Canteen Calling: A far cry from your typical cafeteria

In Living a Life Off-Center on March 14, 2012 at 1:06 pm

A clean Canteen teeming with foodie options

I’ve passed this place several times on my way to work and even on my way home. Although intrigued by the name “Canteen” it’s storefront that displayed clothes was a tad confusing. It was only when a workmate asked our office manager to grab her a salad from Canteen that it dawned to me that there was a restaurant somewhere inside that boutique. It was just a five minute walk from my  office so I made a mental note to try it out once I had the chance.

Today opened up that culinary chance as a friend passed by and asked me out for merienda, we had both never eaten there so we didn’t have any expectations and I silently said a prayer asking that it be good, or at the very least, a fun new discovery. It turns out that Canteen was also part of the Trilogy Boutique that sold clothes, shoes and toys for big boys and girls. Since my friend was a stylist, he pointed out a line of shirts made out of organic cotton called Alternative, quite a fashion-y find but we were there for the grub.

As I’m on one of my regular veggy detoxes I looked up at the extensive menu and my eyes were immediately draws on the pesto with white cheese (kesong puti from Laguna) and tomatoes pasta.

Pesto perfect. Rich, clean flavors for a satisfying carb-chow.

My friend who was so not on any kind of detox went for what he called his comfort food, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Canteen though gave him twice the comfort offering a double ham and double cheese version with a side of potato chips:

Double the pleasure:Twice the ham and twice the cheese in this panini

Turns out Canteen is a worthy foodie find. It can sit about 20 people comfortably, it’s well lit, clean with good service.. My pesto was hearty, albeit a little oily, but very satisfying and my friend practically licked his plate clean. So, remove past experiences of school and office cafeterias and answer the yummy call of this Canteen (and do a little shopping on the side). Oh, and it’s open seven days a week, so anytime is a great time for a little Canteen chow.

Canteen is located in: Alvion Center, 110 Rada Street, Legaspi Village Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 328- 1071

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday 11:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday to Sunday 10:00am to 5:00pm

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