Rawlicious-juice do it!

In Uncategorized on January 3, 2012 at 8:47 am

My three day detox diet begins. I overindulged over the holidays, big time. I’m not a heavy meat eater (although I love it) but this was just day after day of steaks, burgers, cold cuts, the works, not to mention the lack of green options as my friends, family and I indulged in everything that tastes so good but doesn’t do a body good. I remembered on my way home from the beach that a good friend of mine recommended a juice-ing service that was reasonably priced and great tasting. I’ve done juice fasts before, and they’ve been highly effective with JujuCleanse here in the Philippines so I wanted to try another service that would give me freshly blended fruit juices that I could take to supplement my lighter, healthier meals prepared at home. I called up Joanna Lichauco who patiently explained to me that their juices are made out of fresh and organic ingredients and seasoned with wild honey. They only deliver 2x a week and the juices only last refrigerated for three days so I decided to order 7.5 liters worth of juice to sustain me from Tuesday to Thursday. Lichauco suggested I juice up with one full healthy meal so that my body wouldn’t go into shock. Day 1 begins today, the juice delivery was a little late, so I was pretty hungry by the time it arrived. I forgot to read the instructions and gulped down the Xavier concoction (made up of organic ginger, pineapple and green banana) which is a no-no. The juices are meant to be enjoyed and sipped with love to benefit them fully. My afternoon drink was a lot gentler. I asked Lichauco to just mix-up the different juices so I would just “grab-a-surprise” everyday. So far, so good. Will plan my dinner tonight carefully around this detox.

Juicy couture in my ref 🙂

Let’s see what happens on Day 2!

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