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Bacolod Beauties-the 2012 Negros Trade Fair

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I love fairs, well, I generally love organized events where one can shop in relative comfort without being hounded by salespeople or merchants as you take your time browsing through booth after booth.

Throw pillows as great accents from My Domesticity

This year’s Negros Trade Fair (yes, I’m sure that doesn’t sound quite right to some of you non-Filipino readers)  is a much awaited sale event for merchants from the areas of Bacolod, Silay and other towns from the Negros Occidental area of the Philippines. I remember going last year and heading straight to the food and wasn’t disappointed this time around with the very enticing aroma emanating from The Freakin Chicken booth:

Bacolod’s famous chicken inasal-fried.

Food lovers are familiar with “Chicken inasal” which has a rather addictive vinegar-tang to it, this is that, plus the flavor of being fried. Yes, it’s over-indulgent, and you need to be ready for it.

Freakin’ Chicken’s Christine Coro preparing me some chorizo to sample

If you’re not a fan of chicken, there were other viands on offer. Still looking a tad on the oily side in my opinion but they smelled wonderful. I think this would be great for an earlier meal or something to share with the whole family at the very least. Of course in terms of one’s sweet tooth there were jars, bottles and other plastic (I do hope they can be recycled) containers full of Negrense sweets:

C-is for cookies

Sweet offerings galore…

So eat, then move again. I love these kinds of fairs indeed! I went over to Mariel San Agustin’s My Domesticity Booth and oooh’d and aaah’d at the bright colors she used for her kitchen and dining accessories:

Turquoise topped rice bowls and other storage items from My Domesticity

Lime green trays plus containers for your condiments

I felt these would be perfect gifts for a housewarming even a wedding. If you’re not sure of color preferences or even color schemes of someone’s home then sticking to the darker, wood-y shades is safe:

These are still some of the best-sellers if you want to buy on the “safe” side as the go with everything

This fair was a haven for me for all things home. Truth be told I wasn’t too impressed with the fashion accessories, and kept to the home accessory booths for my own purchases, whether for myself or to give away. Some standouts were:

Lovely placemats and runners at Php 400 a set!

Beautiful light frames

Unusual lamp shades and shapes

A huge hardwood (re-purposed) chair

Today (September 30) is the last day of the 2012 Negros Trade Fair (it’s been running since Wednesday) so get your Sunday shopping on, grab your Christmas list and head on over to the Rockwell Tent in Makati for lots of great finds and food!

The Negros Trade Fair is open til 9pm tonight and there is an entrance fee of Php40 at the door.

Food, fun and fabulous finds at EarthDance Manila 2012

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I love new discoveries and this rather sunny Sunday conspired with me to try something new. EarthDance Manila has been an ongoing event for several years and normally held in Quezon City. Today though, September 23, you can find it open til midnight right in the heart of Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. I was told that this “small” event started out with only fifteen participants and now the community has truly grown into a much awaited event with thousands of attendees and close to a 100 vendors and workshop-givers.

EarthDance Manila’s centerpiece art installation of a Mandala.

Getting there in time for a late breakfast I treated myself to agedashi tofu with oyster mushroom sauce from Ministry of Mushrooms’s booth and a cold drink of fresh, organic dalandan juice from Holy Carabao.

Human(e) Nature is what we need to support nowadays.

Sweet-ly tempting farmfresh products from Holy Carabao

Holy Carabao had one of the more wholistic booths, selling drinks, cooking ingredients, accessories and beauty products. I regretted not having brought more cash to this event! I even sampled their stil-hot-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies made out of coconut nectar and whined when they said they weren’t for sale (only the coco nectar was).

From foodie to beauty junkie…

Aside from foodie finds, I reconnected with some old friends who had set up their own handcrafted natural soap business called Lotus Blooms.

Ground lavender, olive oil, sea kelp, and other natural goodies inside every bar of Lotus Bloom soaps.

Each soap was beautifully presented in a little box and named after a mythical Goddess. Plus, it had a positive affirmation placed on every label which I thought was a very clever touch.

Handcrafted “Soul- soaps” that are gentle enough for the body and your face.

I walked away with a Vanilla and Orange blend and vowed to get the newest creation made from French Lavender. Reasonably priced at Php 150 each, they would make great giveaways for Christmas or even pasalubongs. If you’ve got a beauty counter brimming with soaps then a massage balm might be a good addition to your wellness arsenal. They’re small enough to keep in your purse or have in your office desk when you need a pick me up or a cooling calm down.

