How to live from the heart and heal-Mother Earth messages

In Living a Life Off-Center on April 7, 2011 at 3:29 am

I would like to share with you all three videos. It is of course obvious how much we are suffering as a people from natural “calamities” as well as feeding on tainted food and drink. Things will not get much better for us, without a change in consciousness. It is in sharing these videos that I hope we all start doing this change together, to live from the heart, to help heal ourselves, the water we use the water that surrounds us, that sustains life, as well as the animals and the plants that we have to coexist with.

Please feel free to share.

My suggestion is to watch for a few minutes and then close your eyes and just listen. When I did that my whole body developed goosebumps, and the top of my head (where the crown chakra is) started to vibrate and I felt a deep warmth as well as a deep, deep sadness.

We are hurting ourselves…by hurting the Earth and others not just by our actions (waste, pollution) but with unkind words, unkind thoughts, impatience, judgment, anger, spite, envy…the list goes on.

I do hope that this video is an eye opener for some, but for most, a reminder of what we came here to do, and that is to live in love.


Kiesha Crowther messages:

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