Fashion fantasy and when to not ‘be’ yourself

In Philippine Star Column on October 28, 2011 at 2:19 am

Facial mask anyone?

If you have been caught up in the fashion show frenzy this October then maybe you have had your share of “oooh”s, “aaaah”s, and “WTH-was–that?!” moments like I have after witnessing models gliding down in either design dreams or nightmares. When something overly dramatic passed by, all I could think of was the spirit of Halloween and how this would be a great addition to any costume party if accessorized with a pair of fangs or “I’m the undead” makeup. If spending on couture to win a Scariest Costume instead of Best Dressed isn’t your thing then start your own costume drama at a shop that really specializes in dressing you to not look like you. Options include online site Lucky Doll Store which specializes in sexy (think Mean Girls’ The Plastics at Halloween) rentals, there is, of course, good old reliable Camp Suki which is still the country’s largest resource for costume and formal wear rental and relatively new player in the market, Skitzo.

Drag queen: Skitzo co-owner Cheska Yupangco as the Queen of Hearts

Skitzo has been around for just over a year and is located inside The Collective compound in Makati. The store specializes mainly in costumes, which you can buy ready-to-wear off the rack or already packaged in grab-and-go bags. Have something special in mind? Then have it made to your liking, all you need is a visual peg for reference, and this includes accessories such as a hat, a “weapon,” horns, cape — you name it, and it can be done. If you’ve already got a costume but just need a few extra touches like a mask, goofy glasses, false eyelashes, special effect makeup, wigs in different colors, textures and lengths and even a wig “holder” for your hair (no pins necessary) then feel free to scour the shelves in this store. A friend of mine got a Thor hammer that actually simulates the sound of thunder when you shake it. In terms of add-ons, top sellers are the Storm Trooper masks, a variety of crowns (that would fit any drama queen) and, of course, the ubiquitous Angry Bird beanie. If you believe Halloween is for kids and opt not to play dress-up this season you may want to check out some of their adult-themed toys and trinkets that would spice up a bachelorette or a more (ahem) racy bridal shower.

Department stores also have costume options but seem more stocked for kids and infants although you can get a few items for adults at places like Toy Kingdom and some high-quality colored wigs at SM. Remember that creative dressing is not only relegated to Halloween with party season coming up and we Pinoys seem to be fond of themes. I recently attended a party where guests were asked to come in TV characters from US shows which had me audience to a gaggle of Gossip Girls, Big Bang Theorists and a couple of Mad Men. So if you’re feeling down, say yes to that party invite and go dress up and be someone new for a little while.

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SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated October 28, 2011

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