Mercury in retrograde-How to get ready this March

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We’re about to roll into BOTH a Supermoon and the beginning aspects of Mercury in Retrograde this weekend. What exactly is Mercury in Retrograde and how does one prepare for this phenomena that occurs three, sometimes four times in a year? First, a little explanation on what Mercury signifies as taken from Susan Miller’s

When this planet retrogrades it gives us time to look back and reflect


This little guy is the mythological messenger, communicating information to one and all. Mercury represents non-emotional, highly rational, objective thought. Its placement in a sign determines that sign?s intellectual style. As a quickly moving planet, Mercury is flexible, responsive and adaptable. A big part of Mercury?s job is to disburse information; as such it rules perception, language, writing, editing, research, speaking, all kinds of learning experiences and learning styles and the assessment of data. It rules telecommunications, computing, software, electronic gadgets, the postal service, shipping, couriers, and all forms of transportation. This planet has a LOT of responsibility.

When Mercury retrogrades (something you will read about often on my website, Astrology Zone, at, it scrambles information, causes static and confusion. Its effects are felt universally. Mercury retrograde episodes are highly unreliable to sign contracts, complete important transactions, access accurate information or make big decisions.

The sign and house in which Mercury resides in one’s chart reveals a great deal about that person’s natural style of gathering and giving out information. Mercury also rules sibling relationships, maps, letters, travel plans, appointments, roadways, vehicles, advertising, publishing, sales, and public relations.

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Mercury spends about two-three weeks in each sign, but when it retrogrades, which it does three to four times a year, it can stay in one sign as long as ten weeks. Never far from the Sun, it takes about one year to circle the zodiac.


So how does one cope? First of all, remember that the BASIC lesson mercury retro has to teach all of us is how to be more introspective. Since it affects outside communication, deals, electronics etc, we need to find out how to communicate or get back in touch with OURSELVES. Take this time out to revisit old projects, old goals, wishes, dreams. Reconnect with friends and family you haven’t seen in a long time, or go visit an old haunt and see how you feel about all of them and more importantly how you feel about yourself.

I also picked this up from another website, some “instructions” on how to cope during a Mercury in Retrograde period which for us will be March 30 to April 23 but please do remember that effects will be felt a WEEK before and even a WEEK after.

An interesting note to take into consideration:

In 2011, Uranus moves into Aries for a SEVEN YEAR stay, bringing the winds of change. Uranus moves into Aries on March 11, 2011. The first Mercury retrograde of the year (March 30 – April 23) provides the opportunity to adjust our thoughts, attitudes and decisions about our issues and adjust our new direction as we move through 2011. The changes will be dynamic as the Aries floodgates will have been opened. The whirling changes will begin in January 22, 2011 and ramp up to a higher speed and intensity of change on March 11, 2011. The situations of trading places and experiencing major transitions occur and become a major course correction beginning with the Mercury Retrograde on March 30th and continue through April 23, 2011. (And when was the date of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? March 11) This is certainly not an occurrence to be taken lightly.


Instructions (reposted from :

    • 1

      Be prepared! Have a positive outlook that it is only a short period of time to deal with nuisances.

    • 2

      Any important communications should be taken care of at least a week prior to the retrograde. Mental clarity is said to be impaired. Back up computer data. Studies indicate sudden electronic glitches become added headaches.

    • 3

      Be certain your automobile is in top condition. Still, last minute minor problems could pop up to ruin plans. Make travel plans prior to the astral change or don’t travel at all due to mechanical issues and delays during this period.

    • 4

      Contract signings should be delayed if the paperwork was not drawn up prior to the retrograde. Employment decisions should also be delayed unless everything is ironclad in the agreement.

    • 5

      Shipments could be delayed or lost. Mail early and with correct postage. Do-overs will be prevalent, regardless of care taken to do it correctly the first time.

    • 6

      Take nothing for granted during this time period, because that’s exactly when surprises will occur.

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