March 2011 Energies: Building from your bones

In Living a Life Off-Center on March 6, 2011 at 2:45 am

I have been asked, to a degree, WTF (or a more wholesome WTH) is happening this March? Sending out a request to the New Moon last night to find some explanation, I was blessed with an answer via email. Please note that this is a repost from the website: and it comes as a channeled message. Take what you can from it, but create your own truths from what you feel is right for you.

March 2011: Building From Your Bones

Written by Talyaa Liera
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 15:14
galactic-buble-rcw-120This month, March 2011, represents your birth. Rebirth, to be exact. 

Last month you set your path for the entire year, glimpsed the heavens for a brief shining moment … and then for many it slipped away. Life happened. Old patterns came a-calling. Old fears, old hurts, old relationship dynamics, old ways of looking at Self and the universe. They all came knocking at your door, and were not at all quiet about it. Your usual way of looking at these old patterns, especially if you are a person who has been doing self work for a while and gaining self awareness, has been to wonder what on earth you were doing wrong, what you missed, what you did to cause this new-old pain. And to panic. Fears set in.

But there is nothing wrong. Old patterns often come back so you can embrace them and the gifts they once taught you. They are not something to get rid of. They are old friends. They are with you to help you, to help you learn and grow and to be there when you shift into What Comes Next and step through the doorway into what you are creating. Old patterns are your gift of remembrance, of how far you have come and of how you have a choice in how to proceed now and in every moment.

This month, then, is a month where you begin from the ground up. February took you down to the bone. The tumult of old patterns has created, for many of us, a perfect playground of empty tiredness. This, together with the chaotic energies cascading around the planet as characterized by Wisconsin, Libya, and Egypt, has made any of you soul-weary. You have nothing left. You are bare, raw, and vulnerable. All your deep inner fears are on the table where you can see them. Exposed.

It is the perfect time to build from the ground up. You have your foundation. Your bones are strong. All you have to do is to decide what you will create on top of them. What face will you show to the world? What gifts do you clothe yourself in? Who do you become that will support what it is you wish to do?

Such a vast, wide-open doorway. Some of you will wish to scurry back inside rather than step out into the bright sunshine that shines down on your exposed bones. This will be your desire, but is it, truly? You are taking yourself along on a journey. Nothing happens for no reason. No experience is wasted. If you go back inside to your foundation, it is okay. You will do your work indoors. But if you manage to step fully out into the bright light that surrounds you, you will find friends each doing the same thing. Allies. Support. And your way will become more clear. The path opens and beckons to you. You will know the way.

There is no wrong turn to take here. If this is not the month to move firmly onto the path you created last month, then it is because you are doing other work instead. The path still awaits, or perhaps becomes rebuilt elsewhere in time. And once on your path, there is no ending, no destination. Simply being on it means that you have connected to who you are, to your destiny.

Let’s talk about destiny for a moment. Every lifetime can be expressed as a story. Some stories are more True than others; the best stories, the ones we all like to hear over and over and that we connect to on a visceral level, are the ones with the most amount of Truth in them. Each of us has a story, our destiny. It is up to us to find it and live it as best we can. The closer we get to our True story, the happier we are and the more we are fulfilling our destiny, the story we came here to express, be, and experience.

This month, then, brings many of you that much closer to your destiny. In a big way.

You can assist your own process. Write down a list of things that you really want, from a deep soul level. Acceptance. Love. Exchange. Community. Things like that. Make your list and recheck it over a series of days, asking yourself questions (“Do I really want this? Why? What will I receive from it? What might it feel like?”) and answering them, fine-tuning your list. Then make a second list of actions you can make TODAY that support the things that you want. Large or small, anything that you can do or set in motion counts and will help you walk your path. See how easy? Doing this over the course of this month will help clothe your bones, give them life, and set you firmly on your path of destiny.

What to Expect This Month


When you are so bare and raw like this, unraveling, it can seem that this skeletal state could last forever. It won’t. Today brings a fresh breath of energy, waves of possibility, and with those come the hope of tomorrow, the certainty that things change and that you have the power to create your What Comes Next. Feeling disempowered? Then bring things down to the most basic level – your body. Take one action today that supports feeling your body, feeling that you HAVE a body. Step outside and breathe. Dance. Make love. Take a bath. Feel the changing of the seasons. Notice your heartbeat. Eat something juicy and delicious. And then thank your body for the experience, for supporting you and being with you in your journey. Ask your body what it wants next. Use your one action today as the stepping-stone to a series of conversations with your body.