Balm-y love in the palm of your hand.

By the time I had done my shopping rounds it was time to eat again. The workshops were about to start (it’s a whole day of meditation, yoga, talks, and other activities) so I had to decide what lunch would be. There were of course healthy snacks made out of either fruit or vegetable:

Savory malunggay chips in different flavors.

Fruit-y chip chakras.

Having snacking options was great but I really wanted a full meal so I had a bit of a carb fix at Edgy Veggy. At least their rice is organic and their tofu is GMO-free.

There was also hearty Japanese rice from Edgy Veggy

Tofu teriyaki mushrooms to top off your rice from Edgy Veggy

The vegetarian bibimbap of Edgy Veggy sold out by lunchtime so while they were re-stocking (and I’m always ordering their Japanese Teriyaki Tofu Steak) I went with their Moroccan Chickpea Soup with pita. Solidly flavor-ful-I wish it had been served with more bread though.

Glorious chickpeas for lunch!

Heading out, I made a mental note of some souvenirs I’d like to come back for. (EarthDance Manila 2012 will keep its doors open until midnight today). I’m hoping they will still be around when I come back after my Sunday errands.

There were pouches and bags made out of everyday packaging (recycled of course) that I’m sure would be a conversation piece-both a bad one and a good one.

Pitaka  passport holders and pouches made out of all kinds of re-purposed materials.

More Pitaka products on display

and, only because the vendor was nowhere to be found as I was window-less shopping, a Pinoy-pride T-shirt. Hopefully the style and size I want is still there tonight.

Say it on a t-shirt and wear it well.

On a final note, let’s all start the week ahead remembering that we need to separate, segregate and recreate. That goes for every aspect of your life though, and not just your trash 😉 Discuss.

What is your next step?

EarthDance Manila 2012 is open to the public (Php 200 entrance fee for adults, kids get in for free) until 12 midnight of Sept 23, 2012. Check their Facebook page for the schedule of their activities, many of which are family friendly!

Restorative yoga. A gentle way to end a week and welcome the weekend

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Tried my first ever class of restorative yoga at Urban Ashram Manila’s Fort Bonifacio branch last night. I’m quite happy to have reconnected (once again) with an old love, which is yoga. Aside from dedicating myself to the mat three times a week with thier FNR (Flexibility Not Required) classes I decided to try another new form which was there once a week Restorative Yoga class in the evening.

Total (sweet) surrender in Restorative Yoga

Walking into class with my friends was a bit confusing ass we saw a room full of mats, pillows (called bolsters), straps, blocks, and nice, thick blankets. I was told earlier on that this was a class of passive stretching, but it looked more like some draconian slumber party themed class. As the class began we were told about what to expect, which was simply, surrendering to gravity and giving our bodies (and minds) complete and utter rest.

The benefits of this practice (to which I am now a happy convert) are many. If you are regularly active, or even a competing athlete, this kind of yoga allows you (after all the trauma from let’s say, running on pavement) to find alignment again since you’re holding a fully stretch out pose for five to ten minutes at a time.  This allows for an opening of the muscles, where there is tightness and tension from having been compressed-it also allows for a deeper breath, think of more oxygenation as well.

Health is dramatically improved with passive poses.

What else can one expect after regular classes of Restorative Yoga? An improved metabolic rate, reduced stress and deeper sleep. Everything from the blankets (rolled up), straps etc are tools that will help deepen your stretch and bring you to total relaxation. All this is achievable by committing oneself to total surrender once a week. We spend the majority of our waking hours running around and getting drowned in everyday drama, forgetting to let them “go” and detach at the end of the day. This ninety minute class should be compulsory in my humble opinion, for everyone-whether you’re working in an office or working from home. Give yourself the opportunity to detach and rejuvenate. Seriously, some people just sleep in class, and that’s probably what they need most at that point in time.

Twists are great for internal organs, this one in particular helps heal the kidneys and digestive system.

Grab a little downtime with restorative yoga 🙂 Maybe with more participants there will be more classes, more days of the week. Trust me, we all really need this 🙂

For more information on Restorative Yoga classes at Urban Ashram Manila (Kapitolyo and Fort Bonifacio branches) contact:

(02) 661 YOGA / 0917 881 YOGA or

*photos gathered from several sites on the Internet

Beautiful eco-friendly Aranaz bags for Rags to Riches

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Carry-all bags for a cause. Aranaz for Rags to Riches

Need a new carry-all that comes with an added bonus of having a conscience? Yes, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense but ground-breaking social enterprise Rags to Riches has commissioned several of the country’s top designers to make products to raise funds and awareness for their projects. Amina Aranaz-Alunan who is the creative director behind Aranaz Bags and accessories presents her newest line of “buslo” bags.

