Macadamia Hair Oil-a delicious scalp soother!

In Living a Life Off-Center on January 25, 2012 at 6:30 am

I love getting beauty gifts, and last Christmas I received a bottle of Macadamia Natural Oil that was for the hair and scalp. We all have bad habits and mine was that when I was either bored or nervous (sometimes stressed) I would pick at my scalp, even if it was itchy. A disgusting habit I know, even if my scalp wasn’t necessarily dry, my hands and fingers would go to a designated spot on the top of my head and I would pick away. This may be too much information but if my mom hadn’t seen me do it in her presence a couple of times I would probably have picked at it til it bled.

Heal your hair! (and scalp)

I checked the bottle and it said that it was a healing oil that was practically weightless. Weightless oil? Interesting, but I was cynical. Aside from macadamia oil (as per the label) it also contained Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil-which helps regulate sebum production in your scalp area- it is more commonly known as Argan Oil or Argan Seed Oil. I tried to do a little research on the benefits of Macadamia Nut Oil but they were all very general “good for the hair, scalp and body” reviews. I was still intrigued with the instructions, it could be applied right before styling-when the hair was still damp from a shower or newly dried. I thought to myself, “I have oily hair, won’t this make my hair more limp and heavy?”  There were also additional suggestions of using it to enhance a leave-in conditioning masque which I thought made more sense. It was a long weekend anyway, so I decided to try it out, as a pre-styling product and see.

The first thing I noticed when I pumped it into my hand was that it was practically transparent in color, I was expecting something heavier and of course, oilier:

Lighter than expected

I also really liked the smell. It wasn’t strong and fragrant, but just delicious smelling-like rich, fresh honey. Maybe I was just hungry at that time, but if I had a stack of waffles I would have been tempted to pour this all over it! As I massaged a small amount into my scalp I noticed that the oil did absorb relatively quickly, I was expecting (like the color) for a certain heaviness and stickiness but didn’t get that at all. I applied a little bit on the ends of my hair which are prone to dryness. I gave my hair a quick blowout (adding a little mouse) and continued on my day.

That evening, I shampooed, and applied a little more of the oil to my scalp before going to sleep. The next day, I combed out my hair and did feel like my scalp was much softer, I didn’t have the heart to start picking at it again! Health nuts will be pleased to note that this oil doesn’t have alcohol and harmful sulfates, it will also benefit those with sensitive scalps or allergies.

So far, the oil has been part of 3x a week ritual and something I do when I’m away on a business trip as temperature changes really affect my hair and skin. Oh, and I keep going back to how wonderful my  hands smell after giving my scalp and hair a much needed-loving rub!

From what I know, Macadamia Hair Oil is available at Straight and Smooth Salon:

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