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Cleansing your system of toxins and bad habits: The Master Cleanse

In Philippine Star Column on August 8, 2013 at 11:45 pm
Soup opera: Break your fast with vegetable soups that are packed with goodness.

There is probably nothing more musical to one’s ears than the words “You look great! You’re so payat!” For most of us weight-obsessed individuals, the battle of the bulge takes up much of our daily conversations with friends, family and even total strangers. Have you ever gotten the “Hey! Have you lost/gained weight?” in place of a simple “How are you?” Our foreign visitors often have to be briefed that the mention of their current state of, well, body mass index is as normal as talking about the weather and they should not take offense. No matter what time of year it is in our country, thin is always in. I still remember those (including myself) who go on one ridiculous regimen after the other in the months leading up to Christmas because, we all know, even an Olympian will not be able to resist the temptations laid before him on a noche buena spread.

I can safely say I’ve been on both crazy to not-so-crazy diets, ones with ridiculous anagram meanings, to ones that were healthy, but needed medical supervision in order to do it without going stir-crazy. I had come to a part of my life wherein I was just plain old tired of yoyo-ing from one dress size to another. Not to mention that drastic dieting does take its toll on your skin and well-being. Sure, you can lose a dramatic amount of weight if you want to in a very short period of time, but if you didn’t change anything else about you (say, your attitude towards food and/or stress) you’ll just binge your way back to overweight glory in no time. Looking at the mirror and wondering where the skinniness of my youth went was not the best way to start or end the day.

It was early in this year that I made the conscious decision to pay equal focus to both my mind and my body. So I enrolled in yoga teacher training and for that whole month, I went vegetarian. Thirty days of intense yoga plus lighter fare started to make a difference in my overall well-being. Since some yoga poses require you to carry your own body weight, a shrinking body mass helps your practice dramatically. That month I must have dropped almost 10 pounds and was feeling strong and more aware of my body, so I then decided to do a detox, choosing Stanley Burrough’s Master Cleanse. A caveat: I am not in any capacity a nutritionist, but I have learned to do my due diligence before starting something new. The Master Cleanse, known more popularly as “The Lemonade Diet,” works on the premise of cleaning out your system completely and providing a brand new spanking “you” inside, after a minimum 10-day rest period from all the food and beverage that you may be addicted to. If you think you aren’t addicted, see how long you can go without sweets, coffee or even processed foods such as white rice or cheese.

This cleanse asks you to rid yourself of your bad food habits by committing to only drinking a concoction of organic lemons, water, cayenne pepper and grade B maple syrup, combining it with light to no exercise, and rest. Going into the diet, you have to start to wean yourself off of meats, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods, etc., so that by day one you can go through your day with a thermos or two filled with liquid gold. This detox is not for the fainthearted. You have to commit and realize that a majority of your eating habits (the bad ones) are due to your emotional attachment to food, drink and even the social relationships you associate with eating. The first two days are relatively easy; pride is what can carry you through the first 48 hours, plus by the second day you may already lose two pounds, which feels pretty good. It’s Day 3 that is the biggest hurdle (at least in my case). Much like a drug addict or alcoholic goes through withdrawal symptoms, I got a headache and the sweats (others got stomachaches or feverish symptoms) and you feel like you need a food “hit.” You just have to keep drinking the lemonade blend and even more water and, if you find yourself constipated, an herbal laxative tea.

Days 4-6 is when it begins to dawn on you how little you need food, or at the very least, how much food and drink you over-indulge in, because you are now feeling more alert and strong considering it’s been days since your last swallow of solid food. Days 7-8 are also challenging because you may start to argue with yourself, and say things like “I’m more than halfway done, I can quit now.” Or “I’ve already lost almost 10 pounds, I can stop this!” You can lose about 1-2 pounds a day on a Master Cleanse,” but bear in mind that 60 percent of what you lose is water weight. By Day 9-10 you are feeling stronger than ever, lighter, and if you have had problems sleeping, you will find that you don’t need to sleep as often or as long and still feel energized. Not to mention your skin and eyes are brighter than they’ve ever been. If 10 days is your maximum, then start to wean yourself back to the non-liquid intake slowly. I would highly recommend the super food smoothies of Edgy Veggy ( or the slow-cooked vegetable soups of Real Girl Toy Kitchen (www.realgirltoykitchen) to help you break your fast over Days 11-13.