Slouch-y and sturdy buslo bag in Sky.

These unique-ly shaped handbags are made from knitted cotton basket weave with leather strap. They have a pandan leave (banig) basket weave base. Cotton lining with interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets.

A side-view of a Buslo bag in Coral.

Price-wise, it’s a pretty friendly one at P 2,589.00 considering it will probably last a lifetime. It’s also weather-warrior because of its natural materials, and may look even nicer with a little wear and tear. I’m eye-ing the one in ash as it is a nice neutral but not too gloomy-grey.

A great shade, that goes with everything. Buslo in Ash.

I can imagine stuffing one of these bags last minute and throwing into the car when you’re in a rush with no fear of anything falling out or the bag getting ruined. Ok, I should take better care of my personal items, but there are just some days when time seems to be moving faster than you would like it to.

If you’re up to a little weekend sojourn or just want a new arm accessory, check in at for their newest offerings of Aranaz for Rags to Riches. A purchase of a bag goes a long way in supporting the livelihood of Rags to Riches community partners. Good reason to indulge and enjoy something new.



Enchanted Farm-ing the GK Countryside Fair in Angat, Bulacan

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Love the message, wish it came in my size…

Road trips are one of the most enjoyable ways to travel. Watching the views of the metropolis slowly peel away from you is amazingly gratifying, even if you know it’s just going to be for a couple of hours. Invited by LBC Foundation’s (and long-time friend) Nena Wuthrich to see the launch of Gawad Kalinga’s (GK) Enchanted Farm Countryside Fair was a welcome invite especially since the work week ahead was going to start with a two day long strat planning session for my company. What better way to disconnect than by reconnecting to nature and sampling some of its yummy produced? Armed with my trusty woven bag and an extra market “bag” inside we headed north at 8am.

Gawad Kalinga’s visionary Tony Meloto opens the fair

Even though I was extremely nervous about having been assigned navigator by Nena, the directions she had downloaded were so good that we only nearly missed a turn once. About two hours (and one bathroom break) later we arrived just in time to see GK’s visionary founder, Tony Meloto, open up the event with a heartwarming speech. Of course, after that the politicians arrived (they all seem to have the same vibe and dress sense-not to mention product in their hair) so we decided to look around. Nena had also invited the family of Carlo, Joey and their darling daughter Carmen Blanco and they arrived shortly after we did.

First stop was the Human Nature store:

Products that really work, for both the user and the seller!

These are products that are highly effective and reasonably priced. Plus, if you become a independent distributor you can make a little money on the side. The products practically sell themselves. I’m a fan of their deodorant and hand sanitizer, upon Nena’s recommendation I’m going to add their Natural Strengthening Shampoo to my beauty kit next.

Ready for a little shopping!

After going around a bit and checking out the map of the area provided, we decided to make our way to the Dairy Farm which was a little makeshift booth where one could find carabao and goat milk and cheeses. Our eyes automatically zeroed in on the fresh bruschettas being prepared such as this one made out of kesong puti and pesto:

Pesto topped kesong puti bruschettas

Or you could get a nice selection for Php 70

Bruschettas with the freshest locally produced toppings!

We were recommended to pair up any of our foodie finds with some brewed iced tea, or its variant, purple tea (made out of kamote tops) from the cleverly named Bayani Brew:

Tea please…and water selections to quench one’s thirst

After walking around we finally decided to settle down and eat, after I asked Nena and Joey to pose against the background of the “al fresco” places to eat:

Looked like people had the same idea so we had to look for a place to sit down pronto:

Filipinos love to eat, even in spite of the heat

We found our little nook…

After tucking into some traditional pinoy dishes such as monggo, lechon and laing, we decided to visit the Bamboo Palace, but along the way there were some pictures that needed taking:

The Blanco family au natural-ish (well, the background is)

I had to have a little fun too with the (ehem) youngest member of our road trip:

Outdoor fun is great at any age 🙂

Palace bound…

Our last stop of the day

This palace made out of bamboo was a bit of a mystery to us since we weren’t quite sure what it’s purpose would be. I guess it would just be multi-purpose. We could imagine that in the evenings it would be pleasantly breezy with a wonderful view:

Naturally beautiful-nobody does it better!

