Detailed delicate-jewelry from Narra

In Living a Life Off-Center on April 24, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Accessories play a big part in any chic boy and girl’s wardrobe. Chunky cuffs for example can be the one wear-able accent to change an entire ensemble as well as dramatic drop earrings or an immense-finely crafted neckpiece. But what about those days (even nights) when a gentler more refined energy is more resonant? Think of details, so fine they are only noticeable by the most discerning eye, or more importantly appreciated only by the wearer herself (or himself)?

Narra, a new line of jewelry created by newspaper mainstays Bea Ledesma and Ria Francisco-Prieto launched several simple yet intricate pieces at the Cake Shop in High Street, Fort Bonifacio

Designers and besties Francisco-Prieto and Ledesma at the Narra launch

This design duo had long wanted to collaborate on something and jewelry seemed the most do-able, as well as most fun. “We wanted something that was different but still didn’t have to be too difficult to produce and most of all wear” shared Ledesma as she showed me some of the necklaces and bracelets “we also thought that this limited selection would be Filipino in a way because of the elements involved” Elements included a whole fish pendant that even showed bones and scales.

Delicate yet definitive pieces

Two of my personal favorites were the shark jaw pendant, like the one wore below by Esquire Magazine’s Audrey Carpio

Jaws jewelry

and the fishbone flexible “fine” cuff that was wrist wear worthy. The rose gold in particular was scooped up by most of the guests at the launch.

Fishbone bracelet a great wrist add-on

Looked great even when paired with a dressier ensemble to boot:

Truly a lovely addition to any ensemble

With a very successful and well-attended launch, the girls must be over the moon and will probably be producing an equally playful yet stylish new line soon. I can’t wait!
Narra will soon be available at AC+632 Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.

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