Everyone’s experience with The Master Cleanse is different, so let me just share mine. I lost about 11 pounds during the time period and gained back four. But, since my appetite and stomach had decreased in size, I was no longer as hungry as I used to be, and my metabolism had also increased and hasn’t decreased since the fast. I am at my lightest weight now, having lost an additional 15 pounds since going off the fast in May and I’ve dropped three dress sizes. A detox is for an overall rehaul that can result in not only cleansing one’s body but kicking dependence on food to make one feel good. Check out to see if this is the detox for you.

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SOUL TRAIN By Katrina H. Holigores (The Philippine Star) | Updated August 9, 2013 – 12:00am

Flush out the bad (from your body)

In Philippine Star Column on January 21, 2011 at 12:18 am

How to lose toxins and even a little weight overnight (literally)

Flush now 🙂

The holidays may be over but (at least for me) the indulging hasn’t stopped. Whether it be rich leftovers from Christmas past, or the endless eating with balikbayan friends or family home for the holidays, your digestive system is probably working harder than all of Santa’s elves put together. What is your ceiling for overeating? Mine is clothes that no longer fit, and loss of energy. If you’ve wanted to sleep all day, would rather throw on a muumuu or a house robe instead of stepping into the sunlight in your usual eye-catching ensemble than you may be in need of an internal overhaul. I decided it was time for me to go through a flush, one that would help clean out my gall bladder, liver and colon.

Dr. Jason Penaranda who I know socially had already been written about for his revolutionary “diet” pills called J Caps. The pills made of herbal ingredients such as turmeric were being touted as the newest weight loss wonder on the market. For me the pills represented a digestive enzyme, aiding the body in processing what you put in it and Penaranda did tell me for low-impact but long term efficacy the J Cape (taken twice a day) would be a good jump-off point for me to get myself “clean” but if I wanted something more dramatic then I should try his two-day flush.

Two days is a bit of an overstatement because the actual down time is just 14 hours but you have to prepare your body in at least the night and morning before the process.  I was given a “kit” which consisted of three sachets, two filled with herbs and epsom salts which I could mix in the tumbler provided with fresh pineapple or apple juice and another sachet filled with oil and lime that I could also mix in the tumbler with the grapefruit that was also part of the kit. I decided to also get 90 capsules of J Caps that I could take simultaneously which could act as maintenance after my cleanse.

The herbs and epsom salt in Sachet 1 and 3 were to cleanse and purify the system. I have taken pure epsom salt with water in a more dramatic fashion and I have to tell you the taste is far, far from pleasant. I was relieved that I could actually mix it with fresh juice to mask the taste. I decided to start on a Sunday ( the most chill day of the week for me) and cleared my social sked so I wouldn’t be tempted to go out or have unneccessary activity and stress. It is best to take a day and a half out because on the day of the fast, after 2 p. m. you are not allowed to ingest any solids or liquids apart from what is in the kit. Believe me, it’s not the hunger that gets you throughout the cleanse, but the thirst. This is why it is best to just spend a day at home and limit your movements so that you don’t get thirsty, it’s also a good idea to have lots of liquids, water, tea, soups, juices before you begin at 2 p. m. because this will lessen your thirst or any cravings later on.  Oh, and another note, you are going to need a bathroom. A lot.

Penaranda says that this flush works on several major organs that are essential to weight loss, fitness and great health. The liver for example, is one of the strongest “soldiers”in metabolizing fats, if you clean it out and give it a rest you will definitely see and feel a remarkable change in your overall well-being. The gall bladder and colon of course are not to be taken for granted, the oil sachet specifically lines up your stomach and helps flush out even more of the “crap” that has been stuck in your colon since you’ve started ingesting solid food. May be too graphic to go into too much detail but suffice to say you will soon be looking at years of bad eating and bad habits before you flush (your toilet) . Penaranda started his quest for balance between his Western medicine training and Eastern beliefs when he suffered from chronic headaches and allergies. Ever since he switched to a healthier regimen (not deprivation, but eating with awareness) and doing a flush three to four times a year he has healed himself of both ailments that had long been repressed by medication but not necessarily alleviated in the long term.

