Flush out the bad (from your body)

In Philippine Star Column on January 21, 2011 at 12:18 am

How to lose toxins and even a little weight overnight (literally)

Flush now 🙂

The holidays may be over but (at least for me) the indulging hasn’t stopped. Whether it be rich leftovers from Christmas past, or the endless eating with balikbayan friends or family home for the holidays, your digestive system is probably working harder than all of Santa’s elves put together. What is your ceiling for overeating? Mine is clothes that no longer fit, and loss of energy. If you’ve wanted to sleep all day, would rather throw on a muumuu or a house robe instead of stepping into the sunlight in your usual eye-catching ensemble than you may be in need of an internal overhaul. I decided it was time for me to go through a flush, one that would help clean out my gall bladder, liver and colon.

Dr. Jason Penaranda who I know socially had already been written about for his revolutionary “diet” pills called J Caps. The pills made of herbal ingredients such as turmeric were being touted as the newest weight loss wonder on the market. For me the pills represented a digestive enzyme, aiding the body in processing what you put in it and Penaranda did tell me for low-impact but long term efficacy the J Cape (taken twice a day) would be a good jump-off point for me to get myself “clean” but if I wanted something more dramatic then I should try his two-day flush.

Two days is a bit of an overstatement because the actual down time is just 14 hours but you have to prepare your body in at least the night and morning before the process.  I was given a “kit” which consisted of three sachets, two filled with herbs and epsom salts which I could mix in the tumbler provided with fresh pineapple or apple juice and another sachet filled with oil and lime that I could also mix in the tumbler with the grapefruit that was also part of the kit. I decided to also get 90 capsules of J Caps that I could take simultaneously which could act as maintenance after my cleanse.

The herbs and epsom salt in Sachet 1 and 3 were to cleanse and purify the system. I have taken pure epsom salt with water in a more dramatic fashion and I have to tell you the taste is far, far from pleasant. I was relieved that I could actually mix it with fresh juice to mask the taste. I decided to start on a Sunday ( the most chill day of the week for me) and cleared my social sked so I wouldn’t be tempted to go out or have unneccessary activity and stress. It is best to take a day and a half out because on the day of the fast, after 2 p. m. you are not allowed to ingest any solids or liquids apart from what is in the kit. Believe me, it’s not the hunger that gets you throughout the cleanse, but the thirst. This is why it is best to just spend a day at home and limit your movements so that you don’t get thirsty, it’s also a good idea to have lots of liquids, water, tea, soups, juices before you begin at 2 p. m. because this will lessen your thirst or any cravings later on.  Oh, and another note, you are going to need a bathroom. A lot.

Penaranda says that this flush works on several major organs that are essential to weight loss, fitness and great health. The liver for example, is one of the strongest “soldiers”in metabolizing fats, if you clean it out and give it a rest you will definitely see and feel a remarkable change in your overall well-being. The gall bladder and colon of course are not to be taken for granted, the oil sachet specifically lines up your stomach and helps flush out even more of the “crap” that has been stuck in your colon since you’ve started ingesting solid food. May be too graphic to go into too much detail but suffice to say you will soon be looking at years of bad eating and bad habits before you flush (your toilet) . Penaranda started his quest for balance between his Western medicine training and Eastern beliefs when he suffered from chronic headaches and allergies. Ever since he switched to a healthier regimen (not deprivation, but eating with awareness) and doing a flush three to four times a year he has healed himself of both ailments that had long been repressed by medication but not necessarily alleviated in the long term.

My flush, I have to admit, was easier than I expected although I did make the mistake of going out to the mall for a quick errand after 2 p. m. and was plagued by thirst by 4 p. m. As the first sachet was still to be taken at 6 p. m. I texted Penaranda and was advised to just suck on an ice cube in the meantime. It worked and the rest of my cleanse went smoothly. I slept like a baby that night, a deep restful sleep and after my final morning bathroom “run” I had lost about two pounds. I felt lighter and even my workmates remarked at how my skin had developed a glow almost overnight.

Feels right to flush, take this weekend out to do it, it’s never too early to get clean.

* * *

For more information on J Caps and the Fourteen Hour Flush contact  (0916) 685-8108 or (02) 227-9369 e-mail: or visit


SOUL TRAIN By Katrina A. Holigores (The Philippine Star) Updated January 21, 2011

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