Treasure throw-aways. This estate sale give valuable goods a second chance.

In Living a Life Off-Center on October 22, 2012 at 2:13 pm

Sterling silver medallion. My precious!

When I lived in the UK I enjoyed watching a TV show entitled Antique Roadshow which followed a host (can’t even remember his name anymore) going from town to town in England looking at what seemed like group “garage sale”. I use the word “garage” loosely because most of these lawn-based sales comprised mostly of antiques. Antiques that to the untrained eye, could just be a piece of junk. Yet, with the expertise of the host and a little clever salestalk from the seller, the value of each piece started to shine. Sure, there were things there that you’d never spend a sterling on but it was wonderful to see an ugly duckling of a thing leave with an incredible pricetag after it was appraised. Truly, one man’s junk can be one man’s treasure.

Come sail away with me. Get shipwrecked while searching for something special.

Locally, there is the Estate Sale Philippines that has taken upon itself to be the curator for other people’s no longer wanted pieces, these pieces range from small knick-knacks to full on dining tables and chairs. For someone furnishing their house or apartment this is a great opportunity to have dibs on quality furniture and home accessories rather than going through more generic pieces found at local malls and retail shops. A lot of the pieces are one-of-a-kind, since some are custom-made or no longer found in the market.

All kinds of classy glasses. Entertaining gets easier.

Aside from a whole range of things to choose from, one can walk away with something for every budget. You can pick up a full-on tea set for about 500pesos, gem-encrusted pillboxes for 20,000, wine glasses, decanters, utensils. and the list goes on. Best to trot on over to see what you can discover for yourself or even gifts for those on your Christmas list.You might even pick up a fashion accessory too such as these vintage-fully beaded clutches that go for less than P1000 each!

Full beaded bags. A steal for less than a thousand bucks each!

Find something fabulous in a unique shopping venue this October. 🙂 I’ve got my eye on a sterling silver tambourine medallion for my holiday bling!

Check out this special sale on:  124 Malvar Street Ayala Alabang on October 24, Wednesday until October 27, Saturday from 9:00 a.m -7:00p.m.   

View the link for a sneak peek at the items that will be on sale:
  1. Thank you Kat! So happy you came and experienced it! See you soon..xoxo

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