My flush, I have to admit, was easier than I expected although I did make the mistake of going out to the mall for a quick errand after 2 p. m. and was plagued by thirst by 4 p. m. As the first sachet was still to be taken at 6 p. m. I texted Penaranda and was advised to just suck on an ice cube in the meantime. It worked and the rest of my cleanse went smoothly. I slept like a baby that night, a deep restful sleep and after my final morning bathroom “run” I had lost about two pounds. I felt lighter and even my workmates remarked at how my skin had developed a glow almost overnight.

Feels right to flush, take this weekend out to do it, it’s never too early to get clean.

* * *

For more information on J Caps and the Fourteen Hour Flush contact  (0916) 685-8108 or (02) 227-9369 e-mail: or visit


SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated January 21, 2011

More on the all-natural detox pill

In Living a Life Off-Center on October 26, 2010 at 12:41 am

Again, I am reposting, as I am sorely tempted to try this when I get back from a gluttony rich trip in Europe!

If anyone can post some feedback I’d super appreciate it! Dr. Jason Penaranda is a lightworker in every sense, and I am pretty confident that he has put a lot of love and positive energy into his product.

I’ve also attached an article on his JCaps that came out in my former magazine, Metro.

Written below is something I’m reposting from his Facebook page:

Dr. Jason Peñaranda’s Digestive Cleansing is a 2-day detoxification that cleanses the liver, gallbladder, small intestines, and colon. The procedure is actually just 14 hours but there is a diet and fasting preparation and runs to the toilet after.


This method is a modification of Dr Hulda Clark’s (1929-2009) Gallstone and Liver Flush. In Manila, similar procedures are being offered in wellness centers and some hotels where you will be booked overnight. The procedure will be administered to you and you will be pampered with a lot of other things. Depending on where you do it and the type of your accommodation, you will be charged anywhere from Php 8,000 to Php 30,000 or higher. If you feel that you need to be assisted personally while doing it, it is advisable that you go to those places where it is done.


However, not all of our patients can set aside 2 days to be confined in a center or part readily with their hard-earned money for this procedure. To address this issue, we prepared all the materials for the cleansing in a kit. The formulation is enhanced with local herbs to make it more effective and cover even the small intestines and the colon. We then teach our patients how the procedure is done, which they can do conveniently at their homes and at their own time. We also provide a hotline they can call while undergoing the procedure. If you can follow instructions with minimal supervision, you can have a do-it-yourself digestive cleansing for a small fraction of the usual cost.




The Digestive Cleansing is a high-impact, short-term detoxification method. It removes a big bulk of the toxins in the liver, gallbladder, small intestines, and colon, in a short period of time. It basically jumpstarts the detoxification so you begin the cleansing process faster and start the momentum easier.


For General Health. Nutrition is one of the major factors affecting health and well-being and is dependent on an efficient digestive system.  Doing the Digestive Cleansing helps “tune-up” the digestive system to digest and absorb nutrients from food better, allowing you to maximize the benefits of the food that you eat.


For Weight Loss. The liver is the main organ that metabolizes fats. Unfortunately, the liver is also the most abused internal organ since most of the toxins that enter our body end up in the liver first.  Liver functions eventually get compromised. By cleansing it, the liver gets to metabolize fats better and weight loss exercises become more effective.


For Other Illnesses. The accumulation of toxins in the body is a major contribution to the generation of a lot of our health problems. By cleansing the digestive system and the the whole body, you are providing your body with an internal environment that it needs in order to bring you back to your ideal healthy state. Common conditions that have been noted to improve after doing the Digestive Cleansing include allergies, asthma, irregular bowel movement, irregular sleeping patterns, elevated cholesterol, abnormal liver function tests, fatigue, and many more.




