Sunny bling: Customized crystal accessories for summer

In Philippine Star Column on March 9, 2012 at 2:03 am

Necklace and Earrings of Yellow Jade,Turquoise Stones and Glass Crystals. Php3200

Shake off a little of the scorching heat with some colorful bibs and neckpieces that can cool down any sizzling summer ensemble. As lengths shorten and sleeves disappear, a flirty combination of stones in a playful, youthful design can complete your look. I love searching the malls for new bits and baubles that can extend the wearability of what’s already in my wardrobe. I have to admit though that I’m not a good shopper nor a patient one, I go out with a visual list in my head and if my frequent haunts do not carry what I’m looking for, I stop looking elsewhere and just go home and go online.

Three strand necklace of Turquoise, Crystallized Orange Coral and Antique Finish Findings. Php3000

Makers of made-to-order clothes Tinsley Manila, is now part of my bookmarked sites ( especially with the inclusion of their accessory line that uses real crystals (which have their own energy enhancing properties) and a lot of versatility as you can pick and choose and change-it-up according to your preference. Tinsley Manila’s founder, Elthy Irasga, branched out into accessories, naming the line Carmen Aurora (after her paternal and maternal grandmothers) simply because “I didn’t like the accessories some of my customers were using, and since I was making clothes for them, I wanted to complement what I made, it was like a natural progression,” shares Irasga.

Necklace and bracelet of White Opal Stones, Turquoise Stones and Woven Antique Finish Hearts. Php1800

Aside from pieces that can be worn around the neck, Irasga also started making sets, like one of my favorites: a neckpiece and bracelet made out of turquoise beads combined with gold wired hearts that lent some gentle femininity to my wardrobe without being sickeningly sweet, or to bring in a little sunshine to a resort-like evening, I chose a flowery yellow jade and glass bead piece that had matching tear-drop earrings. If bright is not in your sight, then there are also more neutral pieces to choose from, like black onyx or deep blue agate and the crystals (whether or colorful or dark) are often offset by either antique finish looking wood, enamel, or chain. Although most of the pieces are lightweight and delicate looking, if you have a heavier, bulkier design in mind, you can send pegs or discuss with Irasga what look you want, combination of materials and colors and she can work on doing something exclusively for you.

Royal Blue Enamel Pendant with Turquoise Stones, Indian Beads, Glass Crystals, Antique Finish Woven Balls Php 3200

The crystals may also be of significance to the wearer over and beyond just aesthetics. Turquoise for example, is not just the birthstone for adventure-loving Sagittarius but is also believed to protect travelers on their voyages. Black onyx is also another stone that shields its wearer from negativity while Coral enhances passion, power and energy, so if you need a little fire in your life, reach for this red-hot crystal. Whether or not you believe in the power of crystals, believe in the power of accessories to bring life to your ensemble or even as a clever and fresh accent to work or school uniform.

Red and Blue Necklace made from Red Turquoise Stones, Blue Agate Stones in Antique Finish Chain & Findings Php2800

This could also be an opportunity to bring on a well-spring of creativity by allowing your inner fashionista to come out and design something truly special. Go and take a look at what you love most in your closet, take note of your favorite colors and check your social calendar to see what you may need in the coming months and this could be the beginning of a delightful style collaboration between you and the craftsmen of Carmen Aurora.

Bib of Turquoise Stones and Glass Beads. Php2500

* * *

For more information on Carmen Aurora visit or call 0917-5692188 or e-mail:

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