Upping our spiritual ante-a repost from Jodi Serota

In Living a Life Off-Center on March 17, 2011 at 12:35 pm

Stumbled upon this from a friend on FB, it’s a nice read and felt it would be good to share:

2011 – “The Year of Decision Making”

Upping the Ante…

We are now being confronted more directly and with more intensity to make changes that are essential to our personal growth, and well being. We are being put in positions of true initiations, meaning that on every level we’re being tested to be in our highest potentials. It is essential to make specific changes that will provide us with greater and more immediate opportunities assisting in evolving as beings embracing complete recognition and embodiment of our full “Divine Selves”.

New Synchronizations for Higher Levels of Consciousness …

Many are being faced with situations forcing an awakening to alternative ways of living, loving, creating, enjoying, and being more responsible for our life choices.

We are being expanded or stretched to be more aware of knowing ourselves in fuller more multi-dimensional ways. Our bodies are being re-calibrated to hold more of our innate, more refined higher frequencies. In that, many have been experiencing challenges in their physical health, changes in attitudes, considerations of re-locating, changing occupations, leaving or adjusting long term relationships and just letting go of outdated situations that don’t serve us anymore.

We’re being vibrationally challenged or encouraged to start fresh with people, places and life situations. We’re being restructured, synchronized (internally and externally), to initiate higher levels of consciousness personally and globally.


We are being forced to now look at what really matters to us in order to create more easily and for greater enjoyment in life. Our innate abilities as creators are being shown to us much more tangibly now, so we need to be very clear in our intentions.  Instant manifestation is now readily available. We must be responsible for our thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds.

Materialization is equivalent to “Matter Realization”. As you feel your passion and realize what’s important to you, it can easily be made “real”. In knowing what matters, the potential for creation through that realization is matter-realization or Materialization. The physical creation of your true desires and passions will nourish and feed your soul. When you’re in synch with desire for your highest good and for all, everything is created automatically without any stress, confusion or struggle and greater happiness is experienced.

What is Happiness?

How do we really know happiness without the perception of it being the opposite of suffering?

We compare the two in order to figure out what we really want and enjoy.

We yearn to be happy but only seem to have a way to reference it by overcoming traumas, confusion, limitation and pain.

In my own experience, what I have found is that the quality of being happy really comes from being in our own Divine Alignment. By being in that natural state of ‘knowing” we then remember that we are more than our physical bodies. We can then embrace A Higher Self Reality, a vibrationally higher part of our selves orchestrating our human form.

When we allow our lower personality self to surrender control to our higher Divine Presence, then we experience an alignment that is pure, all-inclusive love.

In that “Absolute Alliance” we then experience a true embodiment of our multidimensional selves satiated with love, peace & incredible joy. Happiness at it’s Best!

Higher Heights…

This is a year where our decisions are determining factors for major leaps in our happiness, manifestations, and growth in consciousness. Forgive, have gratitude, be aware, purposeful and open hearted. Invite in opportunities for change!

Enjoy the ongoing Journey of Enlightenment and Know We All Make A Difference!

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