The perks of a little Insta-glam makeover-everyone deserves a model moment!

In Living a Life Off-Center on July 15, 2012 at 5:26 am

Remove the sexual connotation of role-playing and what you have is a chance to be someone else for a couple of hours in a day. Yesterday, I attended AVA’s InstaGlam session. This was a contest that was launched last month wherein AVA shoppers were asked to invite as many contacts as possible to check out AVA.PH’s site and whoever signed up to be a member would be like a “point” for them. Winning would entitle one to have a professionally styled and photographed portrait done, complete with hair and make-up as well as “modeling” some choice items from the AVA shops. There were eight winners, but since we had booked the studio the whole day I was invited to have my portrait done as well, since I would be needing a new headshot for AVA.ZINE and for other PR purposes. I jumped at the chance since the last professionally done pic I had was looking rather dated and plain. Besides, almost every woman I knew dreams of having her “model” moment at least once in her life so I happily found myself being primped and prettified on a Saturday morning.

Done with hair and make-up I was led to a table to choose what accessory I’d like to use, I spotted the collection of Panopio Jewelry (which you can also view in full here: and first thought of using these pair of earrings:

Pillow earrings made of peridot and gold from Panopio

My favorite color is green and I loved the way this looked, especially when I tried them on. The peridot glinted subtly from under my blown-out hair and the shape was unusual and the texture of the gold made the design even more interesting-I understood why they were named “Pillow” earrings. The only glitch was that I had chosen a top that had strong silver accents, so there was a bit of a clash. With a heavy heart I passed on the earrings to another girl to use for her cover shoot and contented myself to find another accessory. (One day they will be mine!!!)

Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed for long as I found a finely crafted cuff called Target that was set in gold and “doughnut” shapes that I also loved. I’m a big fan of cuffs but since my wrist are smalls I tend to find many of the ones out there too chunky (as this seems to be the trend now). This particular cuff though was more delicate and feminine, yet not too frilly. It’s something I could definitely wear to pimp up a casual outfit or to help accent something more dressy for evening. After being expertly posed and directed by our photographer, Mau Aguasin, this was my “model” shot for Instaglam!

Finding my angle with Panopio’s Target cuff on my arm

Need to give a big thank you as well to the make-up team from L’Oreal and the hair team from Creations of Lourd Ramos for making me look like someone glamorous for a change!

Every now and then, we need to step out of the box of what is comfortable for us and revisit childhood fantasies of things we now mistakenly believe are “impossible” for us. You change the energies around you every time you take some sort of risk, and you also are brought to a better understanding of what it is you can do, and most often than not, you happily surprise yourself.

Enjoy the weekend! And perhaps take today out to revisit some of the “dreams” and even “roles” you may have wanted to play once upon a time. Happy endings everyone! Again, no sexual connotations allowed 😉

To get your hands on the latest from Panopio  Jewelry  click here: Panopio Jewelry on AVA

  1. Love this article, Ms. Trina! I have to agree with your make-up artist that you indeed have a resemblance with Emma Stone. Thank you, AVA for Instaglam! 🙂

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