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Panda Sunglasses-sunnies for the green-minded fashionista comes to town

In Living a Life Off-Center on November 1, 2012 at 3:18 am

I am so enthused that an eco-friendly line of sunnies has finally landed on our shores. I go through scores of sunnies every year since I get tired of the look or, I lose them, or, much worse, they suffer through the wear and tear of my many travels. Since I’m such a beach bunny it’s important I bring with me a sturdy pair whenever I’m out in the sand or the surf and because of the metal components of some of them there is a danger of them rusting out on me. Worse, I have had the experience of losing a favorite pair that fell off my head during a boat ride and took less than a splt second to sink down into the deep blue never to be found again. Not these babies, though. Made from high-grade, ethically produced bamboo they actually float on water, so, no sinking here!

Best selling Kennedy in brown. Happy birthday Mr. President?

Another component is that they incorporate TAC polarized lenses are made from recycled polycarbonate materials, making them lightweight and yes, also environ-friendly all around.

Natural bamboo colors make a fine statement. Martin in Natural shade.

There are several styles and shades that still highlight the fine wood detail. Giving them a design edge that plastic or metal cannot compare with. Mother Nature certainly knows best!

Black beauty. Nelson black shades still show of fine wood detail.

Price-wise, all models are at a pocket friendly Php 6,000 a pop, almost half of what more commercial brands cost. Plus, Panda is a company with a conscience; every purchase provides the Gift of Vision through the TOMA Foundation, an international non-profit organization that donates glasses to people in need.

Crusoe would have needed these. Robinson in brown.

The basics are certainly covered for those concerned that although they are for the green-minded (and hearted) fashionista, as these lightweight frames have  100% UVA/UVB Protected lenses, are water resistant and yes, as I said before, they float in water 🙂 so great for clumsy adventurers like myself!

Channel your screen siren, with an eco-friendly edge. Monroe in Natural.

So, as we have to now live with global warming, wouldn’t it make sense to use accessories that protect your peepers from the sun yet that are Mother Earth considerate at the same time? Shades of glory for sure!

Panda Sunglasses are available exclusively online and can be delivered right to your door from



Beautiful eco-friendly Aranaz bags for Rags to Riches

In Living a Life Off-Center on September 20, 2012 at 3:30 am

Carry-all bags for a cause. Aranaz for Rags to Riches

Need a new carry-all that comes with an added bonus of having a conscience? Yes, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense but ground-breaking social enterprise Rags to Riches has commissioned several of the country’s top designers to make products to raise funds and awareness for their projects. Amina Aranaz-Alunan who is the creative director behind Aranaz Bags and accessories presents her newest line of “buslo” bags.

Slouch-y and sturdy buslo bag in Sky.

These unique-ly shaped handbags are made from knitted cotton basket weave with leather strap. They have a pandan leave (banig) basket weave base. Cotton lining with interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets.

A side-view of a Buslo bag in Coral.

Price-wise, it’s a pretty friendly one at P 2,589.00 considering it will probably last a lifetime. It’s also weather-warrior because of its natural materials, and may look even nicer with a little wear and tear. I’m eye-ing the one in ash as it is a nice neutral but not too gloomy-grey.

A great shade, that goes with everything. Buslo in Ash.

I can imagine stuffing one of these bags last minute and throwing into the car when you’re in a rush with no fear of anything falling out or the bag getting ruined. Ok, I should take better care of my personal items, but there are just some days when time seems to be moving faster than you would like it to.

If you’re up to a little weekend sojourn or just want a new arm accessory, check in at for their newest offerings of Aranaz for Rags to Riches. A purchase of a bag goes a long way in supporting the livelihood of Rags to Riches community partners. Good reason to indulge and enjoy something new.



Design Heaven this Sunday: Get your hands on beautiful things!

In Living a Life Off-Center on August 25, 2012 at 12:35 am

Are you on the list? to register!

Another long weekend which is a special treat for us hard-working Manila denizens. If you find yourself in the Metro this Sunday, enjoy design heaven at AVA’s A Private Designer Sale on August 26 from 10am-7pm at the Rockwell Tent Extension, Plaza Garden, Rockwell, Makati. It’s a one-day, members-only affair so make sure you register (for free) at this link

Why should you spend a part of your Sunday shopping? Because you will given the rare opportunity to purchase couture creations (for men and women) from designers Dennis Lustico, James Reyes, Ivar Aseron, Joey Samson, Tippi Ocampo, Amina Aranaz and Louis Claparols from 10-70% off! If clothes aren’t your thing, then check out exquisite jewelry and home accessories from CURA-V as well as the highly coveted furniture pieces from design gallery a11.

