A spray to chase those doggy (smell) blues away!

In Living a Life Off-Center on January 18, 2011 at 4:58 pm

First off, let me introduce the newest (and probably favorite) member of the family. Kaiser, a one year old Weimaraner, has been our heartsaver since we got him in Feb of 2010. Dogs are very, very, healing animals. They generate as most of you know, unconditional love and stare up at you like you were the best thing since…er, bone marrow flavored treats.

Kaiser's Christmas portrait

To have a dog at home is a true joy, especially one as affectionate as our beloved “grey ghost” and even if we try to keep him indoors after his outdoor runs and walks he still gets the usual doggy smell despite weekly baths with herbal soaps or shampoos.

Smile wide for the camera....

Thankfully, on a recent trip to Mercato Centrale in The Fort, my mom came across a booth that was selling natural soaps and air fresheners and was pointed towards this “Mood” Spray that had eucalyptus. The booth owner said that it was mild and non-toxic, the first thing my mom asked was if it would be able to perfume Kaiser up a bit and we were assured that even if he licked himself after being sprayed that no harm would come to him.

For man, and their best friend

For the last two days we are glad to report that our four legged friend has not been as “aromatic” as he was before, and he hasn’t exhibited any signs of personality change from ingesting something that could be poisonous. We don’t spray a lot on and we still make sure he has his weekly baths. Maybe the eucalyptus sense clears away some of his doggy decongestion as well!

Shiny, scented coat!

  1. Thanks for the tip… Kaiser’s adorable! See you both soon…

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