A few moments of complete calm-repost

In Living a Life Off-Center on June 10, 2011 at 5:47 am

Found this and wanted to share with everyone.

The energies of June are turning out to be rather manic and energy filled. I hope this short video helps you find some bliss in order to recharge with grace.:-)

you can see everything on this link


A Few Moments of Complete Calm (Video)

by Jessica Ashley, Shine staff

Between the crazy storms and sticky-hot extremes of weather, it feels like we’ve skipped spring altogether. There were barely 48 hours to enjoy the magnolia trees in bloom before high winds and rain washed the delicate pink petals away. The flowers in my neighbors’ yards seem to droop under the weight of the humidity or pause for some sign that it really is the right time to emerge completely. And isn’t this what we wait for all winter, what we negotiate in our heads as we shovel snow and pile on layers of down, wool, and fleece — that it will all be worth it once spring arrives?

Until the weather evens out or we just admit it’s never coming, perhaps these beautiful time-lapse videos will bring you the the same ahhhh it did for me. I love that all of the fragility of a flower opening is captured, helping us appreciate what goes in to one little bud opening to the world. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and I do believe this morning meditation is a wonderful start to the day, no matter what the weather outside the window.

If you are lucky enough to have a perfectly sunshiney spring day where you are, watch anyway. These stunning videos can only make it even better.
See the vids:

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