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Down on love? Love crystals may hold the key!

In Philippine Star Column on February 10, 2012 at 12:22 am

A rose by any other name: wrist accessories made of the queen bee of love stones, the rose quartz.

February is in full swing and if you’ve succumbed to its spirit of love and romance, then V-day should be highlighted with hearts in your calendar. If my previous statement just produced a feeling of heaviness in your chest (where lightness should be), you may consider adding a little crystal energy into your life for a little more luck in love. Now, why crystals? Because if there’s one thing a crystal is known for (aside from being really pretty), it’s that it helps enhance the energies that you program it for. Each crystal comes with certain traits and characteristics, so if you get the right type of crystal for whatever it is you want, it acts like a magnifier and aids in expediting the granting of said wish. Sounds good, right? It is. For centuries crystals have been used as tools for divination, healing, prosperity, protection and even love.  Nowadays, they are also used to accessorize or even beautify one’s appearance, so why not take advantage of this and glam up your ensemble while amping up your sex appeal at the same time?

Stonehenge sweethearts: (L-R) Love bracelets made out of rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, kunzite, and aquamarine

One thing is for sure: even if you are already in a relationship, looking for one, or even trying to get over one (read: bad break-up blues), crystals can be programmed to help you enhance or re-energize aspects of your love life. They can be used to call in a potential partner or, ease your way out of heartache. If you are already sensitive to energy, sometimes just holding the right crystal will start to soothe your emotions. I personally have a couple of bedside crystals to help me calm down before I sleep (or for meditation) several in my bag for protection and a couple that I wear constantly to attract healthy relationships (both personal and professional) into my life.

(Not) a heart of glass: Rhodonite works with the heart chakra soothes it to its core, making it feel alive again and ready for love.

For those beginner crystal lovers out there, I highly recommend going to a reputable store. There are many crystal shops, for example, in Chinatown that sell bracelets, pendants and raw stones at cheap (almost too cheap) prices. Unless you have already developed an eye or knowledge for crystals, or you are close friends with the owner and the staff of the store, it’s easy to be fooled. Believe it or not, what you might think is a brilliantly colored life-changing crystal is actually just a brilliantly colored and cleverly cut piece of plastic. Also, if the staff isn’t trained well, they may choose the incorrect stone, and worse, not be able to teach you how to properly clean, program and energize it.

Rest in peace: Rhodochrosite is not only for love, it is also a good stone for inner conflict resolution.

Say what? Crystals (if they’re the real deal) are alive and full of energy, so like anything that is alive, it needs to be taken care of. Like a loyal friend, if treated with love it will do its very best to bring to you what you want and need. I personally favor the creations and selection I find at The Accessory Lab in Power Plant Mall, owned by Ingrid Go and Rodina Velasco, who take great pains in sourcing some of the best quality crystals (for display or to tote around) and design wearable pieces that can be for day or night. An added bonus is that their girls can show you how to clean and program whatever it is your purchase.

Soul-mating: Spirit quartz in its natural form is for world love. It sends out love in all directions.

So, as Feb. 14 turns the corner this weekend, what crystals should you take a shine to?

Rose Quartz

This pink-colored beauty is considered the queen bee of all love stones. It is the perfect symbol of what romantic love should be. Its energy invokes both tender and passionate love, making life more spontaneous and more exciting.


A high-energy stone that teaches the heart to forgive and be open to a more positive attitude towards life. It encourages spontaneous expressions of feelings that can help enhance your flirtation skills and sex appeal.

Spirit Quartz

Because of its tiny points around its body, this stone helps in sending out love in all directions, creating an environment conducive for romance. You may even write down your wish list for traits you want in a partner on a piece of paper and place it under this stone so it sends out the right “signals” of attraction.


This clear-colored crystal is a representation of the “twin flame,” and helps to find one’s soul mate or life mate. It also helps one relax and sleep better at night as an added bonus. Beauty sleep is very important during the pursuit of love.


A healing crystal, it is especially effective post-breakup. This helps the wearer get rid of emotional debris, opening up the opportunity and space to attract another love companion.


