Food, fun and fabulous finds at EarthDance Manila 2012

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I love new discoveries and this rather sunny Sunday conspired with me to try something new. EarthDance Manila has been an ongoing event for several years and normally held in Quezon City. Today though, September 23, you can find it open til midnight right in the heart of Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. I was told that this “small” event started out with only fifteen participants and now the community has truly grown into a much awaited event with thousands of attendees and close to a 100 vendors and workshop-givers.

EarthDance Manila’s centerpiece art installation of a Mandala.

Getting there in time for a late breakfast I treated myself to agedashi tofu with oyster mushroom sauce from Ministry of Mushrooms’s booth and a cold drink of fresh, organic dalandan juice from Holy Carabao.

Human(e) Nature is what we need to support nowadays.

Sweet-ly tempting farmfresh products from Holy Carabao

Holy Carabao had one of the more wholistic booths, selling drinks, cooking ingredients, accessories and beauty products. I regretted not having brought more cash to this event! I even sampled their stil-hot-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies made out of coconut nectar and whined when they said they weren’t for sale (only the coco nectar was).

From foodie to beauty junkie…

Aside from foodie finds, I reconnected with some old friends who had set up their own handcrafted natural soap business called Lotus Blooms.

Ground lavender, olive oil, sea kelp, and other natural goodies inside every bar of Lotus Bloom soaps.

Each soap was beautifully presented in a little box and named after a mythical Goddess. Plus, it had a positive affirmation placed on every label which I thought was a very clever touch.

Handcrafted “Soul- soaps” that are gentle enough for the body and your face.

I walked away with a Vanilla and Orange blend and vowed to get the newest creation made from French Lavender. Reasonably priced at Php 150 each, they would make great giveaways for Christmas or even pasalubongs. If you’ve got a beauty counter brimming with soaps then a massage balm might be a good addition to your wellness arsenal. They’re small enough to keep in your purse or have in your office desk when you need a pick me up or a cooling calm down.

Balm-y love in the palm of your hand.

By the time I had done my shopping rounds it was time to eat again. The workshops were about to start (it’s a whole day of meditation, yoga, talks, and other activities) so I had to decide what lunch would be. There were of course healthy snacks made out of either fruit or vegetable:

Savory malunggay chips in different flavors.

Fruit-y chip chakras.

Having snacking options was great but I really wanted a full meal so I had a bit of a carb fix at Edgy Veggy. At least their rice is organic and their tofu is GMO-free.

There was also hearty Japanese rice from Edgy Veggy

Tofu teriyaki mushrooms to top off your rice from Edgy Veggy

The vegetarian bibimbap of Edgy Veggy sold out by lunchtime so while they were re-stocking (and I’m always ordering their Japanese Teriyaki Tofu Steak) I went with their Moroccan Chickpea Soup with pita. Solidly flavor-ful-I wish it had been served with more bread though.

Glorious chickpeas for lunch!

Heading out, I made a mental note of some souvenirs I’d like to come back for. (EarthDance Manila 2012 will keep its doors open until midnight today). I’m hoping they will still be around when I come back after my Sunday errands.

There were pouches and bags made out of everyday packaging (recycled of course) that I’m sure would be a conversation piece-both a bad one and a good one.

Pitaka  passport holders and pouches made out of all kinds of re-purposed materials.

More Pitaka products on display

and, only because the vendor was nowhere to be found as I was window-less shopping, a Pinoy-pride T-shirt. Hopefully the style and size I want is still there tonight.

Say it on a t-shirt and wear it well.

On a final note, let’s all start the week ahead remembering that we need to separate, segregate and recreate. That goes for every aspect of your life though, and not just your trash 😉 Discuss.

What is your next step?

EarthDance Manila 2012 is open to the public (Php 200 entrance fee for adults, kids get in for free) until 12 midnight of Sept 23, 2012. Check their Facebook page for the schedule of their activities, many of which are family friendly!

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