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Healthy habits for a (less) stressful holiday season

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In a blink of an eye, we find ourselves approaching what is possibly the most anticipated (and dreaded) month of the entire year. “Winter is coming” may have served as an appropriate reminder of the chaos that would ensue on Game of Thrones, while back here in the non-fiction world, the same amount of shivers may be elicited when the words “Christmas is coming” are uttered. So how to keep the stress to a manageable level, before, during and even after the holidaze? Getting into a routine of healthy body, mind and spirit habits, which can carry you past the resolution-energized start of 2014. Here are a few tips to live by:

Drink your vitamins

Pill popping may not be your thing, and if you’re rushing from here to there, you may find yourself forgetting to take your supplements with a meal. So take out the proverbial middleman by getting your daily dose of antioxidants in a potent potion made out of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can even choose to supplement one, two or all three of your meals and go on a full-on juice detox just to give your digestive system a rest. The benefits of a juice cleanse are not only a cleaner overall system and a sharper mind, but also a lot more energy. Juju Cleanse has great-tasting juices that can ease you into it (Level 1) or take you all the way with their mostly green Level 3 concoctions. Their website is also highly informative, which may tempt you into doing a full-day or even five-day juice detox. Should you decide to go liquid before the onslaught of parties and party food, make sure you take time to ease yourself into it and out of it. Want a taste before you commit? You can pop by their restaurant Juju Eats in Makati ( where you can grab a juice drink and combine it with a freshly made salad or wrap and take them with you. You can also call 0917-5763012 for more information.


Eat lighter or Eat for a cause

Since we are on the subject of nourishment, if liquefying your life may be too extreme (or seemingly impossible for you) as Christmas draws near, then you may want to look at supplementing your meals with vegan food. In other words, fare that is animal-product free. Edgy Veggy ( has a full menu that can be delivered to your doorstep, or you can grab a bite at their commissary in Pasig. Their newest offering, vegan longganiza (P180) is made with mushrooms, non-GMO tofu and spices, plus every order of this particular meal gives 10-percent of its proceeds to the I Can Serve Foundation. None of their dishes are made with preservatives or animal fat and they serve generous proportions so even the hefty eater can feel satisfied without feeling the usual heaviness and sluggishness associated with eating commercially produced fast food. Meals that contain fewer preservatives and fewer chemicals also lessen the risk of adrenal fatigue syndrome, which is both an energy and mood killer. Spread the joy of the season by starting from the inside with healthier food choices when possible. For more information or to order, call 0917-8474831.


Passive action


Free your mind

A monkey mind is what a majority of us possess. This means simply that we process what seems like 10,000 thoughts in a day. The total is actually much higher than that: it has been documented that we have about 60,000 thoughts a day! Imagine the stress you carry cerebrally daily; no wonder the term “brain fog” has become more the norm, and it’s hitting us at any age, when it used to be reserved for those who were well into their 60s. So how to free yourself from a mind that can’t seem to shut up? Meditation and breathing exercises are the tools to find your center and be the master of your mind, rather than be the slave to it. The Third Eye Wellness Center ( located in Bonifacio Global City is a new all-in-one wellness center that offers therapeutic practices that are beneficial for one’s outer and inner being. Its Transcend Spa offers massages, facials and care for your nails,  a vegetarian café (Chakra Café) where you can order light fare as well as freshly made smoothies and energy healing modalities such as Theta DNA Healing, Access Bars, Crystal Layout, Tarot Card Readings, Past Life Regression and the like. The energy healing modalities allow one to clear or remove limiting beliefs or blocks that may have been taken on from childhood. If you’re feeling like it’s you against the world, then check out what’s happening in your internal world first. You can also call 808-2984 or 0917-6362800 for more information.


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FREE Energy Healing Talks Oct 11 6-8pm-SoulSpa

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to make a quick announcement here for an event I’m collaborating on in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Together with Ministry of Mushrooms, Co.Lab and I Can Serve Foundation, my company, Soul Spa Philippines will be hosting a series of FREE talks on energy healing. Energy healing comprises of several modalities that are already practiced in western healing facilities including hospitals as well as integrative wellness centers worldwide. Modalities include: Meditation, Reiki, Access BARS, Theta DNA and Inner Dance among others. Please see the full schedule tomorrow and I would like to request you reserve a slot by calling or e-mailing co.lab directly (the venue) as there are limited seats.