What a wonderful new place to bring friends or one’s family-a great way to support our local farmers and have an alternative to the usual tourist-y and party spots in the country. I do believe that these GK-led endeavors will have long term staying power. I look forward to seeing more of these kinds of places sprout up all over the Philippines. Best of all, it gives someone like me (who loves any kind of adventure plus food) a chance to get away from the daily grind of the city. Not only did I get some fresh air and a really fun time with people who appreciate this community-type project but I left with two great finds:

Herbs ready for garden growing from Agricool

and the winner:

Three kinds of chevre (goat cheese) for Php 200!

Weekend warrior? GK Enchanted Farm has houses were you can stay for a couple of days. Do something different the next time you have free time, while helping our fellowmen who live closest to the land. Happy week ahead!

Yoga is for everyone! Get an Urban Ashram’s Yoga pass :-)

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If there is an activity that you could do just for yourself and even gift to others, yoga would be it. Yoga’s countless health and wellness benefits are already well-known by the world so if you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, then you may want to see what all this mat-based hype is about this weekend. Urban Ashram Manila offers a variety of yoga classes from the super-beginner (Flexibility Not Required-FNR) to the super-dedicated like Hatha and Vinyasa Flow.

Yoga yourself out (with friends) with a yoga pass

Set some goals for yourself yoga wise. Since the ‘ber months are upon us, which means the holidays are here, you give yourself a chance to be fit and healthy before Christmas gluttony takes over. Personally, I start this Saturday with my three month pass ( a steal at 15k) for Urban Ashram’s High Street branch. I have the freedom and flexibility to attend whatever class I want, fitting my yoga in my work and play schedule while getting flexible myself. Not to mention the fat burn and cardio I’m going to get when I make this a regular part of my life.

Whether you’re a mat first timer, old-timer or returnee, yoga is for everyone. If 90 days is too much of a commitment you can check out their 15 day pass as well. Namaste everyone and may you find peace as we enter the first weekend of the ‘ber months of 2012.

For more information on Urban Ashram Manila (Kapitolyo and High Street branches) visit:

Baby got bags! Aranaz in AVA at 50% off this weekend!

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Love bags? Grab one of the most beautiful ones designed by Amina Aranaz-Alunan as she kicks off her birthday sale on Friday (Aug 31). This super-packed event (if you go to her mall-based stores) is a highly anticipated shopper’s heaven each year. AVA brings the same opportunity right to your desktop for three whole days (Aug 31-Sept) so you can just click and buy at your convenience at anytime with a special inventory of ARANAZ that you will only find online. So, treat yourself this weekend, see what’s new if youre in Greenbelt 5 or Powerplant Mall or just sit back log on to AVA.PH and see what kind of arm candy you can sweeten up your style with!

Here are some of the bags on offer on the website LOADS more to come, for 72 hours only. 🙂 What are you waiting for?

The Dixie Belle Large P950


The Nick Stripes Bag for P2,750

Irish Brown shoulder bag P 2,750

Brown Sam wristlet bag P3,450

Bea Satchel in Black P1,800





Design Heaven this Sunday: Get your hands on beautiful things!

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Are you on the list? to register!

Another long weekend which is a special treat for us hard-working Manila denizens. If you find yourself in the Metro this Sunday, enjoy design heaven at AVA’s A Private Designer Sale on August 26 from 10am-7pm at the Rockwell Tent Extension, Plaza Garden, Rockwell, Makati. It’s a one-day, members-only affair so make sure you register (for free) at this link

Why should you spend a part of your Sunday shopping? Because you will given the rare opportunity to purchase couture creations (for men and women) from designers Dennis Lustico, James Reyes, Ivar Aseron, Joey Samson, Tippi Ocampo, Amina Aranaz and Louis Claparols from 10-70% off! If clothes aren’t your thing, then check out exquisite jewelry and home accessories from CURA-V as well as the highly coveted furniture pieces from design gallery a11.

AVA is truly the home for beautiful things and now, its first on-ground event will house some of the country’s best designers, come and support our local couturiers and find something (or many things) that is extra special for you or for your loved ones as the Holiday Season starts to drift towards us.

A happy Saturday to you all!

