Flowered up for the weekend

In Living a Life Off-Center on February 26, 2011 at 4:33 am

I used to not like flowers, being more of a fan of crystals I thought they were a waste of money, especially the cut ones that would die within a couple of days, or if you’re lucky, in a week’s time.  I cannot deny of course, their beauty, especially when in full bloom and glorious when there is a sea of them in front of you.

A sea of petals and colors

I also started to enjoy flowers more when, at a healing workshop, I was told that in order to brighten up your life, and to lighten up the energies in your home or work place you should surround yourself with live plants. To be “embraced”  by  greens was a great way for negative energies to be absorbed, and if you had colorful plants, their shades would give you pleasure whenever you’d look at them (which could result in more joy right?).

Brighten up your living space!

But what’s a girl to do if she doesn’t have a green thumb? I feared that if I bought beautiful flowers (since I needed something to liven up my room, and just green plants wouldn’t give it that needed ooomph) they would die under my care. So I started to experiment, first with freshly cut flowers that gave me an excuse to haunt the weekend markets in search of new additions to my room and house. It also gave me more opportunities to fill up my tummy, but that’s another entry.

Ripe for the picking!

I first decided to go with my lucky colors. If you believe in Feng Shui and have had a Pachee or Ba Tze reading, there are colors that are more auspicious to your sign, so it’s best to have them in your immediate surroundings at all times.

Shades of love

My personal element was lacking in “fire” so I needed reds, pinks, deep purples and a little yellow. I found these first off that were perfect for my room, and since a big bunch cost so little, I bought for the entire house and had the rest of the afternoon to plant them in various areas, brightening up as many corners as possible with red and pink accents.

But what about my lack of a green thumb? I had accepted the fact that in a couple of days I would probably have to (sadly) throw out the wilted blooms, but I was also given a very helpful tip by a dear friend, the beautiful bromeliad:

A wonderful discovery

Bromeliads stay strong and last long!

They come in several shades, red, orange, pink and yellow, different sizes, shapes and only need watering once a week and minimal sun. I bought a small one for my bedroom and a bigger one for the dining area, and they were just gorgeous looking. I even bought a “alien” looking one that looked like two antennae2 that was red rimmed with yellow and fills  me delight everytime I look at it.

Could be alien...

The last couple of months with my regular flower habit has made a big change, which was felt almost immediately, even if it was just a visual experience. There is something about having color, bright God-created color, shapes, sizes (even scents) where you live and work.

Get your flower fix!

I must say that I am now a flower convert, and I even bought some flowers this morning that can be planted in my garden, and hopefully, they will truly bloom and be happy and pepper our garden with more color. This is wonderful, healing way to start your weekend-surrounded by a forest of beauty and enjoying the myriad flora indoors and outdoors that you have co-created (design-wise) with Mother Nature.

Fresh, potted, or cut-for-you flora

There is also something therapeutic and relaxing about placing or arranging flowers in different parts of your home or office. I wish you all a blissful flower fix this weekend!

Flower power


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