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A New Nirvana (crystal)

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 14, 2010 at 10:53 am

Found myself back in what my friends and I call “Aladdin’s Cave” which aptly describes this crystal collector’s abode. As you can see he got a new shipment:

Selenite and Golden Selenite Towers

Selenite is one of the most low-maintenance crystals but highly vibrational. Putting a grid of these towers around your home can form a protective shield, not to mention a powerful place to meditate should you find yourself right in the center of them. The golden selenites have an added bonus of attracting prosperity into your life. I actually recommended a family get the ones above to place one in every room of their house. So far, they’ve been very happy with their purchase.

There were other raw beauties on display such as this fantastic heart shaped Amethyst cluster:

I heart amethyst!

This rhodocrosite in geode form is another rare beauty. Very, very helpful in aiding those who are undergoing heartache, grief or sorrow as it heals the heart and soothes the heart chakra.

Rhodocrosite hearts you

Even if I was quite (happily) overwhelmed by all the crystal beauty, there was something that “winked” at me from one of the many shelves. This was quite unusual as it wasn’t even a well-lit part of the showroom, in fact it was an area I passed many times before. This crystal though, seemed to shine all on its own and even if partly in shadow it caught my attention.

Here is it is:

A little slice of Nirvana

Look at how it just seems to glow! This is called a nirvana crystal and I have never seen one before. In fact, I only  heard its name when I asked what it was. I read up on it in Stones of The New Consciousness by Robert Simmons and I felt so absolutely elated immediately after. Its attributes resonated with my current issue which is all about trust-in the Divine. It is a crystal that aids in your having faith in your Higher Calling, your Higher Self, and to believe in the plan that God or your Creator has laid out for you. I have always wanted a crystal that would ground me, to give me peace and contentment in the now and to help me let go of my worries and doubts for the future. I do not believe in coincidences and that “wink” that I caught at the corner from my eye was meant. This is my new meditation crystal which will have a very, very happy place on my bedside table. I look forward to what the future brings!

Crystals as works of art

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 1, 2010 at 4:50 pm

I recently visited a good friend of mine who is a collector of healing crystals. I was welcomed by the sight of the most breathtaking works of art ever made by Nature. Most of these are naturally formed, sculpted by God Himself, in my opinion.

Whether you like crystals or not, I’m sure you will find the beauty of these pieces undeniable.

Aquamarine with Muscovite

Ajoite in quartz

A beautiful ajoite "master" crystal

An assortment of other really gorgeous hard to find crystals...drool

These ones above are smaller in size but still big on WOW! I would love to write about the properties about every single one but words aren’t enough, it makes a huge difference when you actually see them and hold them. The bottom left is a pink tourmaline in one of the most beautiful shades of pink I have ever seen and perfectly shaped for a pendant. Just above it is another pink tourmaline in twin flame formation and with what looks like rutiles inside, making it even more powerful. Right top is a baby version of the previous aquamarine with muscovite, doesn’t it look like a brooch? And last but not least, a very, very rare twin flame formation rutilated quartz. Not only will it help you find your twin flame or soul mate but rutilated quartz is known for its anti-aging properties, so find love, while staying youthful is a pretty good 2-1 kind of crystal!

Atlantean Citrine

I loved this one as well. I feel like I must have been from the city of Atlantis is a past life. This one just has a sheen that catches your eye, it’s almost gem-like but it has never been through any polishing process of any sort. The bonus, it also has citrine, which is what’s used to attract abundance,especially financial abundance.

Golden Calcite with Rose Amethyst

This just looks like a piece of heaven fell from the sky. I’ve never heard of rose amethyst, but I am so grateful I’ve actually gotten to see one!

And, just for an encore, the piece de resistance, and definitely not for sale is once again the aquamarine with muscovite cluster. All the terminations are perfectly formed and never touched by man. It looks like a bouquet, or, as I said in my title, a definite work of art. I would rather invest in something like this than a man-made piece of art to be honest, at least with a crystal of this quality you know it is truly one of a kind!

Aquamarine with muscovite detail

Tower Power

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 27, 2010 at 3:24 am

I collect crystals, and have been doing so with gusto over the last year and a half, and have noticed that lately, my tastes have been switching from the small and hand held, to wands (for healing) and then now, to towers. Crystals in a “tower” form are generators. In other words they will generate whatever energy they already have in them to give whatever you program into them (a wish or  intention) a boost.

Generate the power of Love!

These ones pictured here are some of the prettiest and most powerful I’ve seen, although I’m pretty sure I will encounter a lot more now that I have projected my desire to see more of them out there. The first is rose quartz, which as most of you know is one of the most common love crystals. Rose quartz is a fairly common one to be seen in many shapes and forms but this particular one is a deep pink and its gorgeous and smooth and can stand on it’s own (meaning you can remove it from its stand). The bonus with this kind of tower with a steady base is that you can write down your wish like “Please bring in my ideal partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend etc) into my life” and place it directly underneath the crystal-like a makeshift paperweight.

Protect and manifest with this tibetan black quartz!

