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Every once in a while, well, truth be told, even if we are ‘souls in training’ we need to also nurture our outer beings on a regular basis. Nothing makes me feel better than a pretty outfit, even just looking at someone, male or female dressed in a lovely ensemble gives me joy. It’s true, beauty is in the eye of a beholder so if you spot someone with style, it does spark something in you, even temporarily. Think about it, your parents probably told you to always leave the house looking your best, not necessarily dressed to the nines (that certainly wouldn’t work for many of us to be decked with jewelry and a flowing gown when doing groceries) but always wearing something that makes you look AND feel good. Even jeans and a t-shirt can turn a head or two when coupled with a nice accessory, a dynamic color, shoes with an interesting details…the list is endless. For men, especially those who are conservative about their clothes, it’s more the how to dress that matters to me than what they’re actually wearing. Clean lines, well fitted suits, shirts, trousers or their favorite beat up denims are all they need, as long as they’re put together carefully.

In my case, I’ve been favoring dresses lately. They’re just much simpler to throw on and you have one less “piece” to think about. When you do a top and a bottom combination it does take up way more time and thought, and there are days when I just want to get up, shower and go (not naked of course!) So, because of this, and still remembering the golden rule of “dress like you’re about to run into the love of your life” I have been focusing on adding dresses (from work, to casual, to weekend to cocktail to formal) in my wardrobe.

Ronaldo Arnaldo, who I met back in 2008 is one of those designers who makes up a perfect combination of professionalism (no drama queen work ethics) talent (you can google him to see why his recent collections have garnered rave reviews) and personality (he is sweet, quiet, unassuming and has an easy smile). Also, and probably most important is he makes you look thinner and taller than you really are! Everyone has their days of the blahs…but for some reason when I put on an Arnaldo even the unwanted bulges seem to go away and I find myself feeling good because, in my head, I look good.

Ronaldo Arnaldo's atelier in Makati

His atelier’s interiors are already an indication of this man’s taste. There is a classic elegance about it that connotes warmth and strength from the dark woods and simple, solid furniture.

Arnaldo's work desk

Elegant touches from his travels

A sketch of his work

Various newspaper and magazine clippings of his collections

And of course, the dresses: Here are a few of my favorites which I can’t wait to add to my wardrobe (these are taken from Arnaldo’s multiply website:

Structured style

Far from a drab gray

Solid lines will make you look lean

A good detail changes everything

I have had several pieces made by him from long to short, and in a variety of colors (bright greens and mauves even!) one of his first creations with me in mind was hi own play of a work dress-suit that til now shines brightly in the office whenever I put it on.

Whether Arnaldo suits your style preference or not, it is imperative that you find a kindred soul to satisfy your external aesthetic. You don’t have to spend a lot and I’m not saying bespoke is the way to go, but if you find a cut, color who can champion your attractiveness to the outside world, that’s already one battle won.

Dressing up can be fun, find any and all things to bring you joy!

  1. Amen to that! Now, if I can only find a favorite designer who won’t break my piggy bank 😉

  2. I think R Arnoldo could by my style soul mate! lovely clothes in the righ classic powerful structure.

  3. idol.. ALL of your work is awesome…every clothes is your best 🙂

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