Year round tote-all must haves! A repost from Manila Fashion Observer

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I´ve been remiss in the blogging world as life finds me far, far from home at the moment. No complaints though, in spite of choosing countries that seem to be experiencing an immense heat wave at the moment, I am truly enjoying a semi-brainless and stress-holiday. One thing I do regret however is my choice of handbag since shopping is always a temptation and I as I´ve leapt from car, to train to plane I do wish I had brought an extra tote with me to just throw everything in, again, in a semi-brainless fashion.

I content myself for now by reading some of my favorite blogs, such as the one written by AVA Idea-Lister Tin Dychiao ( you can get the full article here:

Or read on below:

Tote-all Must Haves

By Christine Dychiao

Forget IT bags, here are five totes in the market that are making a statement. Find these on and in local boutiques as well.

Leather Baggu: Martin Margiela shopping tote, is that you? Yes, this soft leather tote from Baggu is so chic and yet done with an edgy sense of humor you’d think it was from the master of deconstruction and transformation himself. What’s best, with prices for leather Baggus starting at just Php5,995 for a small leather shopper, you get the Margiela look for much less. Apart from classic black, white and camel, it comes in the trademark yummy Baggu shades too like mint, citrus and grapefruit.
Leather Baggu
Charro y Churro: The brother and sister team behind the label believes in making a statement using environment friendly reusable totes. But not just any statement. Each Charro y Churro tote bears a sassy, smart, and witty blurb that will appeal to the wiseass in you or your friends. Designed in New York but made in the Philippines, it’s a fun, affordable tote that can instantly spark a conversation amongst those in-the-know. No eye-poppingly expensive “It Bag” required.
Charro y Churro "My Balenciaga is on a Break"
Feed Projects: When it comes to social statement bags, FEED bags are both. Sosyal and Social. A project of model/socialite Lauren Bush, each FEED bag is made to fight world hunger by supporting the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) school feeding operations, which serve nutrient-packed meals to children in 74 countries worldwide. Each bag design has a corresponding cause, providing anywhere from 10 school meals to feeding 2 children for an entire year. Buy it as a gift for friends who have everything. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
Feed 10
Luntian Bags: A few years back, I received a gift from a friend – a Luntian bag filled with eco-friendly products that she carried in her store. It was a brilliant idea. Instead of using paper wrappers I would eventually dispose of, the packaging her presents came in was a gift in itself. Luntian Bags are not only reusable as grocery totes, it also supports a livelihood program in San Teodoro, Mabini, Batangas that provides jobs for unemployed women.
Luntian bags
Wm J Mills & Co.: Sailing in the summer, and preppy boarding school kids, that’s what William J Mills & Co., better known as Wm. J Mills & Co., totes are made of. The more colorful version of those classic LL Bean totes, Wm J Mills & Co totes are made out of sturdy canvas by the heritage sailmaking company based out of Greenport, New York. Built to last and expected to age gracefully, these make the perfect weekends totes for beach bound prepsters or university kids who want a classic tote that is out of the ordinary.
Wm J Mills & Co.
Leather Baggus, and totes from Charro y Churro, FEED Projects, and Luntian Bags are available for purchase at Wm J. Mills totes are currently available only at schu Rockwell.

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