Go-anywhere yoga apparel at All Things Yoga Boutique

In Philippine Star Column on November 16, 2012 at 5:29 am

Good news for the active stylista: workout wear has gotten so pretty and popular nowadays that über-comfy clothing is no longer limited to the gym or ashram. Yoga wear in particular, known for its stretch-ability as well as flattering fit, has become a fast favorite of many, especially for travel or for more casual events. These separates are easy to pack, don’t need ironing and are great for layering on for different looks. Also, if you normally have to rush from one place to another, you can pretty much throw them on and let them hold their silhouette or shape without too much fuss. Recently, All Things Yoga boutique opened its doors, providing a whole range of tops, bottoms and accessories of both imported and local labels for the modern urban dweller.

Tie dye for. tanya b hot yoga separates

Yoga teacher Tanya Boulton and textile expert Karen Ulmander wanted to develop a product that people could live in, resulting in clothing line Tanya-b. “Tanya-b reaches to those that are taking care of themselves, work, family, and friends all at the same time. We live such fast-paced lives that we wanted to create apparel that would keep up with the demands of versatility on a fashionable and functional level. People should feel good in the clothes they wear,” explains the design pair. Their newest collection consists of strong colors in their tie-dye halter tops (P3,450) that can be paired with either bright or neutral colored capris or full-length leggings (prices range from P2,250-3,450). With lives set to manic and multi-tasking mode nowadays, comfort is definitely key and even though these may be a little too casual for the office they could work for those last-minute errand run situations.

Olive Essentials. Tops and dresses for anyday wear.

Local brand Olive Essentials, which first launched through a series of trunk shows, has consistently produced easy-to-wear (and literally throw-on) separates, including the Gigi dress (P1,100) which is great for maximum movement. This brand keeps comfort in mind but has designed pieces that can easily make you shift from fitness freak to fit and chic. The Emy top (available in black or gray, P650) can be used as a cool cover-up or worn alone. There is also a Twist Wrap top (P850) that makes for an interesting detail when layered over a favorite T, tank or even dressier outfit. If you’re not ready to go full-on sporty you can pick and choose a few pieces from this collection and add them to what’s already in your closet. Their dresses all have different, interesting details such as an asymmetrical silhouette although they can be quite loose so you may want to use a belt if you prefer having a more defined waist.

Exhale forever. Infinity scarf for easy layering.

Another line made with yogis in mind by a yoga practitioner, Exhale, is a brand that has created multiwear dresses (that can be shortened and twisted) as well as rompers and playsuits that allow you to cinch them at the waist. They have also come up with beautiful face- and shoulder-framing scarves (Infinity P850) designed to look like the infinity symbol when worn. Coming in bright colors, it is a refreshing option from the more earthy (and often dull) colors that these types of clothes are normally found in. In this day and age, gone is the matching tracksuit made popular by rap superstars or Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria (although they still seem to slip through the fashion sensors every now and then) that defined sporty style, replaced with more wearable, breathable fabrics and styles. In this day and age, being fit and active is “in,” so subtly showing off that you just came from a workout or a yoga/Pilates session amps your attraction meter. The urban lifestyler, the weekend warrior or the city athlete now has many more options to keep on moving, with clothes that move the way you live.

Yoga outside the ashram. Get clothes that move with you.

* * *

All Things Yoga Boutique will be on sale starting Nov. 15 for a limited time at its two locations in Urban Ashram Manila High Street, Fort Bonifacio and Brixton, Kapitolyo. For more details log on to:

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