Green your caffeine fix with an Eco-Cup!

In Living a Life Off-Center on February 4, 2012 at 5:08 pm

I am now a true believer of “ask and you shall receive”. Be it the Law of Attraction, the Powers of Manifestation, or just total, immense trust in a Divine plan, things that I’ve been requesting (either out loud or silently) come to me almost effortlessly and easily. Case in point, I have to admit that I need either a rich cup of coffee or my favorite earl grey with chai syrup and soy milk fix once a week (sometimes twice) and I even bought and personalized a tumbler from the coffee chain I frequent. Not only did this purchase give me a small discount every time I indulged in a piping out beverage, but I had a sense that I was scoring one for the environment by bringing in my own little tumbler.

As I have been moving around, I sometimes leave my tumbler in my house or my office-not a really good way to start the day when you realize your favorite tumbler is not really within arms reach. So, what did I decide to do? I decided to get another tumbler, but this time, the plan was to have someone give it to me. I posted on FB and Twitter “I really love my personalized tumbler, I wish I had another one…hint hint” and hoped for the best (or at the very least, someone to take my hint seriously). A day passed, and nothing, another day passed, and still nothing. The most I got was  a reaction of “Wow you have a personalized tumbler?” and that was it. I thought to myself, “Oh well, I guess I’ll get another tumbler for myself the next time I go for a cup of joe or earl”.

Cut to yesterday morning when a friend of mine who had moved to the US over a year ago, called to say she was in town and if I’d like to have lunch. I went to pick her up and being a true Filipina she said she had some pasalubongs (gifts) for me. The first thing she handed me was a bag of yummy Trader Joe’s Granola, perfect to put in frozen yogurt, or as a healthy snack I could bring around. Then, after my happy squealing had died down (I love granola) she said “Oh, and I thought if I gave you something else it would have to be ‘save the Earth’ type”and she promptly handed me a beautiful Eco-Cup:

Eco-up your cup!

I gasped in disbelief “Oh my God” came out of my mouth followed by “Did you know I actually wrote on FB and Twitter that I wanted another tumbler?” to which my friend’s eyes widened and said “Oh no way!” and she laughed “and you know I don’t go on Facebook!” there are no coincidences, really. I hugged her…what a way for the Universe to answer my hint! Big time.

These “non-paper” cups are made out of porcelain in two versions, one thermal one non-thermal. Mine was the non-thermal version that came with a silicone lid and sleeve, so holding on to it with a close to scalding concoction inside would be easier. Plus, it looks so darn cool. The porcelain could keep the heat in ( I order my drinks extra hot) and the silicon lid allowed for slow-sipping comfort, without the burn. Genius

Use and re-use me please!

I love this gift so much that I’m actually stretching my caffeine craving out til the weekend is over so I can trot into my chosen café of choice with eco-cup in hand. Next on my list? Perhaps to jazz up my mornings, a version in a colorful, playful graphic such as the ones one below:

Beverage (holder) beauties!

Oh and before I forget…*ahem, hint…hint…

  1. is this available in the Phil?:)

    • Hi Riza!
      I haven’t seen any yet in retail stores (but I haven’t really been looking) I did find a couple for sale on the website 🙂 Hope you find one!

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