Past Life Regression Workshop

In Living a Life Off-Center on January 18, 2011 at 2:47 am

We are all connected...past, present and future

Do you believe in past lives? Or do you sometimes feel you’ve been there and been “that”? (Yes it’s a play on words) If you are getting a lot of deja vu moments, feel places are familiar even if it’s your first time to visit, or, more importantly you’re puzzled by recurring patterns in you life, (” bad” relationships with lovers, family and friends) then it may be worthwhile for you to see if you may have had karmic ties and commitments from a past life. Past life regression which uses a form of meditation has been known to aid in the alleviation of some chronic pains and illnesses and for the releasing of issues that seem to keep coming back, On a more “fun” note it would be fun to see what you may have been, and how you are interconnected to some of the people who are in your current Earth life.

Although I believe in the significance of finding out more about yoru past lives I would put more relevance on how they can teach me what I can do to  better live in the present. Look at past lives as you would as a “reflection” and then take the lessons to move you forward to your higher evolution, don’t remain stuck there. What’s over, is over if you choose it to be so.  (and yes, that is totally up to you) Be free of your past and go forth and dictate your future!

Echostore is coming up with a past life regression workshop and I have reposted their details here:

ECHOyoga once more offers its popular one-off healing group therapy session on PAST LIFE REGRESSION on January 29, Saturday, 4-6pm . People have always been curious about whether there is such a thing as living in a past life. What better way to find out than go through a regression to see whether certain issues in this lifetime now may have its beginnings or roots in other lifetimes. There has been research done extensively into life regression as a powerful tool with benefits. One common benefit is clearing and healing trauma. People are creative and endowed with many talents and past life regression is a way to get in touch with the creative self. This mix of attributes and talents can help guide an individual to make better decisions and choices. The experience can also affirm and ground one’s self. Individuals who practice past life regression feel more grounded and this is not and uncommon situation. Receiving the information that explains the why enables them to accept who they are as a person and to live more fully.
This healing aspect of past life regression is what ECHOyoga, the wellness program of ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle, offers. The session will be held at the ECHOyoga Community Center, Penthouse, Century Plaza, 120 Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. The session will include tapping the subconscious to visualization of possible past life connections. The session will include meditation, facilitation for regression into subconscious and soul work; and group discussion. Check out or call 0906-5063958, email:

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