborganic Scrub and massage

Hit by the ‘Holidaze’ (if it were ever written) would certainly be my theme song as we move towards the end of 2012. November found my sched spinning a bit out of control with early shopping requirements, early Christmas parties (yes, really) and balikbayan friend who wanted to come home, yes, early, to celebrate the Yuletide. At some point, even with regular exercise and a more (sometimes less) healthy diet, I felt on the verge of near collapse. Late nights out resulted in interrupted sleep and all I could think of was having a little time to myself to rejuvenate. A massage seemed to be on the menu so I called up Neo Spa in Fort Bonifacio to see what they had that was new. I have nothing against at-home massages, I just feel going into a spa allows the “disconnect” you need from the daily grind. A Saturday slot was open for me to try the Baborganic Snowflakes and Candletouch Ritual for 90 minutes, which included a mild body scrub and a massage using the warm wax from a Baborganic wellness candle followed by deeper pressure involving quartz crystal wands. The scrub was indeed quite gentle and soothing and when the wax from the candle was then dripped on me and rubbed into my skin I fell asleep within minutes. Later on, I felt the quartz candles being pressed on pressure points on my body, unblocking trapped energy (caused by stress and lack of sleep) giving me improved energy flow. I think I fell asleep again, and when I went home later that evening I had my first uninterrupted slumber for the week. The treatment I later found out was called such because it used Babor Organic products, which contain natural extracts of certified organic ingredients. This means there are no synthetic colorants, perfume substances, animal raw materials, petroleum-based ingredients and irradiated raw materials. I shy away from strong scents — which is the biggest turnoff for me at any spa — so maybe this is why I was able to sleep without sneezing. Also the next day, I found my skin to be rather soft and supple and my face look “fresher” and more relaxed. As party season preps up, I look to this scrub-and-rub session as a good way to grab some extra zzzz’s.

Better than candy cane: Improve circulation and reduce the holiday bloat with Toning Bamboo Revival, a silhouette-targeted treatment at The Spa.

Hours of high heels, heavy shopping bags plus meals on the go (mainly involving fast-food fare) are necessary evils one goes through during the Christmas (c)rush resulting in less energy and a rather achy body. I found myself close to exhaustion after a harried morning in High Street, Fort Bonifacio and checked myself into The Spa. The treatment of choice, The Toning Bamboo Revival, was part slimming and part invigorating, perfect for me since it was still mid-day and I still had the rest of the afternoon plus evening obligations to attend to. My 90-minute escape would involve a scrub, a wrap and a massage using bamboo canes and Spanish brand, Selvert Thermal products. In the villa that was provided I treated myself to a steam and a few more minutes decompressing in the Jacuzzi and silently hoped that time would stop and let me enjoy this quiet for as long as possible. The scrub was done in a strong, circulatory manner that initially kneaded out the tightened muscles and joints, especially on my overworked calves. Anti-cellulite cream combined with Spice Powder was further rubbed into my skin to help reduce bloating and to improve my circulation. After the scrub I was wrapped to further absorb the creams and moisturizers for about ten minutes. What followed next was the masseuse working on me with bamboo canes of different densities. I felt like pizza dough, with her rolling the canes over my body, in longish strokes. My shoulders and neck were the main focus as they felt so stiff, I could barely turn my head all the way to the right. I could feel the familiar “pop” of muscles loosening and even if I didn’t fall asleep I knew my body was getting the recharge it needed because of the intensity of the massage.

When I was done, I continued on with a meeting, a dinner and a movie premiere, and survived, with head-turning function back to normal! The best part of this was, the next morning, my skinny jeans fit better. It may have been the combination of everything I did in that villa, but no complaints, I got the boost and the de-bloating that I desired.

Whether it is to soothe and sleep or slim down and step out, a scrub and a massage is a definite “love yourself” way to self-gift, whether it’s Christmas or not.

* * *

Baborganic Snowflakes and Candletouch Ritual, around P2,950, Neo Spa. For more info, e-mail or call 815-8233, 815-6948 or 0921-4779999.

Toning Bamboo Revival, P1,900 (regular room) or P2,600 for a private suite or villa, The Spa. Visit to find out which branches offer this treatment or call 856-5858 or 856-6868 (Fort Branch).

All-natural detox in a pill

In Living a Life Off-Center on October 24, 2010 at 6:39 am

A good friend of mine, Dr. Jason Penaranda has been making waves with his product called J-Caps. This is something I’ve promised I was going to try to get ready for the gluttony of the Christmas season. As I’m going abroad for about 2 weeks I thought I’d defer and try them once I returned.

In the meantime, you may be interested in what J-Caps is all about, feel free to try them out for yourself and I welcome any and all feedback!

A better (not bitter) pill!

Dr. Jason Peñaranda’s J Caps® is an all-natural herbal detoxification supplement. It was originally formulated as a response to demands for a natural supplement to help manage weight. Weight management is complex and involves a lot of factors – diet, metabolism, physical activities, stress, lifestyle, etc. In natural medicine, the approach is always holistic so these factors need to be addressed. 

Fat accumulation is the most obvious thing that needs to be addressed. The liver is the main organ that regulates metabolism of fat (and most everything else). Unfortunately, the liver is also the most abused internal organ since it has to deal with all the toxins that enter our body from processed food, synthetic drugs, pollution, etc. Eventually, liver function is compromised, fat metabolism is hampered, and fat accumulation begins. To manage weight effectively, an efficiently functioning liver is required. This is the missing key in most weight management programs.