Theta DNA Healing-how it can transform your life dramatically

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Life is beautiful, as the award-winning movie title tells us. And yes, this is the absolute truth in essence, but the reality is that many of us don’t feel that way most of the time. Personally, I’ve always been an optimist but have also found that when things are not going as planned, I can sink to a whole new low and my perspective on my life, my future can look disturbingly bleak. I know I work hard, and also work myself hard. My spiritual practice is a continuous mission and  I know I am no saint by anyone’s standards I do make a conscious effort to do the right thing, and to eradicate as many negative thoughts and emotions whenever possible. Suspending judgment especially towards myself and those I barely know is proving to be quite a challenge, and because of this I sometimes feel exhausted towards the end of the day trying to prevent myself from not thinking bad about others and of course myself.

I have to say that many blessings have come into my life by way of work and relationships since I started this path of more self-awareness, yet, there is still a lack I feel inside me, and a yearning for more in my life. I pray, meditate, practice yoga, do volunteer work, spend time with my friends and family and always do my best to be there for people in need, but I still feel a lack, something missing; so I prayed for some kind of solution to this.

Part of the answer has come to me by way of Theta DNA healing. A newfound friend studied this healing modality abroad and is now bringing workshops here to Manila in August. What theta does in a nutshell is that it brings one to the place in between sleep and deep relaxation, where, it is said, one can manifest EVERYTHING one desires or thinks. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, if you are to believe what Theta practitioners and all those who subscribe to power of intended thought (i.e. The Secret) then you know it is true and good at the same time.

Manifest what you want through the power of intended thoughts.

Ok fine you say, you’ve read The Secret, or The Law of Attraction, you’ve done your vision boards,  your prayers and  countless manifestation exercises religiously and still nothing! Trust me, I know how you feel and the frustrations are the same. Why then, after all of this, and believing in this thought=form philosophy is nothing happening? Theta explains that it is because we live only 10-12% in our conscious minds and the rest, all this untapped power or blocks even exist in the 88-90% subconscious mind. In other words, you may feel like you’re giving  100% but in truth, it’s really just 10%. Theta promises to relinquish you from the entrapment brought about by the power of the subconscious and help harness it instead to bring forth what is for your “Highest” and “Best”.

Balanced healthy chakras are the root of a balance healthy existence as well!

Another point that was brought up was the “Law of Karma”. If you believe in karma ( I certainly do) then you know that the world is all about balance and to a degree payback. What you put out, you get back. So, it is very possible in a past life (or several past lives) that you were not the aware, sensitive, do-gooder you are now and because of that, you may be denied in this life what you feel you deserve or desire. Think about it, you could have made a vow of poverty, chastity-or if you experienced a life over 500 years ago you could have very well been the instigator of the Spanish Inquisition. Wow, imagine how much karma that existence has reaped. Theta promises it can change all that, provided you want to let it go, or better said are READY to let it all go. Forgive yourself, and ask forgiveness from others, even on the subconscious plane is already a huge step in your evolution.

I cannot get too much into detail about Theta healing as I myself have signed up for the workshops this coming weekend, but I can share my own personal experience with it. It is almost a meditative release of whatever baggage you may still be carrying around with you that is blocking you from what you need, crave and long for. There are four aspects of karma, the core, genetic, history and soul, and believe you me, I want all of those hindrances to be released and transformed into manifestation energies for my highest and best. 🙂 The master healers will be in Manila for the first time, for The Manila Meditation Festival 2012.

If you’ve been waiting all your life for a change, for something you know is inexplicable in a tangible, rational sense, then you may be ready for the dramatic shifts you will experience with Theta DNA Healing.

The Manila Meditation Festival 2012 kicks off this month.

I have included below a short description of what Theta is written by one of its practitioners and now head of Theta Healing Manila, as well as how to get in touch with her for more information. I do hope to see all of you at the workshops!

To get more info (aside from what is posted here) contact:  Karishma 0917-7949854, Monica, 0927-5181864 and/or  Pooja 0927-7420979

ThetaHealing® is described as an attainable life-changing miracle. ThetaHealing® is a
way of connecting to God, “Creator of All That Is,” the supreme governing force in this
universe – the source from which you come from. Through this connection, you are able
to change your reality: achieve instant healing on the physical body, your physical reality,
and emotional levels for yourself and others.

ThetaHealing® takes into account that our entire lives are based on a set of belief systems
held in our subconscious mind. It is certain limiting negative belief systems or blocks that
hinder you from manifesting the life you desire: health, your soulmate, wealth, and the
abundance you desire.

ThetaHealing allows you to quickly identify these deeply held blocks within your mind
and how to reprogram the subconscious mind (which controls 88% of our mind while our
conscious mind is a mere 12%) in the powerful Theta brainwave state.

