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Juice for (fashion) emergencies

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I love to eat. If you happen to be following me on twitter or on any of the other social media programs you will probably notice that I predominantly post food. This love for both feasting and fashion runs on a rather precarious ledge with me always teeter-tottering between being happy with my body and then going into panic mode. I know, I know, there are better ways to stay in shape then going to extremes, and I have slowly learned this (through too much yo-yo dieting mishaps) so I am happy to say I have found something that does help me shed some pounds and inches as well as boost my metabolism and reduce the acidity from some of the rich dishes I tend to indulge in from time to time. I juice. Yes, my motto is just juice it. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d probably just juice my own stuff, but I have the personality of one who likes to invest in something in order to believe that it will work. So, I don’t mind spending for fresh fruit and veggie juices to be delivered to my house (including superfood smoothies) whenever I need to detox, and detox quick.

Juice for you. Freshly made everyday.

Juice for you. Freshly made everyday.

Take the weekend that had just passed. I was carefully planning my ensemble to attend my newspaper section’s 10th anniversary, but because I’ve been having too much of a good time socializing with both new and old friends, I did notice a thickening in the waist and a little bloating in the belly. I exercise almost everyday, whether it’s walking/running or yoga but I knew that in order to slip into my dress rather than squeeze into it, I would have to zip my mouth. The thing was, it was also my mother’s birthday and we were planning a special dinner for her. I didn’t want to be one of those mood-dampening dieters who wouldn’t touch a single thing when others were celebrating. Besides, it was a restaurant of my choice, and I wanted to eat something glorious with her so I decided on getting a moderate juice fast from Juice Jab. ( Juice Jab has several “strengths” of juice fasts. The first is a mild version, which you take to just replace ONE meal a day, the second (moderate) which I chose is to replace TWO full meals in a day (and if that one meal consisted of just fruits and veggies-you could lose more weight) and the third was strong, meaning the whole three days you would just take juice instead of solid food. Now, I’ve done the Master Cleanse (10 days of just liquid) so a weekend for me would be easy. As a brief background, my Bangkok-based friend Mia, introduced me to Juice Jab’s founder, Bibet who was very helpful on the phone when I called her asking which level of juicing would be best for me based on my desired result. Thanks again Mia and Bibet!

Moderate mission. My six bottles per day for the weekend.

Moderate mission. My four bottles per day for the weekend.

To be honest, when you’re given the option of juicing +food or just juicing, I realize I am more disciplined with the just juicing bit, having the option of eating even one meal kind of makes me go a little overboard, like a man on deathrow being given a last meal. But like I said, I did want to eat at my mom’s birthday dinner so I stuck with the moderate option and made a promise to myself to hydrate more and slot in extra exercise when I could. The first day was the easiest, as the first batch of four juices arrived. Very cute bottles, unusual in shape, but I do wonder if they could be recycled or returned for the environment’s sake. The first juice tasted very much like the Master Cleanse concoction (Gold Strike-cayenne pepper, honey, lemon, water) exceptthat Master Cleanse uses grade B maple syrup (more antioxidants) than honey. This, plus the Emerald Punch (celery, ginger, pineapple and spinach) were my favorites in terms of taste. Very refreshing and great after a yoga class especially when taken chilled. The advantage of taking a moderate strength juicing program over a strong one is that you can still exercise at your usual pace since you are being hydrated and you are allowed solid meals. If you aren’t used to a detox, then start off with the mildest version, and work your way up to the strongest one.

In the mix. See what juices contain what.

In the mix. See what juices contain what.

The juices are delivered the night before and come with a an insulated bag (for first time orders) so you can carry your juices wherever you go. What’s great is, should you decide to order again anytime in the future, your next order is less since it removes the price of the insulated bag. Here are the price points:

Price is right and gets light (er) with every order!

Price is right and gets light (er) with every order!

So what happened? I didn’t need to lose a dramatic amount of weight, so I was happy that by Monday I had gone down to my “ceiling weight” and my dress went on without any hitches. I may have to watch what I have for dinner tonight but that is certainly better than having to fidget and pray that a zipper or stitch doesn’t blow while you’re moving about in a crowd full of people.

Added bonus? Since I was able

Friendly fitness! Juice with a buddy.

Friendly fitness! Juice with a buddy.

to juice away 2-3lbs pounds and a lot of acid and junk during this detox my body felt way (and weigh) lighter during a hard yoga class last Saturday, and my instructor even remarked how much more “open” my body was. Music to a beginning yogini’s ears.

For a healthy quick fix, or for that big party where you want to look and feel incredible, look to juice 🙂 Oh, and I want to add, if you need a “support system” you can get a friend to join you and you get rewarded not only with better health but a Php 200 gift voucher on your next order. Win-win!

