Smooth operator-my model moment with a wrinkle reducer :-)

In Living a Life Off-Center on November 10, 2012 at 12:44 am

Let your skin look hassle-free for the holidays.

Holidays can be glorious respites from anyone’s day to day but they are not without their stresses. A three-week vacay had me across the globe immersed in different climates and timezones. Jetlag is nobody’s friend and I’ve contented myself with working when I can’t sleep. So, lack of adequate shut eye, added to squinted eyes working late nights have not done my skin any favors. Not to mention hopping from one plane to another (freezing) then out into the searing heat of the summer sun can really let the sins of the skin out. Having normal/oily combination skin has pretty much saved me throughout my youth, but in the twilight of my thirties, I have noticed that there are some expression lines, ok, wrinkles that are here to stay. Having just gotten back and still battling with a messed-up bodyclock, I’ve had to soldier through meetings and even two shoots (close-ups at that) and realized that my simple routine of cleanse, tone and moisturize is no longer enough. Based on a friend’s recommendation I gave the very straightforwardly-named “Restorative Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Cream” from  Céleteque DermoScience a whirl.

I smoothed on the cream right after my moisturizer and was pleased to see that even if it felt rich it wasn’t greasy and heavy on my skin. I focused on two areas of my face, the frown line between by eyebrows and another prominent line above my left eyebrow. I guess my years of squinting at my laptop screen had finally caught up.  The product (Php 699 suggested retail price) comes in a  15mL travel friendly size tube and is tested to be non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. I put on my make-up and went through my day. That same night, I decided to put it over my entire face and neck since I liked its texture anyway. Over the weekend this Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Cream was part of my vanity routine and I did notice that the two areas I had focused on had indeed reduced, quite rapidly in appearance. They didn’t seem to be as deep as before (especially the one in between my eyebrows which can be quite pronounced) and even the one above my left eyebrow was barely visible. Suffice to say when I showed up at my shoot several days later I was told I looked “fresh” even without make-up on, and having come from a late night from work, that was a truly ego-boosting compliment!

This is a cream I’m definitely going to stock up on, keeping one at home, and one in the office, in case I need to go from a convention to cocktail and works really well with my concealer. Since it contains PhytocelltecTM-which helps the longevity of skin cells to combat skin aging, and Collaxyl, a collagen peptide ingredient, I am confident that I can keep my skin looking as youthful as possible, in spite of my rather hectic lifestyle for years to come!

And yes, they actually took my picture and quoted me 🙂 Everyone has a model moment, and hopefully more than just one!

Instant and long term effect on wrinkle reduction in a tube from Celeteque!



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