For marriage and partnerships, this stone deepens love and fidelity most especially in times of trial and/or emotional upheaval during the relationship. It also strengthens self-confidence and boosts self-esteem.


Use this vibrant, orange-colored stone to activate and increase sex appeal. It can help in unleashing an irresistible aura of love and desire


Known as a highly passionate stone, it can help recharge stagnant energy. Great for firing up a relationship that has gone dull or suffers from routine.

Red Jasper

And finally, for a little more spice in your love life, experts refer to this crystal as “the marathon stone.” Just use your imagination for that one, and get crystal creative.

* * *

Accessory Lab is located at the 2/F Power Plant Mall, Makati. For inquiries call (02)890-9011.

*All photos courtesy of Accessory Lab

Down on love? Stones may hold the key
SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated February 10, 2012

Ghost Month 101

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We’re about to hit the Feast day of Ghost month. Many of you have been asking me what Ghost Month is all about and what to do, so I thought I’d rely on an expert to explain. I’ve been to Princess Lim Fernandez of the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony at the Mandarin Hotel and this is what she had to say:

**The start of the second half of the lunar year which is also the 7th lunar month is known as the “The Ghost Month” or officially the “Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival”.  This is an annual festival during which ghosts, spirits and demons roam freely around the earth.  This year 2010, it starts on August 10 until September 7.  In a way it is quite similar to our celebration of All Soul’s Day (although this one lasts a whole month) wherein we can go to memorial parks to offer to our dearly departed and other souls in purgatory although we should not be so noisy nor stay too late.

According to Chinese legend, Emperor Yim Lo, the ruler of the underworld, opens the gates to allow all the “hungry ghosts” (souls with no descendants who pray for them) to come out from the underworld into the earth to receive offerings from people every 7th lunar month of the year.  They have to be invoked, propitiated with food and other offerings, entertained with performances of opera, movies, puppet shows etc and then cathartically released back into the spirit world.

Offerings are done on the eve of the Feast day which falls on August 23 this year.  With this offering, we feed the spirits with special gifts and in return ask for their help to bring us more luck.  Offerings made are usually candles, joss sticks, some fruits and some food.  All temples have a special ceremony and special prayer which one can participate in during this month for offerings to the spirits.

Believers are wary of this “unlucky period”; thus business in real estate, home renovation, and wedding banquets are known to slow down during this period because it is believed to be inauspicious to move house, start construction, start renovation, get married, or just generally start a new project.  But it is okay to travel this month, although one should try to avoid traveling on August 23 & 24.  Make it a point to go to Church or Temple to pray.

During this period, everyone should try to go home early and not stay out so late especially on August 23.  This especially applies to those born in the year of the Fire Tiger, Wood Pig, Earth Pig, Fire Snake & Wood Monkey, all other Monkeys and Tigers because it is during this day that their luck is at its lowest and their Ch’I is low and in tune with yin energy.  Although technically all signs are affected but some signs are more affected than others therefore they should try to avoid attending wakes during this period.  For protection, they should wear or carry with them a Jade Protection Pendant and a Safety Medallion. **

I am not quite sure what Princess is referring to with the above mentioned protection stones, but these are a couple of my recommendations. (Of course, if you really want to be safe you can go to her shop) but I personally use these whenever I need to feel more shielded.

Jade Dreamstone neckpiece

This is a jade Dreamstone neckpiece. I love the carvings on it, plus it makes a good “accent” to my work ensemble. This also works in the evening when you know you’re going to have to go to an event or a special occassion that will end late. Jade has special protective (and prosperous) qualities. Oh, and Princess did say wear a jade pendant so this fits the bill. I got this at Accessory Lab in Rockwell and there are different designs, all unique.

Tibetan black quartz

This is a Tibetan Black Quartz pendant. The belief is that a tibetan black quartz actually houses entities or energies from Tibet. It’s said that Tibetan Monks used this crystal for meditation and therefore left their energy and good will in it so that whoever uses it next will be protected and shielded from negativity. This particular one is of a twin flame formation and not easily found. I got this from a collector.