The Digestive Cleansing starts on Day 1 with an all-plant-based diet. You will have lots of fruits and/or vegetables which are either taken whole, as juices, smoothies, or soup. You will also take a lot of water. Any food from animal sources is not allowed. You will also refrain from having oil, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. You can still go out and do your regular activities while at this stage as long as you follow the diet restrictions.


Fasting starts at 2pm. At this period, you will not take any food or water. This is the time that you should just be resting at home so you won’t easily get thirsty or hungry.


From 6pm to 10pm, there will be a series of drinks that you will take (included in the kit). At this point, you might have several episodes of bowel movement.


On the morning of Day 2, there will be another series of drinks. It is also at this time that you experience a lot of bowel movements.


By lunch time, you’re done. You can go out if you need to but it is recommended that you just stay home and rest. Or just simply refrain from doing anything physically strenuous.


Depending on your toxic load, your ability to clear out toxins, and your compliance to the recommended diet and lifestyle modifications, the Digestive Cleansing is usually done once a month for 3-4 months. After that, the Digestive Cleansing may be done only as needed.

All-natural detox in a pill

In Living a Life Off-Center on October 24, 2010 at 6:39 am

A good friend of mine, Dr. Jason Penaranda has been making waves with his product called J-Caps. This is something I’ve promised I was going to try to get ready for the gluttony of the Christmas season. As I’m going abroad for about 2 weeks I thought I’d defer and try them once I returned.

In the meantime, you may be interested in what J-Caps is all about, feel free to try them out for yourself and I welcome any and all feedback!

A better (not bitter) pill!

Dr. Jason Peñaranda’s J Caps® is an all-natural herbal detoxification supplement. It was originally formulated as a response to demands for a natural supplement to help manage weight. Weight management is complex and involves a lot of factors – diet, metabolism, physical activities, stress, lifestyle, etc. In natural medicine, the approach is always holistic so these factors need to be addressed. 

Fat accumulation is the most obvious thing that needs to be addressed. The liver is the main organ that regulates metabolism of fat (and most everything else). Unfortunately, the liver is also the most abused internal organ since it has to deal with all the toxins that enter our body from processed food, synthetic drugs, pollution, etc. Eventually, liver function is compromised, fat metabolism is hampered, and fat accumulation begins. To manage weight effectively, an efficiently functioning liver is required. This is the missing key in most weight management programs.

Other important factors include nutrition and digestion, fluid balance (regulated by the kidneys), circulation (blood vessels and lymphatics), exercise, stress, and sleep.

For effective weight management, all these factors need to be addressed. This is the thought in mind when J Caps was formulated. The formulation has to cleanse and rejuvenate the liver. It has to aid digestion and elimination, support the filtering and fluid regulating capacity of the kidneys, purify the blood, improve the circulation, unclog the lymphatic vessels, help manage stress, and help raise metabolism. Fortunately for us, a lot of local herbs and spices with the properties we need are available locally. By combining these healing herbs in a capsule form, the J Caps was born.

While it was made primarily to manage weight, it is mainly a detox formulation. As such, it can help resolve a lot of health concerns by cleaning up the toxins in the different organ systems and thus create an environment that is closer to the ideal for the body to “reboot” itself.

Although it is a natural supplement, not taking any supplement is still the most natural way. Diet, exercise, adequate rest, stress management, and healthy lifestyle are still the most natural and most effective ways to detoxify, manage weight, and maintain health and well-being. But since most of us are not there yet, we can use a little help through supplements.


You may get in touch with us through 0916-6858108 or (02) 2279369 during office hours. For other inquiries, you may post your concerns at our Discussion Board, or email us at

Ready, set fast!

