How to eliminate the dreaded double chin. Non-invasive techniques that work

In Philippine Star Column on October 26, 2012 at 1:52 am

More non-invasive ways to save face are available nowadays.

It’s there, you see it (or at least I do) when I’m not conscious about it, the dreaded double chin. Some attribute it to age while others blame one too many (Last na, promise!) pieces of chicharon. Regardless of the real cause, I find that gravity can be at its cruelest when a once-defined face begins to show a little droop. Many women have whined poetic about sagging in all the wrong places (there actually isn’t any right place) but it’s different when it happens right underneath even the brightest smile, and for the semi or very vain, it makes looking at some pictures unbearable.

There are, of course, surgical options, but that seemed a little too extreme to go under the knife for just that, so I asked around for other options that were less invasive and hopefully effective. First off, actual diet and exercise to lessen the fat intake and for overall toning and firmness which, yes, if done properly can include the face. Personal trainer Wawa Feliciano recommends a daily exercise of stretching and strengthening neck and even facial muscles. This takes three to five minutes a day and is best done in the morning or right before going to bed. Stand comfortably with your feet together and your hands by your sides, shoulders relaxed and as far away from your ears as possible. Then lower your chin to your chest and rotate gently to your left and raise your neck up as high as you can without straining, then rotate back down to your chest and do the same thing to your right. Doing this often helps activate those not-often-used muscles and minimizes the appearance of a double chin.

A new product on the market (and only distributed by dermatologists) is NewPeptin’s Reduchin Double Chin and Neck Cream, which promises to restore elasticity and firmness to the skin. Containing anti-aging peptides, it also promises to reduce wrinkles at the same time. Being paraben-free, this is great for those who want to stick to the path of more natural treatments. It is also recommended for accentuating the contours of the chin and results can be seen with regular application between six to eight weeks. Added bonus as it doubles as a moisturizer since it has a strong concentration of vitamins A, B, C and E. A double chin and “turkey” neck, it has been found, is caused by a change in the calcium gradient in the skin and a loss of skin tone and elasticity due to the loosening of skin tissue. These changes, coupled with continuous movements of the head, eventually cause small, gradual drops in the skin’s tone and elasticity, which eventually become apparent.

If a quick fix and more dramatic results are needed, then invest in some high-powered RF or radio frequency. Several clinics and dermatologists offer several kinds of services that do this. One is the Endymed treatment at Dra. Amy Patdu’s clinic (tel. 818-2698), which involves multiple energy sources working simultaneously. This results in a totally safe delivery of controlled heat deep into the skin, while preserving the overlying epidermis. It works, and it works fast, plus it only takes about 10 minutes a session depending on the area that needs firming and lifting. You can even do a comparison mid-treatment and have the therapist or the doctor performing the treatment show you the before and after effects right then and there. Other clinics offer even more dramatic treatments, which sometimes require local anesthesia application such as Thermage and Ulthera, the two top treatments found at Aivee Teo’s Skin and Laser Clinic (tel. 403-3245). It would be best to consult your current dermatologist or a recommended skin clinic before trying out any of these treatments.

Chin-up, it’s not too late for a little contouring from a fitness move to radio frequency you can look forward to some facial redefinition.

* * *

NewPeptin Products are available at Renergy located at Serendra, Bonifactio High Street, Taguig; tel. no. 901-1918 and The Skin Specialist in Timog, Quezon City; 0917-8101319.

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