The Tibetan Black Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals used for protection. This particular tower is used to “guard” the entrance of the house protecting the bedrooms of the residents as it is placed on the 2nd floor. Holding within it energies generated from the tibetan monks by way of prayers and programming it acts as a silent and gentle forcefield from negative energies. Whether they be negative intentions, negative prayers, malignant spirits and the like. This is also a stone for manifestation, meaning it helps bring thought into action, or desires into form. I think this particular one, considering it’s height gives off a rather quiet energy, not invasive, but rather subtle. It can also be used as a meditation stone because it places a protective bubble over whoever is near it. It’s excellent as well for any entrance where lots of people pass since it can act as a filter.

Transformer-more than meets the eye!

This labradorite is truly a treasure. Found by a powerful healer this is in fact one of the most powerful tranformative stones. It calls in magic and can enhance one’s psychic abilites as well as protects one from harmful energies. Much like the Tibetan Black Quartz in that aspect of protection, the labradorite prevents people from tapping into your personal energy (emotional vampires) and draining you. It also acts as a tool to help one discover lifestyle patterns, habits or beliefs that are detrimental to ones emotional and spiritual states. It gives a boost to prayers and healing thoughts so it’s a great stone to use when you’re wishing good on someone else. It is a crystal that should be placed in a new office, or a new home because it allows the occupant to transform with the place, to adapt, to adjust and to enhance anything and everything that is positive from the “move”.

There is nothing like the power of a crystal tower, so if you’ve got the budget for it, think about what it is you need in your life that could do with a little boost. A tower will certain elevate you, bear in mind that there are many fakes out there, so only go to reputable dealers or go with someone who can tell the difference.

Got crystals? Clean and energize them regularly

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 24, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Good crystals for abundance and prosperity

I’ve been working a lot with crystals lately for energy healing. I don’t even know how many crystals I have although I use a couple regularly for healing sessions. It’s the full moon in Aquarius this Monday, July 26, with strongest energies at 930am here in Manila so if any of you reading this has crystals it might be a good time to clean them, energize them under the full moon and make a wish. All crystals are wish stones, in other words you can “program” them to emit an energy that may enable certain situations you want to manifest in your life. For example, if you are looking for a change in career or financial stability a citrine or a quartz with chlorite or any green crystal will be best for this. Citrine for example is readily found (though there are a lot of fakes) and it, along with amethyst are the most readily seen around a person’s house or office-sometimes with the owner not even being aware of their powers.

So if you have a small crystal, and when I mean small I mean it can actually be carried in one hand then you may want to get it cleaned up and ready to moonbathe. First of all, fill up a white bowl with water and rock salt or sea salt. Sorry, iodized salt will not do and one other important thing, make sure that the white bowl will PERMANENTLY be used for cleaning, do not use it for any other purpose because the “dirt” it absorbs from the crystals will remain there. After filling the bowl with water and a healthy dose of sea salt, make sure it’s fully dissolved you can dunk in your favorite crystal, or two, for as long as they don’t touch and leave overnight. In fact, if you have a large enough windowsill or a balcony you can leave the crystal outside-just make sure it doesn’t fall.

Crystals soaked overnight in salt water

Use sea salt or rock salt ONLY

The next morning you may see little black spots on your bowl, that’s why the whiter the bowl the better to see how much dirt your crystal has accumulated. You can now choose to leave the crystal in the bowl under the moon for another night, or remove the crystal from the bowl and leave it out til Monday morning, removing before 937am.

When you have the crystal in your hand, make a wish. An example can be, for prosperity or abundance is: “I program you to emit an energy to bring forth financial abundance into my life. As you do this you will immediately recharge from your surroundings not from other people or other crystals. All of this for my higher good, I live in gratitude and love. ” or something similar but always in a state of gratitude and love so all intentions are on a positive note.

If you want to make a good crystal investment that can enhance the all around energies of your house or office then I would definitely recommend a geode. This one pictured is made of amethyst which is a great all-around cleanser, healer, and even protector. It transmutes negative to positive and helps calm emotional and mental stress (doesn’t everyone need that especially in the work place?) Here’s a bonus, the one’s I found at a collector’s house actually contain cacoxenite (if you look at them closely they glitter like gold flecks in between the amethyst points) which is known to be anti-aging, among other things. So, not only is your stress level reduced, you can actually affect your cellular memory and combat other ailments.

Geodes for all around health and well-being

These geodes don’t need cleaning since they are pretty much self cleaning and you can even store your crystals in them instead of going through the whole salt and soak ritual.

Don’t be intimidated by a geode though, I know it looks like someone broke off a part of a crystal cave, well, they did sort of, but the benefits of having one of these in your home or office are innumerable. If you’re not ready for a big crystal such as this, then enjoy a little me time with your handheld crystals and feel the energy surge through them when you make your wish 🙂

Selenite crystals are self-cleaning plus clean other crystals too!

If you don’t catch the full moon, no worries. You can soak your crystals overnight at anytime (make sure you use the same bowl over and over) and just lay them out at night or even in the early morning for a little rejuvenation. Since I use mine regularly I try to do this once a month, but the others that I leave in my room I do this when I remember or when I “feel” they’re getting dirty and heavy. New crystals (be they given or bought) should ALWAYS be cleaned first, because they will carry the energy of the person you bought them from or who gave them. Unless of course the one who gave them already knows how to clean and program, it never hurts to ask! There are also crystals that clean other crystals such as selenite, which are, conveniently self cleaning and delicate so do not soak them in salt water, or any kind of water for that matter.