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You’ve all done it before: gone overboard, that is. Over-ate, over-drank, over-smoked, over-indulged — whatever it is you’ve overdone, your body becomes the receptacle of everything you plugged into your system over the weekend or over the course of your adult life. We’re all in the habit of giving ourselves a break, like a vacation from work, a spa day for our skin, etc., so why not give our digestive system a little time off as well? Common sense says you need to eat and drink for nourishment but the simple truth is a majority of the “stuff” we stuff ourselves with is far from healthy and we’ve been clogging up our system for years. It’s also now common knowledge that a bad diet can lead to all sorts of illnesses and ailments so, sadly, what tastes really, really good is probably really, really bad for you in the long run.

Get some good juju!

So, what to do when you feel like your body is slowing down? (The symptoms: sluggishness, lethargy, bad skin, insomnia , indigestion, chronic pains.) Go on a fast. A liquid fast, one that consists of nourishing your body with something that isn’t hard for it to process. I have tried several fasts in the past, like just a whole day of water and lemon or the Beyoncé-famous “Master Cleanser” or “Lemonade Diet” that takes a minimum of 10 days of drinking a special concoction of water , lemon, cayenne pepper to be effective, but which whittled down the singer/actress’s size for her role in Dream Girls.

There are, of course, friendlier versions for the first-time faster, and even for the “refresher” faster such as myself. I signed up for a one-day liquid fast via Juju Cleanse, which promised to deliver a whole day’s worth of freshly squeezed and blended organically grown fruits and vegetables, powered up with other ingredients rich in anti-oxidants such as Himalayan Crystal Salt and Honey. If you check out their website,, you will be welcomed by a very professional and information packed website. I decided to do the Level 1 cleanse for one whole day, choosing a quiet Sunday and basically closing my social calendar out to everyone and anything to avoid foodie temptation. The Level 1 cleanse as explained to me, was the mildest in terms of taste and intensity, incorporating more fruits (ergo sweeter) than vegetable juices which would make the drinks go down with a lot more ease.

Great blend of fruits and veggies

Delivered to my home the night before, I was impressed with the environmentally friendly bag my eight juices came in that also had a reusable ice pack (which could also be used as a heating pad in the future), a list of instructions and ingredients of each of the juices and a bag of fresh mint so I could start my “fast” morning with a nice cup of mint tea. The schedule was basically to take a juice every two or three hours throughout the day, and not much else. I needed to stay hydrated during the day so it was recommended I supplement this with a lot of water and herbal teas; and if — and only if — I could not fight off the hungry pangs, some healthy snacking was allowed in the form of a few carrot or celery sticks.The concoctions were a delight to look at, all in glass bottles and in rich, bright colors of green, red and yellow; it made fasting look like a lot of fun.

What is the main benefit to this kind of detox ? First off, when you give your body a holiday from eating, you’re actually allowing your body’s energy and enzymes to focus on the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. In other words, on a normal day, your body would have to work extra hard to “find” the nutrients you need from your usual, probably not-all-that-healthy breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and work even harder to eliminate what is slowly poisoning your body. Yes, I said “poisoning.” So, when you give your body a chance to just zero in on absorption and elimination, it actually gives your insides a much-needed (and much-appreciated) tune-up. After a fast, one normally feels they can sleep better and have an improved metabolism; the only precaution while in the middle of a fast is to go easy on the exercise. Your body will really need to rest up, inside and out.

Go green!

A planned lazy Sunday had me first on the weight scale and then sipping my fresh mint tea. The rest of the day had me going from drink to drink, ones with names like Green Bomb (green veggie juice that pumps you up with enzymes) to a Red Giant (a delicious combo of beets, pineapple, carrots and ginger) that helps you, er, “eliminate” all the yuckiness inside you. There were times that the Cheetos (my weekend guilty pleasure) seemed to be yelling at me from within the pantry door, but I stayed with it, all the time focusing on how much better I would feel the next day knowing that I had given my internal organs a little spa day.

I fell asleep relatively early that night, and it was a deep sleep, a welcome change to my normal “wake-up-at-a-drop-of-a-pin” sleeping pattern. I didn’t feel hungrier than normal and wasn’t craving any particular food (especially not the ones I thought I’d indulge in ones the fast was over). And, oh yes: I lost about two pounds.

* * *

Call 0905-262-2529 or e-mail for more information.