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In Living a Life Off-Center on January 23, 2011 at 3:16 am

I am grateful for when Sundays roll along because they are normally very sacred for me. Sacred in the sense that I do take time out to do things I would not have time to do during the week (and even Saturdays) and this is primarily to stay home and have some ME time. I even find that I write better, and feel more creative when I’ve had some time to sleep in, laze around in bed and even indulge in a deep muscle massage. Yes, Sundays were made for resting, even the energies around are much gentler as most parts of the world breathe a huge sigh of relief and are allowed to, well, breathe.

It’s also the time that I can get some reading done. There are still several books that have remained untouched on my dresser and shelves, their shiny, pristine jackets eyeing me longingly, but I have slowed down on my reading (books) and have transferred some of my focus onto reading blogs. Why? Because there is a lot more freedom of expression (not necessarily better writing) in the cyber library.

One such blogger who I’ve enjoyed following is actually a good friend and is one who can write. Big bonus. She’s also made an effort to make her blog pretty, I have already shared with her how much I envy her site and am making it my personal goal to pretty up mine soon. She just has to teach me!

Celine Novenario is a filipina who migrated to New York several years ago. Although she is considered stylish by many and in fact pursued further studies in fashion in Manhattan, she eventually went back to her “roots” which is, ironically enough IT. She first entered the blogger world with her witty and whimsical site about shopping and style (on a budget) called the chiconomist and continues to contribute to glossies and broadsheets in spite of her heavy techie workload.

Next up, was Novenario decided to come to terms with her growth, biologically that is. Although petite and youthful looking, the big 3-0 is looming over her, and it has fueled her to do things that she would have otherwise pulled off.

Novenario looks towards the big 3-0

Hence the 30 before 30 project was born. (

The 30 Before 30 Project

The blog itself is filled with wonderful stories and even includes  a list that has activities already being crossed out. (As stated in the title she plans to do 30 things she listed before she turns 30-as of this blog she has about 4 months left)

What I gained from this particular blog is that you don’t have to be reaching a particular “remarkable” age to do something you’ve always dreamed of. If you put in the time and the desire you can start living the life you choose.

For those who may be less adventurous, use Novenario’s musings as inspiration and you may find something interesting on her list that you would like to do yourself. I’ve certainly found several and have started 2011 making sure I will allot time out to do them.

Or, perhaps, you can start making  a bucket list of your own. Take time to sit down and find out what it is you’d like to do, for yourself and make sure you do it sooner than never.

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