Please check out this new sanctuary for the soul 🙂

For the schedule and contact details of the event for Mushrooms go Pink:

Check out the month’s events in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Mushrooms Go Pink!

A New (body) Year with the Thrive Program

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Polly wanna cracker? Flaxseed crackers for easy snacking

Over the holiday crush, my family and I were entertaining friends visiting from overseas and as the conversation moved to the phenomenon that is social networking, a cousin commented, “It’s only Pinoys who post pics of what they eat.” It was an innocent remark but highly observant. Even I am guilty of posting all the delicious dishes I have had the pleasure of consuming, I do it so often that I’ve already dedicated two albums just for my food posts. Scanning through my own pics and other amateur food bloggers I realized, wow, we do love to eat, but food posts featuring healthy meals were rare to non-existent. Suffice to say, after all the feasting my body needed a break, as it takes way more effort for it to digest heavy meats, refined carbohydrates and sugars. I looked to Edgy Veggy for a respite from all this “bad” eating. Owner Denise Celdran told me she was starting a new lifestyle program called “Thrive,” inspired by the book by vegan triathlete Brendan Brazier.

Where's the beef? Tasty, vegan burgers

The program, which Celdran described as “rehab for the body,” consisted of loading up on foods that are rich in nutrients and could help in the prevention of high-blood, high cholesterol, diabetes and even cancer — all lifestyle-related diseases that stem from stress and the consumption of nutritionally “empty” food. Smooth operator: a smoothie rich with antioxidants The program is not necessarily meant for weight loss but that could definitely happen in the long-term as it aids in removing cravings and addictions to sweets, refined foods and junk foods. “I really recommend that people be on this program for a minimum of five days, usually with a pre-detox, detox and post-detox. After 15 days there should be a noticeable change in their cravings,” explains Celdran. The pre-detox is five days of smoothies and salads eaten before their regular meals and in lieu of sweets and junk food. This is meant to crowd out their usual diet with healthier alternatives.They are also encouraged to exchange white rice, sugar, bread, etc., with whole wheat or whole food counterparts. The daily ration of smoothies, snacks and salads are delivered every other day.

Bean me up Scotty: Pinto bean soup

The detox period is five days of mostly raw (60 percent) vegetables, with whole food snacks (flax crackers, granola bars, chocolates, etc.) plus a few cooked meals (stews and burgers). Then the last five days is like the pre-detox where they still take the smoothie, snacks and salad before their usual meal. If you stay true to the program the cravings for refined foods should be much less and there will be more willpower to stick to a mostly ‘‘live food‘’ eating regimen. I wasn’t sure if I could take on 15 days of this, so I went for the bare minimum of five days in the hopes that I could shed a little weight or at least bring down some of the bloating I had acquired from too many days of deep fried foods and booze. First of all the flax seed crackers that were sent with every meal were amazing, they really helped with my “snack attacks” since they came in a variety of flavors: sweet, salty and spicy. I’ve eaten Edgy Veggy prepared vegetarian meals before and loved the taste of the ulam type meals. I felt full even with just half a serving.

Smooth(ie)operator:Superfoods smoothie for anti-aging benefits

The key to the entire program is the Superfoods Smoothie which earns its name from being made up of 12 super foods that help suppress the appetite, increase energy and are made up of many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. I was told it was inflammation that causes aging and most diseases. I am definitely a meat lover, and as the five days passed I came to the happy realization that I didn’t miss it at all. For those not familiar with Edgy Veggy, it is completely vegan with most of its ingredients grown organically in Celdran’s farm in Batangas. Celdran feels so strongly for the program that she insists on a personalized customer relationship so she can see to it that their cravings and addictions to food that do not do a body good are addressed.

Each day I observed my body, I wasn’t hungry and I was definitely full of energy, waking up early and working out with increased stamina and strength. It was amazing how light I felt so quickly. I didn’t lose weight at the end of that short program but considering I was eating three full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) two snacks and a smoothie, that was a welcome outcome. Had this been a “normal” foodie week for me there would be dramatic weight gain for sure. Even without the weight loss my body was obviously digesting food better as my bloating had gone down considerably, not just in my midriff area but also in my arms. It could have just been my imagination but I felt leaner after a workout and since Thrive was the only thing I was doing differently that week I attributed it to my dietary switch. It looks like doing the 15-day full program is now in my near future. What better way to recalibrate inside and out for 2012?