Turquiose pendant

Turquoise is not only pretty in terms of color but has very high protective energies especially for journeys and long trips. This was given to me by a good friend who said I should wear it whenever I was traveling. This is indeed a travelers stone and is my birthstone to boot so I decided to attach it to my favorite charm bracelet so I don’t forget it. This stone also helps dispel negativity and tension.

Star of David black tourmaline pendant

Ok, most of the accessories I’ve shown here are quite feminine in nature. So, what would I recommend if you’re not into girlie type designs, are male or want to gift a protective pendant to a man? This one on the right is for me my go-to pendant when I’m going to a new place, or meeting with new people and I have no idea what their intentions are. I also use it when I know I’m going to be in a crowded area for a long period of time or if I have to stay somewhere overnight and it’s my first time there. This is a star of david pendant in black tourmaline and it is very, very powerful yet very gentle for the wearer. Black tourmaline absorbs a lot of negativity (of all kinds from physical to non-physical) therefore shielding the wearer from those energies hitting him or her directly. Wearing this when you go to wakes and hospitals is akin to putting a forcefield around you, although some vibrate better to labradorite, especially when grief is concerned. Like the turquoise charm and the jade neckpiece, this is available in Accessory Lab in Rockwell, but you can also get a black tourmaline bracelet (they have then in different shapes and sizes) and also as a charm so you can attach it to a chain or to a bracelet.

To conclude, Ghost Month can be quite rough, and because of all the chaotic energies out there, (not to mention we’ve also just entered a mercury in retrograde period) it’s highly recommended that you be extra vigilant not only of your surrounding but also on your internal well-being and state of mind. Tempers may flare up, you may feel more irritable than normal and trust me, there’s going to be a lot of miscommunication and misinterpretation going around so just make an extra effort to be more patient and be very clear and concise in your instructions or in your decisions (especially when delegating them). Prayer is a must in our daily lives, and I don’t necessarily mean in the religious sense but in the spiritual sense. Send good and positive thoughts to yourself, to your friends and family, to your community and to the world. If you envelope your surroundings with love, white light and happy energy, no harm can come to you, pendants or not.

Happy Ghost Month everybody, be safe!

Healing wands

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Selenite is one of my favorite healing crystals. Not only are they  excellent for all kinds of negative energy extraction they are self-cleaning, although delicate, when stored and transported with care, they are very low maintenance. These wands are real beauties, and not easy to come by

Selenite wands

Among the dozen there were two that caught my eye, this one, had so much character, as it was pretty much a two-tone white. It’s energy, prayerful, and if I could “solidify” that energy it would have felt like silk on the skin, almost soothing. This is perfect for a healer who is calm and needs discernment when they have to tell someone what they “see”.

Priestess wand

I ended up going home with the wand below. When placed against the rest, it actually stood out, blinking radiantly at me. I’m not too keen on “milky” like crystals-only making rare exceptions like Selenite, due to it’s properties so this one seemed almost clear but had an inner glow. It was like it was housing an angel inside that shimmered and sparkled. Its energy gave off a more direct vibe, which is perfect for focused extractions, when the healer can pinpoint the source of a problem and it’s sharp edge is almost syringe like, drawing out the negative with more precision. It’s so beautiful, but I need to find a proper casing for it in order to maintain its form.

Warrior wand

If healing is not your thing, but you’re in need of a crystal that can enable you to have better sleep, lovely, insightful dreams, or, something that will enhance your mediation and even protection. ( A selenite grid around one’s house is better than a kennel of Dobermans-without the danger of getting bitten) Then a selenite is high on the list of a must have stone. You can also find them in bracelet or bangle form or in tower form like the one below. Accessory Lab in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell has the bangle and tower ones, while I got the wands from a private collector.

Self-cleaning crystal cleaner

*Oh, and one really important detail I nearly missed out on, the reason why I think ALL crystal lovers should invest in a Selenite tower is because, not only is it self cleaning it can be used to clean ALL other crystals. Talk about a worthy investment. Do remember that Selenite is delicate in its density therefore NEVER soak it in water or salty water, that’s why it’s self cleaning 😉

May you all your days be Selenite bright!