Panda Sunglasses-sunnies for the green-minded fashionista comes to town

In Living a Life Off-Center on November 1, 2012 at 3:18 am

I am so enthused that an eco-friendly line of sunnies has finally landed on our shores. I go through scores of sunnies every year since I get tired of the look or, I lose them, or, much worse, they suffer through the wear and tear of my many travels. Since I’m such a beach bunny it’s important I bring with me a sturdy pair whenever I’m out in the sand or the surf and because of the metal components of some of them there is a danger of them rusting out on me. Worse, I have had the experience of losing a favorite pair that fell off my head during a boat ride and took less than a splt second to sink down into the deep blue never to be found again. Not these babies, though. Made from high-grade, ethically produced bamboo they actually float on water, so, no sinking here!

Best selling Kennedy in brown. Happy birthday Mr. President?

Another component is that they incorporate TAC polarized lenses are made from recycled polycarbonate materials, making them lightweight and yes, also environ-friendly all around.

Natural bamboo colors make a fine statement. Martin in Natural shade.

There are several styles and shades that still highlight the fine wood detail. Giving them a design edge that plastic or metal cannot compare with. Mother Nature certainly knows best!

Black beauty. Nelson black shades still show of fine wood detail.

Price-wise, all models are at a pocket friendly Php 6,000 a pop, almost half of what more commercial brands cost. Plus, Panda is a company with a conscience; every purchase provides the Gift of Vision through the TOMA Foundation, an international non-profit organization that donates glasses to people in need.

Crusoe would have needed these. Robinson in brown.

The basics are certainly covered for those concerned that although they are for the green-minded (and hearted) fashionista, as these lightweight frames have  100% UVA/UVB Protected lenses, are water resistant and yes, as I said before, they float in water 🙂 so great for clumsy adventurers like myself!

Channel your screen siren, with an eco-friendly edge. Monroe in Natural.

So, as we have to now live with global warming, wouldn’t it make sense to use accessories that protect your peepers from the sun yet that are Mother Earth considerate at the same time? Shades of glory for sure!

Panda Sunglasses are available exclusively online and can be delivered right to your door from



  1. Hi,

    They’re so cool!
    I’m interested in getting one of this. How is the quality?
    And can you wear them to work? Or is it too casual?


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