Smelling salts-a great way to relax in an instant

In Living a Life Off-Center on January 9, 2012 at 10:02 am
Blog entry will be quick today as I find myself rushing from one activity to another. Thank goodness one of my BFFs gave me a little godsend-in-a-bottle over the holidays. Relaxing Smelling Salts from Ritual in the Collective ( The ingredients are simple, large-ish chunks of sea salt that have been soaked in essential oils (I smell lots of lavender). As I was getting a bit blitzed by today I decided to take a whiff and boom, the effect was instant. I actually calmed down. The smell was so welcoming and comforting it made me just want to take a deeeeeep breath and stop everything I was doing, if only for a minute. This is excellent to keep by your bed, on your workdesk or in your bag. Hey, maybe even in your car to help prevent road rage.

Now, as I’m about to bolt again and find myself in yet another social gathering I open up the cap and inhale. Breathe. Inviting all of you to get into the smell of these salts 🙂 Happy Monday!

Smelling salts to soooooooothe away stress!

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