Other important factors include nutrition and digestion, fluid balance (regulated by the kidneys), circulation (blood vessels and lymphatics), exercise, stress, and sleep.

For effective weight management, all these factors need to be addressed. This is the thought in mind when J Caps was formulated. The formulation has to cleanse and rejuvenate the liver. It has to aid digestion and elimination, support the filtering and fluid regulating capacity of the kidneys, purify the blood, improve the circulation, unclog the lymphatic vessels, help manage stress, and help raise metabolism. Fortunately for us, a lot of local herbs and spices with the properties we need are available locally. By combining these healing herbs in a capsule form, the J Caps was born.

While it was made primarily to manage weight, it is mainly a detox formulation. As such, it can help resolve a lot of health concerns by cleaning up the toxins in the different organ systems and thus create an environment that is closer to the ideal for the body to “reboot” itself.

Although it is a natural supplement, not taking any supplement is still the most natural way. Diet, exercise, adequate rest, stress management, and healthy lifestyle are still the most natural and most effective ways to detoxify, manage weight, and maintain health and well-being. But since most of us are not there yet, we can use a little help through supplements.


You may get in touch with us through 0916-6858108 or (02) 2279369 during office hours. For other inquiries, you may post your concerns at our Discussion Board, or email us at

Flower power can help you bloom inside and out

In Philippine Star Column on September 16, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Several years ago I was in the market for something that would give me regular sleep and just calm me during certain work-related anxieties. I was definitely not looking for prescription medicine and I certainly wasn’t about to go to a shrink for answers. Yoga at that time helped, of course, but it wasn’t as if I could just do a sun salutation series on the office floor or in between meetings, I needed something a little more convenient and safe. An aunt turned me on to her “hobby,” which was Bach Flower Essences or remedies.  She explained to me that this was a homeopathic solution that was beneficial for everyone  and then she pulled out about three boxes of small bottles. Each bottle was labeled with the name of a flower or plant, some of which I had never heard of, like Agrimony, which is supposed to help someone be more truthful about their worries and emotions.  These floral remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) who was born in the UK and practiced Western medicinefor over 20 years until his interest in immunology propelled him to find a more natural way to prevent disease. Bach believed that illness was the result of disharmony between body and mind — an external expression of one’s emotional negative state. He made up his mind to work on his own “cures,” leaving his lucrative London practice to work in Wales and the English countryside.  It was here that he could fully concentrate on finding a new system of healing using plants and flowers. During the spring and summer months he prepared new herbal remedies and in winter he treated patients for free.

Make your own liquid bouquet!

Unlike essential oils that are normally used for aromatherapy (massages, oil burners), Bach Flower remedies are turned into elixirs that you can actually drink. They are mixed with spring water or fresh water (there is a measurement) and you are recommended to take a couple of drops a day, depending on what your requirement is. Dr. Bach came up with 38 essences and later on divided a person’s ailments into seven types, namely fear, uncertainty, lack of interest in the present (perhaps a more formal way of saying ADD or spaced-out), loneliness, over-sensitive to influence and ideas (read: drama queen), despair or despondency, and over-care for the welfare of others (I think this is a nice way of saying mind your own business!). The process of getting your Bach Flower remedy is quite fun, especially since you’re not necessarily limited to one “essence”; you can actually mix and match and come up with your own liquid bouquet.  The first way, or more traditional way, is to choose according to your need from the seven that were indicated above. For example, if it’s loneliness then you can have a nice little mix of Water Violet, which will help you in your relationships with other people, plus a little Heather for those days when you are by yourself for long periods of time.  Bit of a control freak? Then stir up a concoction of  Beech (helps you to become less critical of others) and Vine (respect other people’s ideas and views). Of course, the elixir is more potent when just one is used, but if you are unsure of what it is exactly that ails you, a nice little mix is always helpful. A tip, if you’re not sure, then make an elixir for uncertainty out of Ceranto that claims to help you trust your own judgment in decision making.

The second way, which is what my aunt advised me to do as she laid all the bottles in front of me, was to choose intuitively, in other words, choose by “feeling” what was right for me. I selected two on the basis that they sounded like flowers I would like visually (or the smell of), like wild rose and honeysuckle. Ironically when I was made to read up on them (as my aunt prepared the mix) it did resonate with my experience at the time. Both flower essences were categorized under “insufficient interest in the present moment,” the wild rose was for taking responsibility of your own life, and the honey suckle for letting go of the past — in short, to keep me grounded in the present moment, in the now so to speak and to stop worrying. At that time I was at a crossroads in my career, and I was subconsciously looking for a way to deal with it rather as I was already functioning on a rather apathetic auto-pilot state. In the following weeks I obediently took the elixir every time I felt worried and anxious, especially when I returned home from work. The most immediate effect was that I slept better at night, and the long-term effect was I eventually made the decision to leave my job. Within a month, I was happily surprised by a job offer — one that was certainly nowhere near my expectations at the time. I’m not saying that Bach Flowers are a magic potion and cureall for everything, but in my case, the soothing of my state of mind certainly didn’t hurt, and my change in my overall state probably allowed more beneficial experiences to come in.

* * *

For more information on how to have a Bach Flower Remedy Session in the Philippines contact Tina at 0928-5050202