AVA is truly the home for beautiful things and now, its first on-ground event will house some of the country’s best designers, come and support our local couturiers and find something (or many things) that is extra special for you or for your loved ones as the Holiday Season starts to drift towards us.

A happy Saturday to you all!

Investing in something you will love forever-a repost from Ava.zine

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In my other life as founding editor for AVA’s e-zine ( check it out everyone this weekend! 🙂 I’m often asked what are things that are buy-worthy. Especially now that quality is something that is easily overlooked when trying to keep within a certain budget. There is one thing I have learned though in my Soul-in-Training days, and that is save for yourself, and splurge on yourself. Yes, of course you have responsibilities, but it’s also important to treat you as the most special person in your life. So, yes, do things for you, and invest in yourself, and if that means buying something especially pretty and special that you know will last you a long time, then it’s money definitely well-spent. I recently had an inquiry that led me to write the introduction of this blog. I myself am happily guilty of loving bright and sparkly things that offset or enhance whatever I wear. Not all my accessories are precious gems of course, so when I find pieces that are affordable yet high in quality, I can’t help but share them with others. I hope you also find something truly special for yourself over the weekend, whatever it may be, make sure it spells P-R-E-T-T-Y 🙂 If the rainy weather makes you want to stay indoors, I will do a shameless plug and ask you to visit, you will find lots of things, for men, women and kids-basically for anyone on the lookout for a great find. Enjoy!


Am always on the lookout for something special for myself, but also practical. I am normally in the office but try and meet up with friends for after-hour drinks whenever I can. Is there anything chic I can invest in that I will love forever?

Kaye C-via e-mail

Hi Kaye! Yes if there is something you should definitely invest in, it’s in a beautiful, one of a kind accessory that can be your accent piece for any outfit you put on. Like you, I am always on the lookout for something beautiful that when I put on not only makes me feel very stylish that day but is an eye-catching add-on to even the simplest ensemble. Statement earrings, like a gorgeous pair of chandelier or drop earrings are flattering to most faces and outfits. If you work in a rather conservative work environment you may choose earrings that are unusually shaped instead with a pop of color to go well against your hair or skin. Also, it’s a must nowadays to have a cocktail ring with fine detail or a dramatic stone or gem set into it. Cuffs are great to have too and depending on your wrist you can look for a finely crafted one or a bold one which can be your stand-along accessory from day to night. Think of jewelry whether precious or semi-precious as the icing on the cake, it has to make you look and feel absolutely delicious!

Ask the Editor

Chic-ily yours,

Beautiful reusable Baggu bags-on sale!

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 19, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Great news for all you environ-conscious yet stylish shoppers. For a limited time, some Baggu bags are going to be on offer through curated e-commerce site

Talk about gorgeous, colorful and functional-not to mention eco-friendly.

So really, what are you waiting for? Back to school, a “me” gift, a little something for your BFF or even some early Christmas holiday shopping-any excuse is good enough to get your hands on any of these beauties (and more) at 10% off.
Sale starts July 20 (Friday) 12noon til Monday July 23.

Grab one (or two) before I do 😉 go to and sign up to get your discount, earn AVA credits (good as cash) and check out our other “green” products. Enjoy!

Stripe Sea Baby Pouch

Stripe Sailor Backpack

Red Backpack


El Purple Baby Pouch

Duck Neon

Duck Navy







The perks of a little Insta-glam makeover-everyone deserves a model moment!

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 15, 2012 at 5:26 am

Remove the sexual connotation of role-playing and what you have is a chance to be someone else for a couple of hours in a day. Yesterday, I attended AVA’s InstaGlam session. This was a contest that was launched last month wherein AVA shoppers were asked to invite as many contacts as possible to check out AVA.PH’s site and whoever signed up to be a member would be like a “point” for them. Winning would entitle one to have a professionally styled and photographed portrait done, complete with hair and make-up as well as “modeling” some choice items from the AVA shops. There were eight winners, but since we had booked the studio the whole day I was invited to have my portrait done as well, since I would be needing a new headshot for AVA.ZINE and for other PR purposes. I jumped at the chance since the last professionally done pic I had was looking rather dated and plain. Besides, almost every woman I knew dreams of having her “model” moment at least once in her life so I happily found myself being primped and prettified on a Saturday morning.

Done with hair and make-up I was led to a table to choose what accessory I’d like to use, I spotted the collection of Panopio Jewelry (which you can also view in full here: and first thought of using these pair of earrings:

Pillow earrings made of peridot and gold from Panopio

My favorite color is green and I loved the way this looked, especially when I tried them on. The peridot glinted subtly from under my blown-out hair and the shape was unusual and the texture of the gold made the design even more interesting-I understood why they were named “Pillow” earrings. The only glitch was that I had chosen a top that had strong silver accents, so there was a bit of a clash. With a heavy heart I passed on the earrings to another girl to use for her cover shoot and contented myself to find another accessory. (One day they will be mine!!!)

Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed for long as I found a finely crafted cuff called Target that was set in gold and “doughnut” shapes that I also loved. I’m a big fan of cuffs but since my wrist are smalls I tend to find many of the ones out there too chunky (as this seems to be the trend now). This particular cuff though was more delicate and feminine, yet not too frilly. It’s something I could definitely wear to pimp up a casual outfit or to help accent something more dressy for evening. After being expertly posed and directed by our photographer, Mau Aguasin, this was my “model” shot for Instaglam!

Finding my angle with Panopio’s Target cuff on my arm

Need to give a big thank you as well to the make-up team from L’Oreal and the hair team from Creations of Lourd Ramos for making me look like someone glamorous for a change!

Every now and then, we need to step out of the box of what is comfortable for us and revisit childhood fantasies of things we now mistakenly believe are “impossible” for us. You change the energies around you every time you take some sort of risk, and you also are brought to a better understanding of what it is you can do, and most often than not, you happily surprise yourself.

Enjoy the weekend! And perhaps take today out to revisit some of the “dreams” and even “roles” you may have wanted to play once upon a time. Happy endings everyone! Again, no sexual connotations allowed 😉

To get your hands on the latest from Panopio  Jewelry  click here: Panopio Jewelry on AVA

AVA.PH is the Home of Beautiful Things-A Repost from Ystyle

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Hello dear followers of The Soul Train!

Would love to introduce you to my newest “baby” my online magazine called AVA-ZINE which you can check out on:

I’d like to share an article written by Audrey Carpio of YStyle and I invite all of you to either shop on or read Ava.zine 🙂


Many thanks and enjoy!

You can also read the full article here:

Objects of everyday beauty, at
BENT ANTENNA By Audrey N. Carpio (The Philippine Star) Updated May 18, 2012 12:00 AM Comments (0) View comments


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Totes cool: Tongue-in-cheek statement totes from Charro y Churro
| Zoom

Online shopping in the Philippines is coming of age, and thank God. A friend of mine just got tabbed with a P6,000 bill in customs fees for something FedExed from the States. Why bother, when we’ve got wonderful options right here? A couple of weeks ago we witnessed the grand launch of Zalora, an e-commerce site with more than 5,000 fashion and home products. While Zalora is an inclusive shop, selling a great range of brands while constantly adding stock, the new site is more of an exclusive store, featuring a number of interesting and not mass-market brands, handpicked by a cast of “curators,” personalities in the style industry.

“Memories endure because they are attached to objects in the real world,” founder Oliver Segovia writes in his introduction to the website. “We are, quite literally, our beautiful things.” Ava is the boutique shop within the mall, so to speak, with a carefully chosen collection of future memory-makers. The style council consists of designer Tippi Ocampo, tattooed foodie Erica Paredes, momtrepreneur Bianca Elizalde, creative director Luis Espiritu, tailor Abdul Salam, bag lady Amina Aranaz, blogger Christine Dychiao, and Katrina Holigores, founding editor of Ava’s e-zine. Kat, my former editor at Metro and a current YStyle columnist, tells me more about this newest endeavor.

YStyle: First of all, what is Ava, how did it come about, and what does it want to be?   

Katrina Holigores: is an e-commerce site that was founded by CEO Oliver Segovia and his team. He had the idea of creating a local, an online world where people could shop for beautiful things. Alex Lapa, of the Reluctant Stylista, serves as creative director. I came onboard early this year to create Ava.Zine (, the editorial arm to the e-commerce site. The intention behind this e-zine was to not only give concise yet informative content on design and lifestyle choices to online shoppers but also to give them tips on how else to enhance the way they live with good taste from our “experts” who we’ve called idea-listers.

What are the roles of the curators?

These curators list their ideas of what are the best or must-haves that has to offer while our contributors give their insights on (for example) the pros and cons of online shopping, how to shop for your boyfriend or husband or how to integrate art into your everyday life. Luis Espiritu will be coming up with his own section soon wherein he will give a visual documentation of design inspirations he finds on his numerous trips and events he finds himself in, not to mention the chic men and women he has been able to style throughout the years. Watch for it!

How do you choose the brands you work with?

We select products based on their quality. They are pretty to look at, unique and not readily available. Plus, they’re well-priced and can be considered valuable additions to anyone’s wardrobe or bag of beauty goodies.

Tell me about some of the products you are highlighting this month.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve now got a line of Tyler women’s wear, retro-looking handsets for your mobile phone from Native Union (very trendy in Hollywood now), Aranaz bags and School of Satchel totes. More products are being added to our inventory every month so it’s a great idea to be a part of our mailing list to be the first to see what’s new on offer.