* * * The Thrive Program costs P10,000 for the full 15-day program. P1,000/day for four days or more or P1,100 for three days or call 0917-8202081 or email for information.

Clear your body and mind with breathing redux

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Art of Living Teacher Denise Celdran going through some of the motions of Kriya breathing.

Inhale, exhale, inhale exhale. Breathing seems easy enough, in fact it’s probably the most essential thing that you do without even being aware that you’re doing it. The breath, that first gulp or air is an indication of life and your acceptance of it once you come into this world. So what happens as you grow older? You actually pay less and less attention to how you breathe (and sometimes what you breathe in) so that in times of stress, tension, emotional anxiety (or even excitement) you feel like the entire world has reduced you to a quivering, helpless mess. Okay, maybe a little melodramatic, but if you have ever been in a situation of heightened emotions, you probably have been this close to losing your mind or even your grip on reality, and this is primarily because you’ve actually forgotten how to breathe properly. This is the philosophy behind the practitioners of The Art of Living Foundation (AOL), a worldwide organization that promises you can achieve the life you truly desire by paying attention to how you breathe. It was that basic premise that got me to join one of their workshops recently, a three-day beginners course held after office hours at a private residence. Courses are held once a month and are normally about six days in length, but with my sked, the three-day course came as a godsend and I felt it was meant to be as my work-life balance was far from being balanced at that particular point in time. I’m not for any kind of medication and for me, most shrinks are a waste of money, so why not start with the basics and get the maximum impact of good ol’ oxygen.

Denise Celdran, founder and owner of Edgy Veggy is one of AOL’s teachers here in the Philippines and is a strong advocate of its benefits. In the last couple of years since she has practiced the breathing techniques regularly she has witnessed the stress and the often-destructive pull of worry (especially about the future) fall away. “There were many ideals and desires I would cling to before, and now, with just a breath, I detach,” she explained to me when I first asked her about the course. Timing is crucial in life and I actually learned about AOL over a year ago but despite regular invites and updates from Celdran I never got around to joining. Fast-forward to a couple of months ago when another crossroad in my personal and professional life resulted in anxiety attacks, a shorter temper and lots of blocks in my creative flow. I didn’t want to work, go out, but I forced myself to, and I was just looking for another way to find my center without having to fly off the handle to get it back. Divine timing came to my rescue, the three-day course was just around the corner and there was an opening, so I jumped in with both feet and a heart full of hope.

Proper oxidization for optimal body, mind and emotional stabiity

So what can one expect? The first lesson is not to get fixated on what you expect to happen and to just be in the present and be open to everything that is to be taught. There’s a little yoga to limber you up, which is jokingly referred to as “diesel yoga” since even the oldest participant (nearly 80 years old) is able to go through the poses, there’s meditation, there’s some sharing of insights and experiences, and a whole lot of breathing. Why is breathing so important (aside from the obvious, if you don’t breathe, you die)? Because it acts as a purifier, tranquilizer, and as an energizer. That probably didn’t make much sense, but it’s best explained that proper breathing gives you what your body needs, so if you need to detox, to relax or to get your mojo back, it all starts and ends with a breath. You go through a guided breathwork series which allows you to clear your body and mind with different inhale and exhale techniques; you’re also asked to sit in a way so that you get maximum oxidization. At the end of the first session many of the course participants already experienced a cleaning and a clearing on the physical level, a good start especially to those battling certain respiratory ailments and insomnia. I can only speak for myself so my personal experience was definitely a calming one — something I desperately needed at the time. I was also given a tool, something I could use whenever those sneaky little thoughts of doubt, worry and insecurity invaded my sanity via breathing exercises that could be done once a day, including an emergency shortcut (that could probably prevent a whole lot of road rage, since it could be done in a flash).

Others shared that with regular practice they developed glowing complexions (so yes, good breathing can make you better looking); just think of being able to achieve a deeper, more restful slumber for one. Some were able to control their appetites (kiss stress-eating goodbye) and most felt that they had reconnected with a lighter, more joyful part of themselves. Imagine all this with an inhale and exhale redux.

* * *

For more information on Art of Living Courses call +63-917-848-4898 / 02-216-6139 or e-mail or visit 

SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated September 30, 2011 *Photo by Odin Nicolas