Affirmation: I AM strong and empowered by my every action.


Remember last month’s challenges? The challenge this month is to remember three things:

  • Everyone wants to feel loved.
  • If you feel discomfort in your interaction with someone, it could be that it isn’t about you.
  • We are all in this together.
  • The tendency for many is to think we are islands, alone in a vast sea of misunderstanding. Although on one level it’s easy to remember the ultimate and overarching connection among all living things, when interacting with another being who resides inside a skin that is separate from yours it is often easier to think we are all separate, autonomous islands. After all, my skin covers me and your skin covers you – you can easily see how separate we are. Taking that a step further, it is easy to become caught in little hurts, differences of desire or opinion, and dynamics that are familiar from old wounds.

    This month will see petty quarrels rising to a level you may not have seen before. Minor conflicts become blown out of proportion. People feel angry and powerless, and because of that they may utilize bullying practices, the legal system, and other extreme measures to feel safe and protected. You yourself may find that you feel violated and defensive. It is all part of the energy surrounding you, and an invitation to learn to move through challenges differently.

    This could be a month to make it all stop. Just as you are moving through a growth process, stepping onto your path of destiny, so too are others claiming their lives, clothing their bones, and forming their own pathways. Be kind; your kindness to others will be returned to you. Be compassionate; your compassion spreads to cover all those who might drink from its brimming golden cup. Be wise; your wisdom sets others free.

    Affirmation: I FEEL connected to every breath and heartbeat.


    The planet has entered a period of experimentation regarding interacting as community. There will be growing pains. Some groups will meld and form seamlessly, while others will seem to be entangled in hopeless conflict. Choose your communities wisely. Use your powers of wisdom, compassion and kindness in remembering that we are all in this together. Evaluate the communities you are a part of and look to expand into groups that feel like home to you. Understand that movement among communities is necessary and will help breathe life into groups of all sizes for many months to come.

    Affirmation: I BREATHE together with everyone and hold them in a space of loving kindness.

    Global Politics

    Expanding the conflictive nature of other relationships this month into the global arena, it is easy to see that the energies of Wisconsin, Egypt and Libya affect everyone and are indicative of a wider movement for change and new ways of resolving old hurts. This won’t be going away any time soon. People feel disempowered and are taking steps to create movement. When feeling stuck, usually movement of any sort feels better than doing nothing at all. Help support this by empowering yourself on a personal basis – add practices to your daily life that help you personally feel in tune with the turning of the Earth, the heartbeat of the planet’s beings, and with the air you are breathing.

    Affirmation: I FEEL the waves of change reaching around the globe.

    Earth Changes

    Mother Gaia is re-awakening and will be more active as time goes on. Earthquakes, volcanoes, heavy winds and storms … these are a part of every cycle but feel especially poignant now. Use your strength of compassion and awareness to hold the planet in a space of empowerment and conscious creation. Gather with groups, others who are similarly awakening, to co-create and intend a transition that best supports soul growth and evolution. Journey in dreamtime to the Earth of your future, and speak to her with wisdom and acceptance.

    Affirmation: I AM the power behind the tsunami.

    Global Spiritual Changes

    If you are reading these words, then you are a part of the great global shifts that are becoming more and more apparent as time goes on. It’s not as if change has never happened on such a scale before; indeed, there have been many times in the planet’s history where sweeping transformation overtook all life experience, but what makes THIS time different is you. You are here. You breathe. Your heart beats. And because you are here, you take part in this wild, wonderful, glorious transformation that will change life as you know it and create infinite new worlds and possibilities.

    You are here — now — because you choose to be. You choose to live among change and to make the choices that seem the best in that moment. You choose to love, to hurt, to taste, to drink. You choose to add your experience to the worlds you are co-creating. You choose to be here. Big hug of gratitude for showing up. Now get on with things and step into your What Comes Next.

    Affirmation: I AM expanding with each breath.

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