Check out for more information and to place your order (delivery charges may apply)

Cleansing your system of toxins and bad habits: The Master Cleanse

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Soup opera: Break your fast with vegetable soups that are packed with goodness.

There is probably nothing more musical to one’s ears than the words “You look great! You’re so payat!” For most of us weight-obsessed individuals, the battle of the bulge takes up much of our daily conversations with friends, family and even total strangers. Have you ever gotten the “Hey! Have you lost/gained weight?” in place of a simple “How are you?” Our foreign visitors often have to be briefed that the mention of their current state of, well, body mass index is as normal as talking about the weather and they should not take offense. No matter what time of year it is in our country, thin is always in. I still remember those (including myself) who go on one ridiculous regimen after the other in the months leading up to Christmas because, we all know, even an Olympian will not be able to resist the temptations laid before him on a noche buena spread.

I can safely say I’ve been on both crazy to not-so-crazy diets, ones with ridiculous anagram meanings, to ones that were healthy, but needed medical supervision in order to do it without going stir-crazy. I had come to a part of my life wherein I was just plain old tired of yoyo-ing from one dress size to another. Not to mention that drastic dieting does take its toll on your skin and well-being. Sure, you can lose a dramatic amount of weight if you want to in a very short period of time, but if you didn’t change anything else about you (say, your attitude towards food and/or stress) you’ll just binge your way back to overweight glory in no time. Looking at the mirror and wondering where the skinniness of my youth went was not the best way to start or end the day.

It was early in this year that I made the conscious decision to pay equal focus to both my mind and my body. So I enrolled in yoga teacher training and for that whole month, I went vegetarian. Thirty days of intense yoga plus lighter fare started to make a difference in my overall well-being. Since some yoga poses require you to carry your own body weight, a shrinking body mass helps your practice dramatically. That month I must have dropped almost 10 pounds and was feeling strong and more aware of my body, so I then decided to do a detox, choosing Stanley Burrough’s Master Cleanse. A caveat: I am not in any capacity a nutritionist, but I have learned to do my due diligence before starting something new. The Master Cleanse, known more popularly as “The Lemonade Diet,” works on the premise of cleaning out your system completely and providing a brand new spanking “you” inside, after a minimum 10-day rest period from all the food and beverage that you may be addicted to. If you think you aren’t addicted, see how long you can go without sweets, coffee or even processed foods such as white rice or cheese.

This cleanse asks you to rid yourself of your bad food habits by committing to only drinking a concoction of organic lemons, water, cayenne pepper and grade B maple syrup, combining it with light to no exercise, and rest. Going into the diet, you have to start to wean yourself off of meats, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods, etc., so that by day one you can go through your day with a thermos or two filled with liquid gold. This detox is not for the fainthearted. You have to commit and realize that a majority of your eating habits (the bad ones) are due to your emotional attachment to food, drink and even the social relationships you associate with eating. The first two days are relatively easy; pride is what can carry you through the first 48 hours, plus by the second day you may already lose two pounds, which feels pretty good. It’s Day 3 that is the biggest hurdle (at least in my case). Much like a drug addict or alcoholic goes through withdrawal symptoms, I got a headache and the sweats (others got stomachaches or feverish symptoms) and you feel like you need a food “hit.” You just have to keep drinking the lemonade blend and even more water and, if you find yourself constipated, an herbal laxative tea.

Days 4-6 is when it begins to dawn on you how little you need food, or at the very least, how much food and drink you over-indulge in, because you are now feeling more alert and strong considering it’s been days since your last swallow of solid food. Days 7-8 are also challenging because you may start to argue with yourself, and say things like “I’m more than halfway done, I can quit now.” Or “I’ve already lost almost 10 pounds, I can stop this!” You can lose about 1-2 pounds a day on a Master Cleanse,” but bear in mind that 60 percent of what you lose is water weight. By Day 9-10 you are feeling stronger than ever, lighter, and if you have had problems sleeping, you will find that you don’t need to sleep as often or as long and still feel energized. Not to mention your skin and eyes are brighter than they’ve ever been. If 10 days is your maximum, then start to wean yourself back to the non-liquid intake slowly. I would highly recommend the super food smoothies of Edgy Veggy ( or the slow-cooked vegetable soups of Real Girl Toy Kitchen (www.realgirltoykitchen) to help you break your fast over Days 11-13.

Everyone’s experience with The Master Cleanse is different, so let me just share mine. I lost about 11 pounds during the time period and gained back four. But, since my appetite and stomach had decreased in size, I was no longer as hungry as I used to be, and my metabolism had also increased and hasn’t decreased since the fast. I am at my lightest weight now, having lost an additional 15 pounds since going off the fast in May and I’ve dropped three dress sizes. A detox is for an overall rehaul that can result in not only cleansing one’s body but kicking dependence on food to make one feel good. Check out to see if this is the detox for you.

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