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The healing power of bespoke jewelry

In Philippine Star Column on August 30, 2013 at 1:39 am
Bling it on. Customized jewelry with healing properties

Bling it on. Customized jewelry with healing properties

People often look at jewelry as simply an accessory that can add a touch of elegance or playfulness to their outfit of the day. Jewelry also connotes a certain status, or has sentimental value for some, but only recently have people discovered that the gemstones or semi-precious crystals used in certain pieces may actually contain magic “powers.” For German-born Pamela Bähre Ebensperger, the call of the crystal was what piqued her interest in switching careers from in-demand fashion model to accessory designer. “I was a model for 17 years, traveling the world and getting exposed to so much beauty and design but I knew I wasn’t going to be a model forever so I wanted to find a new love. I have always loved jewelry, what it is and all that it symbolizes, so  I learned to craft jewelry, goldsmith, silversmith, stone-setting, and the techniques involved. In  2011, I studied gemology in GIA and did some specializations. I am currently completing a jewelry design course,” explains Bähre Ebensperger. Having moved to Chile when she was very young, she soon found herself exposed to the more metaphysical attributes of gems and semi-precious gems. Latin America has some of the biggest mines in the world and because its culture is a blend of both mysticism and modernism, she found herself designing intuitively, starting off with creating pieces for close friends and family. “I use all kinds of crystals from diamonds to quartz. All gemstones have vibration, and energy. They can all store, focus, transmit and transmute  certain energy frequencies so I choose them carefully, having in mind what the client wants and needs,” she says. She also intimated that metals carry their own frequency and she chooses to work largely with silver and gold as settings.

Precious things. Metals and gemstones in unusual, one of a kind designs.

Precious things. Metals and gemstones in unusual, one of a kind designs.

Bähre Ebensperger’s personality is as sparkly as her designs as she eagerly shares some of her “success” stories in matching a particular piece to a client. The first piece she shows me is a set of wedding bands she made for a gay couple in Chile. “They’re actually among the best hairstylists there,” says Bähre Ebensperger. “In Chile there’s no legal marriage for gay people yet and they have been together for over 30 years so they asked me to make them something symbolizing their union. I made wedding bands that don’t look at all like wedding bands. I crafted them out of silver  since it  embodies the energy of the moon, feelings and creativity. They told me when they wore the rings they really felt the energy and love and said it was as if they were starting a whole new chapter!”

Cuff it up. Chunky and sleek shapes and sizes.

Cuff it up. Chunky and sleek shapes and sizes.

The next photo she shows me is a ring — something she made for her mother who was going through what she calls a life-transforming situation at the time. “She wanted something to remind her of her new spiritual awareness and the power of her mind. I chose to design a flower in full-bloom made of white gold. Gold, besides being very malleable,is a metal that attracts wealth and prosperity. Silver is the add space color of grace so she is constantly reminded of the grace of God.” The next picture she shows me is of a ring she made for her very close friend, Rosa, which has a stunning blue gemstone that draws the eye. “The stone is called Alexlite and it is a color variety of the crystal flourite. It was made to symbolize our friendship so I wanted grace, creativity and the perfection of nature because for Rosa it is very important to be natural and true to one’s self.” Bähre Ebensperger continues: “Rosa is also head of sales for an international clothing brand so she tends to be ‘masculine’ in her ways, so the ring serves as a balance-transmuting and transmitting feminine qualities. She is also awakening to her spirituality and dark blue or indigo is the color of the sixth chakra, the one that connects you to your higher self and spiritual realms. As the stone changes color from blue (in fluorescent light or daylight) to purple in incandescent light (yellow or candle light) it also embodies the attributes of the seventh chakra which is the one that connects us to God.”

Mama mia. A ring made for the designer's mom to symbolize her spiritual growth.

Mama mia. A ring made for the designer’s mom to symbolize her spiritual growth.

What can one expect when getting Bähre Ebensperger to craft a personalized piece? First, she explains, “Getting inspiration after talking to and getting to know my client… their dreams, desires, and what they want to feel when they wear the jewerly… their aura. Then comes the design or, in my case, this is almost always the crafting. The metals must be melted, forged, shaped, polished etc. and if the piece has gemstones the setting follows. I usually just see the materials and the inspiration takes its own form.”

Nice necking. A choker that connotes an upward movement of energy.

Nice necking. A choker that connotes an upward movement of energy.

Lovers of Ovex jewelry are more than happy to shell out a minimum of P17,000 per piece with the security of knowing that it is perfectly attuned to them in every way, eliciting certain emotions everytime they put it on. Better yet, as every design is one-of-a-kind, it serves as a reminder of how unique and special they truly are.

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For more information e-mail or call: 0949-8889238.

A New Nirvana (crystal)

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Found myself back in what my friends and I call “Aladdin’s Cave” which aptly describes this crystal collector’s abode. As you can see he got a new shipment:

Selenite and Golden Selenite Towers

Selenite is one of the most low-maintenance crystals but highly vibrational. Putting a grid of these towers around your home can form a protective shield, not to mention a powerful place to meditate should you find yourself right in the center of them. The golden selenites have an added bonus of attracting prosperity into your life. I actually recommended a family get the ones above to place one in every room of their house. So far, they’ve been very happy with their purchase.

There were other raw beauties on display such as this fantastic heart shaped Amethyst cluster:

I heart amethyst!

This rhodocrosite in geode form is another rare beauty. Very, very helpful in aiding those who are undergoing heartache, grief or sorrow as it heals the heart and soothes the heart chakra.

Rhodocrosite hearts you

Even if I was quite (happily) overwhelmed by all the crystal beauty, there was something that “winked” at me from one of the many shelves. This was quite unusual as it wasn’t even a well-lit part of the showroom, in fact it was an area I passed many times before. This crystal though, seemed to shine all on its own and even if partly in shadow it caught my attention.

Here is it is:

A little slice of Nirvana

Look at how it just seems to glow! This is called a nirvana crystal and I have never seen one before. In fact, I only  heard its name when I asked what it was. I read up on it in Stones of The New Consciousness by Robert Simmons and I felt so absolutely elated immediately after. Its attributes resonated with my current issue which is all about trust-in the Divine. It is a crystal that aids in your having faith in your Higher Calling, your Higher Self, and to believe in the plan that God or your Creator has laid out for you. I have always wanted a crystal that would ground me, to give me peace and contentment in the now and to help me let go of my worries and doubts for the future. I do not believe in coincidences and that “wink” that I caught at the corner from my eye was meant. This is my new meditation crystal which will have a very, very happy place on my bedside table. I look forward to what the future brings!