Nomama Artisanal Ramen-a foodie trip worth taking

In Living a Life Off-Center on March 8, 2012 at 2:28 am

I’m also delighted with new dining discoveries, even if the trek takes me further logistically than my usual haunts in the Makati or Fort area. Yesterday brought me to lunch in the Quezon City district, to meet up with a cousin I hadn’t seen in almost a year. He, being a foodie like me, as well as someone who was trying to be conscious of both his physique and his health recommended Nomama Artisanal Ramen in Sct. Tuazon St. “It’s good food and they have healthy options” he said over the phone and gave me the address. Needless to say, in spite of his directions, I still managed to get lost but I finally found it after a rather reckless U-turn.

The interior design of the place was bright and area, and I have to emphasize this clean looking. Most ramen houses tend to favor their food over the general energy and look of the place-leaving one to shudder at hygienic standards, but Nomama left no shadows to hide in, especially with an open kitchen where patrons could see their food being prepared while they sat on comfortable chairs and low tables.

Menu-wise, the options were endless, whether you’re a vegetarian or a true omnivore like me. We started off with the mushroom gyoza:

These were perfectly cooked, I didn’t even bother dipping them in the sauce, and bursting with mushrooms inside, I thought of all my vegetarian friends and how much they’d enjoy this tasty starter.

We moved on to our next starter, the soft shell crab salad:

Crunchy crab in a bed of greens

This was good, although I would have preferred to have the salad sauce on the side. I feel it made the veggies soggy and overpowered the taste of the crab. I scraped the sauce off and it made a big difference, I really have a preference for simpler salads, but I cannot resist crabs!

Next we moved on to the house specialties, I was about to embark on my 15 day veggy detox so this was the perfect opportunity to have a “last” meat-filled meal. My cousin recommended I go with the Nomama Ramen, which had pork slices and egg mixed in with it so I said yes without hesitation:

The House Star: Nomama Ramen

This was absolutely delicious! It was full-flavored yet light, it wasn’tnakakasawa (best way to describe it) as over-flavored broths tend to be. The eggs I have to say were so good, I have no idea how they are cooked but they added even more flavor to the dish, fact is, I could have had this without the pork slices and not missed the “meat-taste”. I wonder if I could order it that way next time, and if it would change the flavors. Something to come back for in the near future (or if Nomama opens closer to where I live!)

My cousin, opted for the green curry ramen, it must have been so good as he didn’t even offer to share with me! Hahaha!

Green-minded: Spicy green curry ramen

But what we did share was the seafood tempura that had fat, juicy prawns, softshell crab (yes, again-yum) and eggplant. With a lovely tempura sauce that we did NOT share again (we had a bowl of sauce each)

Seafood medley: Tempura delights

As we were winding down (and feeling quite full and satisfied) some other friends came to join us. What they ordered looked so mouthwatering but I didn’t have any more space, but made a mental note to have this for my Next-Time-Nomama moment.

The first would be their teriyaki steak (I think that’s what it was called):

Tofu Tower: Teriyaki Tofu Steak

and the next was a very interesting and very pretty half-and-half tuna steak. It looked like a marriage between maguro sashimi and maguro steak…If only I had more space, I would have at least taken a bite out of this:

50-50: A half and half tuna steak

So folks,  I hope this newest foodie adventure of mine has whetted your appetite to try something new over the weekend (if you haven’t already). I know I’m not a food blogger, but this restaurant was just such an amazing find, plus I always like sharing places where you have healthier and a variety of eating options. This is the perfect place to bring friends and family with all sorts of of dietary preferences. If you’re in a hurry, not to worry, their service is pretty fast, so you don’t stay hungry long.

According to Nomama’s chef Him Uy de Baron (you may have heard of him from East Cafe) his restaurant  does get quite crowded for dinner, so you’re best bet is to try for lunch or an early dinner. To make reservations or to get directions (trust me, you don’t want my inept logistical skills) call or text (02) 921-4913 or 0917-5228272.

Happy, happy (and healthy or hearty) eating everyone!


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