Through ThetaHealing, you can recreate your reality and hence choose the world you live
in by changing, re-writing your feelings and beliefs, rather than relying simply on luck
that sets apart people with incredible success, health, and happiness. Just imagine having
the key to change those beliefs in an instant – to simply download.

“The heart of this class is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life
patterns held in place by core (life plan), genetic (dna), historic (past lives) and
soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. The student will learn to
identify his/her own beliefs as well as to practice pulling them for others in the
class. This practice can quickly reveal systems of belief that might take traditional
psychotherapy years to uncover, showing the body how to replace limiting beliefs
or feelings with positive ones. Issues of safety are emphasized, especially when
making genetic changes in the body.” – quote from

*to do a Basic THetaHealing class, no experience in meditation, spirituality

More on the Theta brainwave:

“Theta brain waves, measured at 4-7 Hz, are the brain state of REM sleep (dreams),
lucid dreaming, and the barely conscious state just before sleeping and waking. Theta
is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world, and by learning to
use a conscious, waking Theta brain wave we can access and influence the powerful
subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds. It is an
ideal state for super-learning, re-programming your mind, as the mind is capable of deep
and profound learning, healing, and growth in the Theta state.” Theta is the brain wave
where our minds can connect to the Divine and manifest changes in our reality – in the
material world.

Everyone can be taught to achieve this theta state – it is extremely powerful and you
can easily access this powerful theta state with proper instruction

Completely booked for sessions a year in advanced, Master Sumant Kaul, will be coming to Manila, Phlippines this August to launch ThetaHealing as part of a Manila Meditation Festival. 
Master Sumant Kaul, is the President of ThetaHealing ® India & the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on behalf of ThetaHealing Founder Vianna Stibal
 He has taught ThetaHealing to thousands of students worldwide (USA, London, Japan, India, UAE, Switzerland), and regularly assists Respected Vianna Stibal in Teachers Training Courses worldwide.  
(Master Kaul teaches ThetaHealing in its purest form so students can derive maximum benefit.)

Investing in something you will love forever-a repost from Ava.zine

In Living a Life Off-Center on August 4, 2012 at 12:03 am

In my other life as founding editor for AVA’s e-zine ( check it out everyone this weekend! 🙂 I’m often asked what are things that are buy-worthy. Especially now that quality is something that is easily overlooked when trying to keep within a certain budget. There is one thing I have learned though in my Soul-in-Training days, and that is save for yourself, and splurge on yourself. Yes, of course you have responsibilities, but it’s also important to treat you as the most special person in your life. So, yes, do things for you, and invest in yourself, and if that means buying something especially pretty and special that you know will last you a long time, then it’s money definitely well-spent. I recently had an inquiry that led me to write the introduction of this blog. I myself am happily guilty of loving bright and sparkly things that offset or enhance whatever I wear. Not all my accessories are precious gems of course, so when I find pieces that are affordable yet high in quality, I can’t help but share them with others. I hope you also find something truly special for yourself over the weekend, whatever it may be, make sure it spells P-R-E-T-T-Y 🙂 If the rainy weather makes you want to stay indoors, I will do a shameless plug and ask you to visit, you will find lots of things, for men, women and kids-basically for anyone on the lookout for a great find. Enjoy!


Am always on the lookout for something special for myself, but also practical. I am normally in the office but try and meet up with friends for after-hour drinks whenever I can. Is there anything chic I can invest in that I will love forever?

Kaye C-via e-mail

Hi Kaye! Yes if there is something you should definitely invest in, it’s in a beautiful, one of a kind accessory that can be your accent piece for any outfit you put on. Like you, I am always on the lookout for something beautiful that when I put on not only makes me feel very stylish that day but is an eye-catching add-on to even the simplest ensemble. Statement earrings, like a gorgeous pair of chandelier or drop earrings are flattering to most faces and outfits. If you work in a rather conservative work environment you may choose earrings that are unusually shaped instead with a pop of color to go well against your hair or skin. Also, it’s a must nowadays to have a cocktail ring with fine detail or a dramatic stone or gem set into it. Cuffs are great to have too and depending on your wrist you can look for a finely crafted one or a bold one which can be your stand-along accessory from day to night. Think of jewelry whether precious or semi-precious as the icing on the cake, it has to make you look and feel absolutely delicious!

Ask the Editor

Chic-ily yours,