Say ‘moshi moshi’ to a new kind of phone accessory

In Philippine Star Column on July 15, 2011 at 1:18 am

Colorful retro-style POP earpieces for your smartphone

Hands on: Moshi Moshi’s handsets are all iPad, iPhone and laptop-compatible

The mobile phone has made conversation easier. Or has it? Sure, we can now contact (and be contacted) almost anywhere and anyplace, providing cell coverage is adequate but the smaller the gadget, sometimes the harder to hold it in place for too long. Think about it: you’re on the phone delicately trying to balance it in the crook of your neck and shoulder while typing out instructions, or you’ve just engaged in a riveting conversation with your best friend and wonder why, after hours of chatter, your ear seems to be on fire. It is commonly believed that the radiation emitted from the modern smart phone is damaging. I certainly believe it, not to mention the posture problems you may experience having had your head bent to the side for most parts of the day. Telebabad, whether for work or play, can be hazardous to your health. There have been solutions, of course, the first is to limit your time on the phone (in this day and age? Yeah, right) or equip yourself with a bluetooth headset which allows you more freedom and may eliminate radiation melting your brain cells.

Moshi Moshi accessories for your Smartphones and Laptops

Old news: The MoshiMoshi 01 is a handset and weighted base that has a high-quality speaker and a microphone.

A much more fashionable option would be the line of MoshiMoshi (MM) mobile phone accessories. One can choose from whimsical (and vintage) designs you can simply attach to the jack of your iPhone, Blackberry or the latest laptop models. Still loyal to an older unit of talk gadgetry? Not to worry: most phones can still use MM products when fitted with an adaptor. Just using one of these retro-inspired designs (think the classic ‘50s Bakelite telephones) can reduce up to 95 percent of the radiation absorbed compared to direct use of your mobile phone. There are two styles to choose from, one that can be plugged directly to your mobile or iPad, or the MM01R that looks like an actual telephone with its own base. For those old timers, think back to your youth when you could just hang the handset on your shoulder without having to contort your neck to Cirque du Soleil standards. Not into retro? You might be seduced by the sleeker likes of the MM 03 and 03i. These handset and weighted base units have no need for wires as you can do all your communication via bluetooth. The 03i can even act as a charger for your iPhone with a talk time of about six hours. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can still place calls using a bluetooth wireless computer. Another cool feature is you can pair up to five wireless gadgets with this handset and the sound is crystal clear, plus you reduce up to 90 percent of radiation.

The MM04i comes in two colors silver and black and copper and taupe

The ultimate: Use the MM04i as a handset, a charging dock and speakers or just to impress.

If you want to go the extra mile, and want multiuse for your MoshiMoshi, then go for the MM04 and MMO4i, which are likely to elicit envy from your audiophile and gaga-over-gadgets friends. Looking like it would be comfortable right beside Agent 007, these phones were crafted by multi-awarded British designer Michael Young, and marry contemporary with functionality. From afar, they look like speakers, but are actually handsets that can be used as speakers as well, plus you can use bluetooth streaming to play songs from your smart phone or any other bluetooth wireless-equipped contraption. I’m not much of a techie but everything was pretty straightforward in terms of getting my BlackBerry to work with all the MM products although the lazy girl in me thought of just getting the simpler, colorful Pop model to just plug and go. Color-wise you can choose from red, green, violet, pink and a rich deep indigo from the Pop line while the MM03s are in monochromatic black or white. From afar, the MM04s could look like leather, adding to its sophistication, especially the burnished copper-taupe one.

The MMO3 is a sleek way to chat via Bluetooth

Next time you get a crick in your neck or earburn from too much talk time, you may want to consider giving your poor brain and posture a break with a MoshiMoshi.

* * *

For more information on MoshiMoshi call 0917-5754812 and ask for Eugene Go or e-mail

SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated July 15, 2011 12:00 

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