What’s the shopping experience like?

The shopping experience is relatively straightforward, you get on the site, click on the shops or sales tab, or, you can click on Ava.Zine to see what our Idea-listers recommend and then you pay via Paypal for what you want. Item then gets delivered right to your doorstep within a couple of days, provided it is still available as some of our products move really fast!

You can also ask the editor for advice and recommendations or even send a query to any of our Idea-listers since their blog or twitter link is located right under their names.

 What’s in the next Ava.Zine?

For our next issue, we’ve nominated about 30 women who’ve done well on the world-wide web, female entrepreneurs and put them out on our FB page for people to vote. The response was pretty incredible, so you can see in our main feature who came out in the top 10.

All in all the goal of the team of Ava is to give its subscribers (both new and old) a seamless shopping experience plus informative, quality editorial that just makes their time online a little more entertaining and even educational.

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Flats that flatter our feet-the ground has never looked so good!

In Philippine Star Column on April 26, 2012 at 10:13 pm

At a recent visit to my nail salon over the weekend, I chanced upon the showing of Sabrina — the Billy Wilder original with gamine goddess Audrey Hepburn and sullen-yet-charming Humphrey Bogart. A tender moment was shared by both as Hepburn took a domestic turn, donning an apron over her all-black ensemble, lovely-looking in cushion-ballet flats. Many have credited the style icon with popularizing simple, wearable elegance — being a former dancer and reed thin were probably a big part of this. All throughout the movie, Hepburn traipses, twirls and lounges around in either kitten heels or sleek ballet flats, nothing scarily high or back-breaking, which led me to yet another spring shoe cleaning when I got home. I do love the added inches a good pair of wedges or sexy stilettos gives me but a hectic schedule keeps me on my feet for most of the day, and I thought that investing in plushy flats would keep my peds (and my spine) in better condition in the long run.

Think pink. Anthology Milano in salmon

So I was a woman with a mission for my Audrey Hepburn moment — well, at least, for my overworked feet. First stop was checking the malls and I came across Spare Soles, a China-made “pleather” flat that rolled up into a pretty matching pouch. These were great to stuff in one’s workbag, gym bag, or even car for those days when activities had you up and about from sun-up to sundown. The Metro model (P1,298) came in a variety of colors from solid basics like red and black to a more texturized faux reptile and leopard and even a rather over-the-top metallic gold, silver and bronze. One could really go for something subtle or eye-catching with a snug fit. For extra fun, there were also detachable jewel shoe clips (P698) that you could add-on for variety or for extra glam. I loved how one shoe could now look like two or even three different ones, a great way to economize and glamorize at the same time.

Feline fashionable. Leopard print sleek for your feet

Treaure toes. Multi-jewel clip for that extra shoe shine

Detachable shoe clips to add some spark to your shoe



Next stop was the worldwide web. I soon had my sights on the flats on offer from Suelas, which has a social economic conscience to boot, since it has an existing partnership with Gawad Kalinga (GK); its shoe pouches are made by GK Payatas Trese Printers. Its malleability had me intrigued as it cheerfully challenged me to “Flatten It, Fold It, Roll It,” indicating that it was made out of a more durable material but still very wearable. The company actually did an online survey or “crowd-sourcing” to find out which designs they should produce. The top three winners resulted in the Impreso line (P1,799) made out of genuine sea snake leather and coming in shades of red, brown and (my personal choice) natural. I placed my order and decided, since I was online already, to continue my surfing to see what else the online marketplace had in store.

Suelas' Flexy-sexy. A fabulous and foldable flat

The brand Anthology showed up on my e-radar and they had both brights and neutrals to choose from. I was debating whether to go green with Cannes (P3,295) or get the always reliable, goes-with-everything fawn or camel colors of the Milano (P3,295). The company was started in 2007 and although the shoes were manufactured locally, high-end materials such as Italian leather were used. I finally clicked on a pair (with the very mature eeny-meeny-miney-moe routine of deduction) and left it in the hands of the gods of cyberspace. Both brands online available have gotten rave reviews from other friends who had also gone on a shoe binge after too many high heel mishaps had took their toll. Within 48 hours, I found myself a proud and rather excited owner of several new pairs of ballet flats. I slipped them on, enjoying them wrapping my foot like a hug and cherished having a more solid connection with gravity as I strolled around. With their different makes, colors and textures, with the added bonus of jewel-like clips to keep me interested, I am comfy and channeling Sabrina until the call of the wedge comes for me again.

Green mile. Walk comfortably in these bright leather ballet flats from Anthology

* * *

Spare Soles and Shoe Clips are available at Tru, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati. Suelas and Anthology available online at